Wednesday, May 6, 2009

VIX: Do Or Die Time

If we see pattern failure on this giant wedge then rally still on. If we reverse higher from here on VIX, then rally to stall here.


Shawn said...

I mentioned the other the wedge that I think is in play. VIX must not crossed below $32 today.

Stewie said...

yes shawn. I am looking at the same thing but still playing it long till we a definite break.

Shumushu said...

Stewie said...

pattern failure it is.

Shawn said...

FYI. VIX has a descending triangle in the last 10 days. Typically that would resolve to the upside, soon.

Shawn said...

I might have posted here the other day. TLT, USD, VIX and XLF all lining up very well today for the top.

Would love your comments Stewie.

1) TLT bottom at $95.x. As pointed out earlier in an investment survey, bonds is the most hatred class out there.

2) USD is said to collapse too since it broke down an earlier trend line, but people forget there is the last stronger line. Expect around $83.5



Stewie said...

shawn. We are short via TZa and FAZ. this is the best risk/reward i have seen thus far. This morning's gap up had poor leadership and very poor form. watch market internals today for your cue on how aggressive you wanna be.

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