Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Success Story

When i first set out to start the alerts service, i just wanted to shoot out intra day picks and that's it. The service has pretty much transformed not only into an alerts service but now has pretty much become a mentorship program. I love teaching what i do and bringing fresh new ideas and "think outside the box" type trading methods. Here's an email i recieved today and this email pretty much sums up what i had envisioned when i started this service about 1 month ago.

Raj wrote:

I took MOST of your setups. I missed a few due to work or missing an alert email. For the first few days after signing up to your service I followed your alerts and ran paper exercises to see how I would fare. After becoming comfortable I used a cash balance of 30k to make 10% purchases of 3k each. On avg, today I'm up nearly 3k. 8.9% to be exact in about 2 weeks..which is a phenomonel return. What I like is your patience and the fact you change stances rapidly as the market turns. Your picks & stops have been very good on avg, and I've wanted to use more of your setups but have yet to take the plunge because as you can tell I'm not a seasoned trader but am looking to learn as much as I can so I can create extra income to my add to my current cash flow.
With that being said I'm looking for more setups than 2-3 a day and am thinking of raising more capital to make trades when available. That's why I am trying to learn about your setups. :) I could also possibly raising my initial 3k purchase price higher....but I don't want to get greedy and am working to be patient. Overall I'm VERY pleased with the past few weeks and am looking forward to learning and growing my portfolio with your great service.

If this email inspired you like it inspired me then come on and join us!

If you like the contents on this blog and find it useful then i am very confident you'd love the contents in the Alerts Service.

Try it with that 10 day FREE trail!


gamingthemarket said...

Nice job Stewie. Giving back is very redeeming. As traders I sometimes wonder what good many of us do for the world. Helping others become more financially independent is a worthy thing.

zposition said...

quick question, do you include your reasons for the setups and your thinking in your content or just stock picks?

Stewie said...

Thanks you GTM!

zposition: I ALWAYS give a entry, stop loss, either day trade or swing trade and small brief explanation on why i like the trade. I even include a chart of the stock pick for some of the stocks if i have time. sometimes i am just trying to shoot the alert out asap.

Anonymous said...

Strong up day today and most definitely confirmed by this service.

mrmakemoney said...

Hey thanks for the quick response. I am going to check it out. Are these your entry levels and trades or advices?

Stewie said...

mrmakemoney: not sure what your question is? can you elaborate? thanks!

mrmakemoney said...

I am zposition lol sorry. Switched account to update my blog.

Stewie said...

Then the answer to your first question is YES.

Here's a sample of a trade we did today:

"LONG SDS at 62.35 stop at 61.5 DAY Trade.

This gap up looks frothy and has a very fragile and euphoric feel to it.
Also a decent risk/reward entry."

Cliffynator said...

Good call on SCHN, wins like that definitely help sell your service.

Stewie said...

Thnx Cliffy. I think it has more left in the tank. But now, i am looking at a few other ones that look promising. to be honest, good setups are definitely not lacking in this market. if you are looking to be long of course, which seems to be rare these days.

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