Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh Boy: Bear Flags But Check Out In Which Stocks


Anonymous said...

What is your target for FAZ?

thanks for the blog.


Stewie said...

in my humble opinion, i honestly think based on everything i am seeing, i truly believe that FAZ could hit as low as low teens before we see a sustained collapse in finnies. i know tons of people who are in "hold and hope" mode in FAZ and i am shocked to see people holding this it long, it boggles my mind tho i understand what they are thinking. the finnies are fuckin crap shit companies but fundamentals do not work when the train is running against you. the finnies have been bullied for about a year and a half now, it's pay back time imo. this rally is not over yet and i believe that you will see the shorts capitulate just like the bulls capitulated several times during this bear market.

Stewie said...

joe: you see FAZ trading at 10 bucks?

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