Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 Stocks That Look Ready To Breakdown


Stock Trades said...

I could see the market turning negative without a reversal upward at the end of this week.

Stewie said...

hi S.T.

many uptrendline were broken today and i can totally see your scenario coming to fruition. need to always stay vigilant as anything can happen. But it sure feels like the bears have a good grasp on it this time.

Anonymous said...


Hey Stewie,

How should the MACD be in case of pullback stocks - pulling to major MA's and forming reversal candles. Any indicator that can be used to add to the confirmation?


Stewie said...

i use MACD ans RSI mostly to gauge reversals in the indexes. i use 30 and 60 min charts and plot them against the indxes and look for AMCD and RSI divergances.

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