Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two Solid Setups To Watch If The Bulls Keep Charging


paul said...

do you mind if i ask your opinion on log vs. linear charts? ive always used linear but i noticed you use log.

Stewie said...

hi paul. i don't pay much attention to log or linear scales. It's just a default setting on my charts. But i just charted some stocks using linear and i think i prefer that better. what ever makes it easier for you see the charts/patterns that's all that matters i guess.

GHS said...


I am a new subscriber to your system. I just saw the two solid set ups you posted. Do you make specific recommendation for price entry points, profit target and stops. I am still learning the technical and charts analysis to make my own decisions. If not specific details, interpretation of charts will be helpful.

Stewie said...

Hi GHS. Just sent you an email. check it out.

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