Friday, April 3, 2009

Trades Taken This Week In The Alerts Service

Trades This Week

long TNA @16.3 stopped out at break even (day trade)

Long ERX at 23.12 Sold at 24.08 = +4.1% (ONH)

Short UNP at 40.35 Cover at 40.45. break even (day trade)

Long FSLR at 139.5 Stopped out at 136 = -2.5% (day trade)

Long TNA at 16.45 SOLD at 17.1 = +4% (day trade)

Long JPM at 26 sold at 27.7 = +6.5% (day trade)

long JPM at 26 Sold 29.53 = +13.6% (ONH)

Long SKF at 86.45 Stopped out at 85 = - 1.8% (Day Trade)

Long QID at 43.18 Stopped out at 42.8 = -0.8% (day trade)

long SRS at 47.7 Stopped out at 45 = -5.6% (day trade)

Long TNA at 21 Sold at 21.72 = +3.4% (day trade)

Long TNA at 21 STILL OPEN (swing trade)


Anonymous said...

Hey Stewie,

Can you recommend any good trading books?

Stewie said...

i really liked Bo yoder's 'optimize your trading edge'.

also, for pure technical trading and unique ways of looking at charting and setups: try: Alan farley 'MAster swing trader'.

Anonymous said...

can u have the trade log in xls or table format. makes for easy reading and analysis.

Stewie said...

will do.

Blue said...

Funny you're trading TNA. Guess which stock I shorted on Wed. and held through Thurs. open? The one I emailed you about..


Stewie said...

TNA is great for day trading but just like most 2X and 3X etfs when you carry overnight, make it's done with small size.

Anonymous said...

I still have my TNA. What should I do?

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