Thursday, April 2, 2009

22 Year Chart Of The SPX Paints The Real Picture

This picture shows the extent of the damage that has been created over the past year and a half and how much further we have before a major bull market is upon us.
The other chart shows the 1987 crash.


William T said...

I enjoy your blog. Your chart pulled me out of the lurker shadows. Ha.

Extent of the bear market, yes. But for me, this also shows the effectiveness of this simple, simple indicator. What percentile would this silly indicator occupy in the mutual fund world... top 1%?

Any idea what the whether EMA was in positive of negative mode for the 1987 crash?
Thanks, Bill

Stewie said...

hi william. check out the post now. i modified to fir your question. enjoy. many times, simple is better.

Darwin said...

Stewie, is that a falling wedge developing on FSLR? Bought some SPRINT callers.

Stewie said...

hi d. i don't see falling wedge on fslr

VKC said...

The 13 EMA is crossing the 34 EMA. Is now the time to buy for long term? Or is there a confirmation indicator?

Stewie said...

vkc. i am not sure what chart you are looking at but the 13 and 34 are no where nearly about to cross. this bear is not over by any means.

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