Sunday, May 3, 2009

All Looks Constructive For The Bulls

Playing it long till it stops working.


Stewie said...

thanks Mike. i added your blog to my blogroll as well.

Shawn said...

Stewie, good to see that you post a few insights over xTrends.

So you are starting to build short positions? What's the upside target in SPX now?


Christian said...

Hi Stewie,

Do you think that market reversal may come on friday after the disclosure of the stress test results? Of course that the market can anticipate that before that but I would appreciate your opinion on that.

Stewie said...

Hi Shawn and Chris.

As of now, i own two longs and two shorts. I am hedged and will have a much better idea what's in store by the close. Will be a very interetsing close today to say the least.

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