Sunday, August 22, 2021

Stocks To Watch Next Week!

Hey folks! 

Here's a list of 9 stocks I'll be watching next week! 

This is the sort of list(STOCKS TO WATCH list) emailed to Art of Trading members every week for the new week ahead!


AMD: forming a nice bullish flag right on the 20 day MA here. Looking for upside traction soon. 

Targets: $122 to $125

BNTX: Forming a nice bullish flag on the 20 day MA. Looking for upside traction next week. 
Targets: $400 to $420 

DOCS: a beautiful post-PEG bullish pennant forming here. 
Targets: $85 to $90

DVAX: a very nice post-PEG bullish flag on the 20 day EMA. Looking for an upside reversal soon. 
Targets: $14 to $15

NVDA: made a nice reaction to earnings(PEG) this week. Look for continuation in upside momentum. 
Targets: $230 to $240 

ROKU: Looks quite oversold here after the recent big pullback. Starting to form a steep wedge. Looking for an upside reversal this week. 
Targets: $400

SKIN: one of the better acting stocks in the market right now. Looking for a move out of that mini bullish pennant this week. 
Targets: $25

SNAP: testing the 20 day MA after making a strong run earlier in the summer and pulling back. 
Looking for a rotation into this stock soon. 
Targets: $100

SQ: retesting some support on the recent pullback. Looking for some upside traction out of this spot. 
Targets: $290 to $300

I hope you found these charts and setups helpful! 

Happy trading!

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