Friday, May 15, 2009

The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Performance For The Week Of May 11th

This week's lesson is something i have known for a while now: I am just hoping that you guys see the lesson learned this week: Keep your losses very small and eventually the winners will come and they will get you in the green. Never be stubborn about taking a small loss. How many times did you think about taking a small loss on a bad trade but instead decided to "ride it out" only to come back a few hours/days later and say "fuck! i wish i took that small loss!!"
I think about that on every single trade and know fully well that what ever trade i am in could be "THE UGLY ONE."

This week we took 15 trades: 8 losers and 7 winners. We ONLY had 2 big winners on monday and these two winners have put this week's performance in the POSITIVE! Had you invested $10,000 into each trade, even in a below average week like this week, you'd still be up over $1800. All it took was two winners to get the job done but for that to happen you would have needed to do the hard thing and sell the trades that were not working WHILE THEY WERE SMALL.

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

long pnx 2.36 2.7 14.41
day trade
long jrcc 20.43 22.4 9.64
swing trade
long xtxi 4.36 4.39 0.69
day trade
long faz 5.15 5.33 3.5
swing trade

long caty 13.71 13.57 -1.02
swing trade
long egle 6.84 6.6 -3.51
swing trade
long hw 4.11 4.15 0.97
swing trade

long gmxr 14.33 13.85 -3.35
day trade
long faz 6.02 6.15 2.16
day trade
short sti 15.2 14.95 -1.64
day trade

long sti 15.05 15.01 -0.27
day trade
long erx 30.84 30.1 -2.4
day trade

long agu 49.02 48.5 -1.06
day trade
long tza 29.95 30.12 0.57
day trade
long faz 5.87 5.85 -0.34
day trade


Anonymous said...

Hey Stewie,

I am a R person, each trade have a fixed risk capital. Your trades are based on amount and that's holding me back trying your services. I do not mind taking a fixed amount trade since your last 6 weeks performance has been pretty consistent. Will try your services.


Stewie said...

ahhh. an "R" person. i heard about you guys. ;-) My goal is ALWAYS capital preservation first, make money second. I avoid over trading like the plague. I am a big believer in less is more when it comes to trading.

Blue said...

Lot of OPEX chop, finally broke 9 straight up weeks. The selling hasn't got me excited, but I guess that's how it'll be. Not like last year, a lot less volatility and lower volume.

I finished my 5th consecutive positive week since holding TNA over night and losing 10% of the account. Counter trend trading with tight stops. Have only caught two solid moves in many trades, but the break even discipline has kept me winning.

Look at HIG..hourly yesterday said SHORT @ 15. Which I did but didn't hold. News came out after hours that they are entitled to 3.4bil in TARP funds. Jumped 1.5pts in the AH and was gapped up to 17 at the open from 14.75s close. Killed today back to 14. Glad I didn't hold it over night. This market is unreal sometimes.

pik said...


Do you post entry, target and stop prices on all your trades?



Stewie said...

blue: 5th consecutive up week is very impressive in this market. soon that 10% drop will be nothing more than a bad memory. i am rooting for ya dude.

Stewie said...

Hi there Pik:

nice to hear from ya again.

I always email you the entry price, stop loss, swing or day trade and more importantly a brief sentence on why i like this particular trade. Sometimes when i have time i will include a chart that explains what i am seeing. But to be honest, this is much more than just a bread and butter alerts service. I want to see true development and progress from all my members and i email tons of other stuff like market thoughts, discipline, psychology, tons of charts and educational videos etc etc. I try to do it all to make sure i am helping in the development progress.

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