Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Is This Chart Trying To Tell Us?

Is money leaving the "flight to safety" trade???


Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog, great ideas. I'm just sicj and tired of seeing the same patterns all over the Web. For example, you go on yutube and type Market Technical analsis, and 9 out of 10 comes up with the ending diagonal or the rising wedge. So they conlcude SELL. I wonder if the average Trader joe as you say s calling for that pattern it's so ovbios it is not hoing to play out.
I wouldn't be susprised if the Goldman Boys squezze the Bears again who are ovbously Ful Short at this level waiting for the next Armagedon. It's so ovbious the Trade that I bet it will play the other way round. Also the Bearish sentimen is still too high and many Fus still witing for the market to pullback to go LONG. I see 940-950 playing out befor a major etracement of this Huge rally.

traderedart said...

Hey, Nice blog! I'm adding you!


Cliffynator said...

Stewie, I've held some 30-yr bonds for about 4 years, now. I'm pretty frustrated at the recent action, and plan to move out of them in a few days once and for all (profitably).

As for the rising wedge, a bullish possibility is that "smart" money is playing all us independent traders out there. Thus, we might be the new "sheep"...just a thought.

You make some great points to justify a bullish trend, too. There's just so much witchcraft going on right now that it's anybody's game. You just gotta be quick or be eaten.

One final note, with respect:

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