Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Second Trader Interview With Tim Bourquin


Anonymous said...

Stewie, sorry to ask this question but in your interview you seem to think a drawdown in your trading is inevitable due to your performance last year. That doesn't make one feel good in taking your email trades. Did i misunderstand your answers and attitude?


Stewie said...

hi carl: i don't think you understood what i was trying to express to Tim Bourquin.
I told him the reason why i was taking its easy in 2009 is because based on what i am seeing in 2009(a bottoming formation of some type) if i kept trading the same way as i did in 2008, which meant large sized overnight short trades which was a big chunk of my winnings, that i'd more than likely lose what i made in 2008. What i was trying to tell him is the reason why most traders fail, is because they fail to adapt to a new market and a new environment. You see tons of bull markets traders wash out in a bear and vice versa. As a trader our main job is to quickly recognize and adapt to constantly newly changing environments. Also, what many traders fail to understand is in trading, EVERY trader goes thru periods of PAYOUT and PAYBACK cycles(read Bo yoder's Otimizing your trading edge). I believe from the bottom of my heart that the key to winning in trading is by managing these Payout and payback cycles. That's what i was trying to explain. Thus far, the people who have joined the email service seem to be very satisfied. Hope this answers your very good question.

Dinosaur Trader said...


Nice interview. I thought the bit about you wearing assless leather chaps to trade each day due to superstition odd, but to each his own I guess.

Keep it going.


Stewie said...

LOL! awesome!

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