Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read This Amazing Article And Check Out The FAZ Case Study


Anonymous said...

I wanted to try this yesterday but I was away from my machine during the witching hour...having two order screens open with one triggers other orders where I enter both FAS and FAZ at the same time, market order, and also enter fairly tight trailing stops so that you automatically get on whichever train is going to run into the close.

Cliffynator said...

Thanks, Stewie! I saw that article on Evil Speculator but got scared-off by all the words.
Quote to note, bottom of page 19 from original report:

"...When the underlying index is up, the additional exposure of total return swaps needs to be added..."

...and vice versa for when the index is down. Good to know!!!

Stewie said...


Stewie said...

i had some success with the strategy in wednesday's session. caught a 7% run into the close with AFZ.

Blue said...

Most of those late FAZ trades don't even look like they were worth holding over night. Just no continuation of any move in this market.

Had I still been in SKF to 64 on Wed. I'd have lost half the profit Thurs. morning.

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