Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Night Thoughts

The only guy i know who loves trading bear markets more than me is Upsidetrader. I love shorting: it's fast, it's dramatic and huge profits if timed right. HOWEVER, in bear markets, stocks don't just drop everyday forever, that's too easy guys. We will go thru periods of time where shorting will be easy money BUT once the boat starts to tip too much on one side, once joe six pack takes his account and starts to load up on SKF at $150 and hold thinking that financials are DOOMED(which they are and will be eventually), then they have problems: that BIG money has already been made, we ALL heard that song before and NOW these stocks are rallying and they are squeezing the BA-JESUS out of these CRAPPY-SHIT-GARBABGE companies. I am stalking other blogs and it's shocking to me to see the HOLD and HOPE SKF-ers and FAZ-ers. Holding from much higher numbers and "praying" that the bears returns SOON. I am not convinced.
Listen, i understand your rationale and i agree with you 100% EXCEPT on one thing: the timing of your rationale. I honestly believe that this current rally will last longer and will leave more bears left scratching their heads in shock than any other rally we have seen thus far in this bear market. These "late to the party" shorts are caught and they will be the fuel that launches this rocket imho. I COULD BE 100% wrong in which case i will be glad cause i will be waiting ready to short again cause it's my favorite thing to do.

my two cents. good luck to all. just please trade smart and respect these charts.

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