Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Art Of Trading Alerts Service Success Story

When i first set out to start the alerts service, i just wanted to shoot out intra day picks and that's it. The service has pretty much transformed not only into an alerts service but now has pretty much become a mentorship program. I love teaching what i do and bringing fresh new ideas and "think outside the box" type trading methods. Here's an email i recieved today and this email pretty much sums up what i had envisioned when i started this service about 1 month ago.

Raj wrote:

I took MOST of your setups. I missed a few due to work or missing an alert email. For the first few days after signing up to your service I followed your alerts and ran paper exercises to see how I would fare. After becoming comfortable I used a cash balance of 30k to make 10% purchases of 3k each. On avg, today I'm up nearly 3k. 8.9% to be exact in about 2 weeks..which is a phenomonel return. What I like is your patience and the fact you change stances rapidly as the market turns. Your picks & stops have been very good on avg, and I've wanted to use more of your setups but have yet to take the plunge because as you can tell I'm not a seasoned trader but am looking to learn as much as I can so I can create extra income to my add to my current cash flow.
With that being said I'm looking for more setups than 2-3 a day and am thinking of raising more capital to make trades when available. That's why I am trying to learn about your setups. :) I could also possibly raising my initial 3k purchase price higher....but I don't want to get greedy and am working to be patient. Overall I'm VERY pleased with the past few weeks and am looking forward to learning and growing my portfolio with your great service.

If this email inspired you like it inspired me then come on and join us!

If you like the contents on this blog and find it useful then i am very confident you'd love the contents in the Alerts Service.

Try it with that 10 day FREE trail!

Setup: SCHN

Hurry Hurry!! I Need To Buy Something!! I Don't Wanna Miss This Rally!

hurry hurry! Let's buy something! Not so fast in my opinion. We already booked a 11% winner this morning by anticipating this rally. Believe it or not, many traders lose money on big rally days...what? WHY? because they always trade as if they are "missing out" and start to chase performance and over trade their accounts. OuCH! brings back bad memories. Trust me on this one, the biggest gains come on the days following the big rally. let the eager beavers trade this emotional drama. We will sit tight until tmrw and WE WILL BUY WEAKNESS on strong stocks.


Remember Those Charts??!!

I posted over the weekend where we should/could expect the pullbacks on the indexes to be contained. Always nice when a plan falls into place! That's what trading is ALL about...The plan. The pre-market planning and execution around that plan, whether you are right or's all about the plan and following it.

Russell Small Cap Index Update

Bingo! nailed this breakout by using GMXR long. Don't listen to anything but your charts. That's what pays the bills. Bulls or Bears each have good valid points on why we should head higher/lower BUT at the end of the day, only charts pays the bills, everything else is just noise.

GMXR Setup Update

We scored big with this ONH. Bot it at $9.55 and sold for $10.65.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long Term VIX Chart

this chart just to remind us that we are still in bear country.

Small Caps Ready To Move

most other indexes have similar looking patterns for that matter. market usually puts you to sleep before making a big move.

TLT Continues To Breakdown

Setup: GMXR

Weekly SKF Chart Update

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gut Feeling

Expect a bloodbath in tomorrow's session. We are long FAZ and TZA and will most likely add more short exposure. Gut feeling tells me tomorrow's session will be a good reminder that we are in a bear market.

Transports Breaking Down

Bears first glimmer of hope in weeks. If they build on this, this would be a great first step for them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Buying Weakness On Monday

It's hard for me to believe this but any weakness early next week SHOULD BE BOUGHT! Looking thru several charts this weekend, it is 'pretty certain' that weakness, should we see it, should be bought. I am starting to see some solid action for the bulls camp starting to develop. These charts caught me by surprise and i did not see it coming but these charts are speaking.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reversal Time

All these ETFs closed out this week above last week's lows. First time in 6 weeks! Selling looks to have exhausted for now and we could see a bid in these names next week. That's what i'll be looking for. Looks like a great risk/reward entry at the very least.

Right Up Against Resistance

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read This Amazing Article And Check Out The FAZ Case Study

Double Tops Morphs Into A Bullish Consolidation

More sideways and congestion within the pattern would be good imo. The longer this pattern sits around without breakouts, the more likely we are to roll over.


The Bull That Will Not Die

You NEED to be very flexible and be ready to trade ALL charts that change, morph, bob and weave. Just be ready to react to the charts. SRS looks ready to break lower now. Yes, things change that quickly from day to day and you need to be there ready to make important quick decisions WITHOUT bias. Tomorrow things can change again and you need to be ready to react.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BINGO!! Topping Action Update

It Almost faked us out several times but honored the stops and tides shifted in our favor right before the close. We need to see follow thru tomorrow and/or friday so we can lock in those weekly charts with a RED candle and start this much needed correction. If we close on a nice juicy red candle on the weekly charts then i think 7000-7500 on the DOW is very achievable.

Double TOPS In Play

We appear to be topping out now. Stops at HOD.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

World's Most Infamous Rising Wedge

Today's action reeked of severe short covering. What's behind all this? Possibly that everyone went short on the break of this obvious rising wedge pattern? I don't know, but it's not a stupid question. A few days ago, i talked about how obvious this wedge was, we might break down from it to suck in more shorts and then shoot higher! But right now, this pattern at a critical point in my opinion, what happens next few hours/days will determine the validity of this pattern that many are watching. Volume was VERY heavy today on these reversals. Something doesn't smell right. We are either gonna explode higher soon from short covering or we are reverse back down and tank hard like we did yesterday. It is very tough to call here. Volume supports the bulls, pure technical analysis supports the bears, shortterm at least. Bottmline, we need more evidence...

Monday, April 20, 2009

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