Saturday, April 11, 2009

You Be The Judge

I know that the fundamentals are very poor, unemployment is at record levels, a financial system on the brink of collapse and we most likely will be stuck in a secular bear market for more years to come BUT what are these charts trying to tell us right now? You be the judge.


Blue said...

Telling you, this run up has been engineered so AIG can unwind a huge portfolio, take the write off, and get another government check to say solvent. So GS can dilute the fuck out of their stock to pay back the FED, Warren, and put a pile of cash to work outside equities. It is just waiting to unravel...

But regardless of all that BUY STOCKS!

Our market is for shit, our real estate is for shit, our currency is for shit, our jobs are for shit, our government is for shit.

Red pill or blue pill?

Stewie said...

i hear ya blue.

QQQBall said...

Yes, nice charts - maybe SRS (ultra-short CRE)gets a bounce if the real estate charts breaks back down into the range... backtest of the BO level will be critical. This ramp will allow banksters to issue new equity, pay-off TARP & get the gov't out of their compensation packages. Suspect some bondholders exiting stage right as well.

nice charts - thanks!

Stewie said...

the whole move up feels organized and 'planned' but it is happening and many betting against it are feeling it the pain. i can see srs and skf bouncing early next week.

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