Thursday, May 14, 2009

SWING TRADERS: New Feature Added To The Art Of Trading Email Service!!

For those that wish to swing trade because they are too busy to day trade or have day trade limitations(account size less than $25,000) and wish to lengthen their holding period a little longer.

Here's A New Feature I Am Adding To My Trading Service:

Every day i will provide you with a list potential good swing trading candidates: 2-5 stocks.

I will provide you with a:


A STOP LOSS price.

And a Possible Target Price.

The trigger will get you into the trade thru a BUY STOP order which you will place ahead of time since you will know the entry and exit criteria ahead of time.

If This Sounds Like Something You Are Looking For Then Go Ahead and Sign Up For a 10 Free Trial!


Anonymous said...

can we cancel subcription if we dont like during free period?

Stewie said...

of course.

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