Monday, April 6, 2009


Why do i feel like this man in the picture right now? Everywhere i look, it feels like everyone is expecting this rally to end any minute now. Not I and I feel very lonely. I can count on one hand the guys in blog world who are still constructive for higher prices. It feels like most either WANT or EXPECT the stock market to turn south here. I am a longer term bear no doubt however short term and mid-term i am pretty bullish here. If you are bullish, then the words "climbing the wall of worry" come to mind.
I could be dead wrong by tomorrow morning and I'll be the first to admit it and change my stance but as of now, I say rally on!


Greenlander said...

Thoughts on this?
The MM's run it up hard as long as they can, then drive it down to harvest all the calls before OPEX.

Max pain QQQQ = 30
max pain XLF = 8
max pain SPY = 80

Stewie said...

Long until OPEX is a play i heard somewhere else as well and i am in total agreement with that scenario.

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