Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have gotten several emails over the past 2 weeks asking me about the mentorship program and i just wanted to let readers know that I decided I will NOT be hosting the mentorship program. I did a trial run with another trader 3 weeks ago and quickly realized that this would not be feasible in the structure i had originally planned. It would not be fair to the paying customer nor to me to have to spend so much time mentoring traders while communicating via AOL Instant message. This is simply not a good way for anyone to learn and will be almost impossible to accomplish the goals i had set to accomplish. Only until i find a better way to communicate with traders will i consider bringing back this service. Sorry guys but i must do what is right and fair.

In the meantime, I will be devoting 100% of my time to The Art OF Trading Alerts

This in essence are my trading ideas through out the day and many aspects of the mentorship program put together.


I am very confident you'll find it to be a real asset to your trading arsenal and development as a trader!

Try it out now!


jeff said...

I was wondering how you manage your taxes? I've read about switching to mark-to-market accounting and declaring trader status with the IRS, but at a mechanical level, how do you deal with the sheer volume of information required? TurboTax, for instance, maxes out at 3000 trades. Meticulous records kept day to day? Private accountant? H&R? What would you recommend?

Stewie said...

hi jeff. i have a partner who does all this tedious work for me. I know that it sucks and i know many traders who do their own taxes but before my partner, i used to payH&R block accountant to do it. it will be more expensive than doing it yourself but they'll save you the headache and valuable time. if you can afford to pay a little more money, then i'd have a professional do it for you. It is a real nightmare doing all this crap on your own imo.

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