Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Check Out This AWESOME Email I Got From One Of My Trading Service Subscribers!!

hey stewie, signing up with you just truly marks a turning point in my trading. i've been nailing them like the guy in the matrix at the end of the movie. check the attached chart and see how i nailed tza today (i nail a trade like that almost every day right now, while keeping it to 0 to 2 trades a day). i take hardly any of your stock picks because i want to be at the point where i can trade consistently profitable on my own, but somehow seeing you trade, and your comments, thoughts and answers to questions just made it click.thanks a billion!


These are the kind of emails and testimonials that make running a trading service ALL WORTH IT!!
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Xmas said...

Hey , that's very nice .

Cliffynator said...

Good stuff, Stewie. Do you think your subscribers are learning techniques that will sustain themselves? Or is there a possibility that one could become dependent on such a wealth of information?

Stewie said...

well, i am trying to teach my techniques. i definitely do not hide my methods from my subscribers. i want people to under why they are making the trades or not making the trades.

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