Friday, May 1, 2009

This Week's Trades April 27th-May 1st

The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Performance

LONG TZA at 31.3 SOLD at 33.7 = +7.6% ONH (Over Night Hold)

Long FAZ at 8.35 Sold at 8.91 = +6.7% ONH

GMXR at at 8.3 Sold at 8.8 = +6% Day Trade

GNK at 17.4 Sold at 17.8 = +2.3% Day Trade

BXP at 48 stopped out 47.5 = -1% Day Trade

LONG FAZ at 8.85 Sold at 9.5 = +7.3% (ONH)

LONG TZA at 33.63 Sold at 34.2 = +1.7% ONH

LONG GMXR at 9.55 Sold at 10.65 = +11% ONH

LONG SDS at 62.35 sold 62.68 = +0.5% Day Trade

LONG WRI at 16.24 SOLD at 15.7 = -3.3% Day Trade

LONG TZA at 28.25 Sold at 28.5 = +0.8% Day Trade

LONG CDNS at 5.61 Still Open Swing Trade

LONG CLF at 23.2 Sold at 24.4 = +5.1% ONH

LONG HERO at 3.4 Sold at 3.62 = +6% Day Trade

LONG WRES at 1.8 Sold at 1.93 = +7% Day trade

Alright guys, here's what this week's trade performance looked like. It was a very good week. We did 15 trades. 13 winners and 2 losers. More importantly, we traded well and didn't do dumb mistakes like letting a winner turn into loser, removing stops or over trading. Simple trading in the sectors that were working. I hope you all had a good week.

Remember guys, this is not just an alerts service(i hate calling it that), i wanna offer much more than that. I wanna be a mentor and coach if you need one. Feel free to email me any time about questions, issues, obstacles, successes, setups etc etc.


Stock Trades said...

Wow! some really good returns overall. Has this been consistent over a number of weeks?

Stewie said...

I don't think anyone can pull off returns like this every week. hahaha! it a was a good week. I was "feeling" it i guess. As long as you keep a tight lid on losses, the winners will work their way into the process.

Paul said...

Just wanted to thank you for the blog. I can't afford the alerts service (recent college grad) but I would certainly consider buying it if I could. I have been studying and reading about trading for 5-6 years now and I can tell that you "get it". Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to throw us "freebies" a bone every now and then, haha.

Stewie said...

hi paul. thanks bro. i have always given freebies and always will.

alex said...

Stewie that is an amazing week congrats man. Is this a typical week? Also I am just curious when you are taking these trades are you buying a set amount of shares, or rather a set dollar amount? This would obv affect your realized % gains.

Stewie said...

hi alex.
we average about 3 trades a day. I tell everyone to put about 10% of your portfolio into an alert but obviously that just depends on experience as a trader and how confident you are trading. some use 10% and some use more. But as a general rule 10% of your account is a nice amount. so on a $100,000 account, you'd use $10,000 into each alert.

mrmakemoney said...

Nice, those are great results. Good job.

Stewie said...

Thanks M.M.M. Honestly, what i really liked about this week is that a lot of guys caught a bunch of these trades and some were a little more patient than me with their exits and benefited a little better on some of these trades. that's what it's all about!! Starting this service has been the most fulfilling endeavour i have ever been involved in.

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