Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Recent Feedback From ART OF TRADING Members!!


just wanted to thank you personaly. just in the last 2 weeks i think now since joining you i've got my account going in the right direction gonna be long battle to recover my losses from before but with you i have confidence to do it.

Thanks man

Out FMCN for a $900 gain. Great charting Stew!

Kevin (kstock)

Hi Stewie,

Your setups are glorious mate! Always look forward to seeing your new setups. I know i am still new here but i feel like i might have finally found a service that fits what i am looking for. In just 3 weeks of hanging out in the chat room i feel like i have learned more than years of reading trading books :-)
Cannot thank you enough for your dedication and hard work!

jean marie

Thanks for your guidance in this tough market. I really enjoy and appreciate the chat room full of the great traders whose guidance and teaching is priceless in this choppy market.

Happy trading.


I consider it professional from you not to trade when you think that the market is too choppy/risky. I wouldn't trust traders who trade several times a day because they believe they must trade in order to satisfy their subscribers.

Your reactivity per emails, chat, etc. is impressive. I wonder if you have a team with you taking care of some of the emails you get.


Hey Stewie

I bought AFFX at 7.33 for a swing trade a little while after your buy alert and sold it the next day at 7.55 after your sell alert because of confidence in chat room and obvious reversal in morning gap down.

nice $300 dollar gain!


I made $196 on XG and $175 on MOBI

Bought RAX July 41 puts paid $3.20 Sold them for $4.05



Booked gains on XG, made about a $1000 on it. NICE! :) THX.


I did pretty well on this trade, followed all your rules. Didnt let myself get emotionally involved. I feel im getting better on not getting shaken out.

Since I have joined the chat. I been taking sizes that fit my account.

Just wanted to say thanx for the service!

Nabiel M.


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Setups To Watch With High Short Interest

Here are some trade ideas to watch the rest of the week. These plays have very high short interest and have a high chance of squeezing higher in the days to come.

Let's watch em closely.


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 New Setups To Watch This Week

Hi Traders!

Spent ALL day with the family on this Father's Day! Hope you all had a blessed and happy time with your loved ones.

Let's get to work now! As has been the norm lately, most of the quality setups have been the SHORT setups.

Gotta trade what you see as they like to say!


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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Short Setups To Watch In Case The Bears Mean Business!

Keep these handy in case these angry bears have a more serious agenda than many of us have in mind currently. As a pure technical trader (neither bull nor bear), i cannot help but look at the under the surface over the last 1-2 months and think that some bigger force is working very hard to knock equities down. Only recently have we seen the big spikes in the VIX that is often seen near market lows as fear and panic starts to take over HOWEVER, this time it sure has a "different feel" to it. There is almost a "disbelief" among the trading/investing community that something really big could be starting on the down side. What will be the catalyst? I have NO CLUE. i am only a short term trader who looks at how equities behave by manually scanning hundreds of stocks daily and nightly and it's safe for me to say that things have been very questionable for a while now.

Look, i am sure we are going to see bounces(some strong, some weak, some will feel really "good") but things are starting to tell me that we could be looking at a much bigger decline sooner, rather than later.

I hope that i am dead wrong on this and like i said, i am a short term trader so long/medium term projections really mean nothing to trader who is short term but it's important to keep in mind where the big picture COULD BE HEADED.

Trade smart, respect stop losses now more than ever. Protect the MOTHER GOOSE! Most of the long positions i have traded lately, once stopped out, i look back at them several days later and i notice that i got stopped out at MUCH higher prices from where these stocks are currently trading at NOW.

What has been working? Simple, LARGE amounts of cash levels and SHORT positions!

Wish you all happy trading.


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Setups To Watch This Week

Here's the list of stocks i'll be watching next week. Some longs and shorts. Going into this week, we are gonna need to be very nimble once again. We are very oversold on many measures such as the Mcclellan Oscilator (NYMO) and the Put/call ratios (CPCE). NOTE: in strong bearish trends, (like the one we are seeing now), these OVERSOLD/OVERBOUGHT indicators can get you into trouble if you use them as stand alone indicators. "Oversold" can certainly become much more oversold before a big bounce materializes.

Be very cautious when using NYMO or CPCE in a strong bearish phase. So use them in conjunction with other tools/signals.

Overall, i highly recommend still being very nimble and being able to enter and exit shorts and/or longs quickly. Not the time to look for home runs that for sure. Hit and run trading environment. Be very selective. Set the alerts, once a stock setup triggers, demand only the best setups that work best for that particular market condition.

Trade em well!

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