Thursday, April 16, 2009

Very Fragile

The morning rally looks very weak. Short looks like best trade here. Seeing black candles and hollow candles everywhere. Trade the direction that'll fight you the least. Today's open hints that we might close down today.


Stewie said...

decline arrived but looks very choppy. much like yesterday's. so i am leaning long now. All day trades. this is not a swing traders market. Need to be lighenting fast and need to ready to exploit the intra day swings. no time for swings here, long or short imo.

Anonymous said...


you did a post some time back about how you only traded the open and the close. i commented then "how do you know where it's gonna go?".

i have started to trade the open for the past week it has been successful so far. love the volatility. hopefully i can continue to trade it successfully especially since 9:30am eastern US time is 9:30pm my time. no more staying up late if this thing continues to work for me.

just wanted to say thanks.

Stewie said...

my pleasure good sir. bro, i only TRADE the open and close. Most of my alerts take place at the open and close. This is where trends accelerate and reverse. Perfect time to be a trader. Forget that mid day chopfest bullshit. Many traders are missing out on some juicy moves at these times. good luck to you.

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