Monday, November 1, 2010

Sample Emails ART OF TRADING Members Got Last Week

Topping Formation Or Choppy Consolidation

Here's an updated 60 minute chart of the SPX. Is the market topping out or just choppy around in a consolidation ahead of another move higher??? Who knows!

Bottom line is the action is very tough to trade. A trader needs to either have a very short term trading time frame(day trading) or have a longer term swing trading horizon(position trading for example).

If you try and capture action in between chances are you are likely to see mixed results. Some wins, some losses and in the end you go nowhere. I think LESS IS MORE now. Allow the price action to do what is wants to do. IN due time, we are going to see a move out of this zone and that will create a new set of opportunities.

Choppy Week

Morning guys,

It's been a very choppy week thus far guys and i see no reason why today would be any different. Please recognize when times are choppy and trade carefully when that happens as choppy markets are very tough to navigate thru. As i like to say: LESS IS MORE. Not everyday is a "trading day". Learn to avoid the choppy days.

Some Key Indexes At Resistance

The past few days have been tough to pull out consistent gains from stocks: This is not too surprising given that the indexes are churning near key resistance areas. I think it's a good idea to be cautious here. The market could very well keep grinding higher but making consistent gains will require extremely good timing and even better stock picking because many stocks are NOT participating in this recent climb. Stock selection and booking profits quickly when present will be of great help cause in this market a profitable trade can turn into a losing trade very quickly.

Hate to use the work 'TOP': but i would not be surprised if the indexes started stalling out around this 1200 area on the SPX. So please be very cautious: this is not the time to assume that the market will keep rising for ever and hence need to "buy everything". Stay vigilant, cause it has a tendency to prove you wrong right as you think you figured it out!

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