Friday, April 10, 2009

Trades Taken This Week

Trades This Week April 6th

Long RGLD at 40.10 sold at 40.72 = 1.6% (swing/ONH)

Long TNA at 20.20 Sold at 20.19 = flat (swing/ONH)

long BXP at 40.1 stopped at 37.99= -5.5% (swing/ONH)

Long SPG at 36.02 Stopped out at 36 = flat (day trade)

long CPKI at 14.95 sold at 14.92 = flat (day trade)

Long MGM at 5.28 Still open (swing trade)

Long PRU at 26.41 Still open (swing trade)

I promised i'd keep track of these trades in an excel sheet and i will soon.

It was kind of a frustrating week with many good trades that started to work nicely initially only to see them stop out the next day for breakeven. I also found myself sitting on my hands most of the week as opportunities were not so obvious. But mainly it was a frustrating week because of the sizable gap down and gap up opens we saw this week. If VIX continues to drift lower, we'll see less and less of these type of wild gaps overnight.

good luck next week.

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