Saturday, May 9, 2009

Burgers Anyone!!!

A beautiful sunny afternoon in portland oregon!! I had no choice but to fire off some good ol BBQ and drink some beers! For those who don't know I LOVE COOKING! It's my passion after soccer and trading. Took a picture of my famous SPICY HOT SAUCE BURGER! Wish you were here!


20% ground chuck beef
a kasier roll
gruyere cheese
Louisana hot sauce
Fresh jalapeanos
Extra virgin olive oil
dried garlic flakes
Ancho chilli powder
sea salt

beer...lots of beer. YES! you need beer because this burger is soooo spicy that you need some kind of cold liquid to cool off your mouth!!! hahahaha!

A hot bbq gill and a beautiful warm sunny day(optional).

Cheers and bon appetite!


Ragin' Cajun said...

Love these posts.

Stewie said...

RAGE CAGE!!! You an avid home chef too i see? bro, i can make a mean steak too.

check this out:

If you ever in P-town, be sure to make a reservation at Stewie's House Steaks!!

Market Monkey said...

Reminds me of a Venison burger we used to do at King Eddies in east london....Yum!

Stewie said...

melted gruyere cheese takes it to a whole new level!

market folly said...

stew, i concur with rage you gotta post up some more food stuff on the weekends!

also, man utd vs barca in champions league finals. SHIT that's gonna be epic.


Stewie said...

hi mfolly: i promise from now on the weekends. i take pics of all my culinary master pieces. haha ;-)

I will also include the recipes if any wanna try it at home to impress the ladies. ladies love men who can cook, trust me ;-)

Stewie said...

oh and by the way, even tho the stewie picture shows the baby wearing a MANU jersey, both lil stewie and I are gonna be rooting for Barca.

Shawn said...

How about "You will never walk alone"?

Anonymous said...

I suggest Franks Hot Sauce over Louisana hot sauce

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