Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ART OF TRADING Performance For The Month Of August

We did 13 trades in August: 8 wins, 3 breakeven and 2 losses.

QLD long: Breakeven

ASIA short: +2%

AONE long: +3.2%

ANR long: +2.95%

VECO long: +3.7%

OEH long: Breakeven

MELI long: +0.4%

RINO long: Breakeven

VMW long: +1.5%

GMCR long: +1.6%

ISLN long: -3.2%

BIDU long: -2.5%

SPRD long +2.8%

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Trade Taken Today At The Art Af Trading

It's all about pattern recognition and proper execution for this trade. No secret here.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wish You Were Here!!

Lamb chops and chicken were dry rubbed for 24 hours with olive oil, dried chipotle pepper, coriander, cumin, ancho chile pepper, cayenne pepper, a touch of brown sugar, garlic, onion powder, paprika, sea salt, white pepper.

Fillet Mignon: not shown in pics because we had a 'camera malfunction": were marinated in olive oil, rosemary, dried chipotle pepper, garlic for 2-3 hours.

I also grilled some skewered zuccini, mushrooms, onions, and green/red bell peppers: Put some olive oil, sea salt and some pepper on it. This was amazing!!

I used a grill basket to grill the chicken because it will be easier to flip around the hot fire. Be extra careful with chicken because the rendered chicken skin will tend to create flare ups on the grill and you do not want that! So keep a close eye on it and keep flipping it over and over a lot!
Chicken on the bone takes the longest to grill so get the one started first and let it grill nice and slow for an hour before adding the lamb chops, fillet mignon and vegetable skewers.

Remember: Fire is not good grillin! Hot coals with no flare ups is what good grilling is all about! Use lots of salt to bring out the natural flavors of your ingredients and drink lots of beer!

Enjoy, experiment and HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ART OF TRADING Performance For The Month Of August

We did 12 trades in August: 7 wins, 3 breakeven and 2 losses.

QLD long: Breakeven

ASIA short: +2%

AONE long: +3.2%

ANR long: +2.95%

VECO long: +3.7%

OEH long: Breakeven

MELI long: +0.4%

RINO long: Breakeven

VMW long: +1.5%

GMCR long: +1.6%

ISLN long: -3.2%

BIDU long: -2.5%

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We are now testing the lower end of the range. We tested the upper end of the range in early august and sentiment was very bullish. Now we are testing the lower end of the range and sentiment is growing very negative once again. We definitely could see a little more selling here and fully retest the july lows but it will not be a straight line down. Need to expect some big bounces along the way. As ugly as things feel right now, i am favoring a range bound market rather than a breakdown(at this moment at least).

Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Of Trading Members Having A Good Month!!


You are cool picked the high RSI stock (picking is an art and you have it by the grace of god) and hit it nice, did not join you I am still watching you and soon I will be flanking you:)



Awesome trade Stewie! I thought you were nuts going long VMW seeing the market down so much but i followed you anyway and thankfully was able to pull $680 from this VMW trade! You have been on fire lately. August turning into a pretty good month for me and it's mostly thanks to you mate. Keep it up!

Jeff M.


Just saw your track record for this month. 6 completed trades - 1 breakeven (QLD), 5 gains (ASIA, AONE, ANR, VECO, OEH). Well done stew, looks like your patience pays off! I really admire your patience though. I can tell that you really trade when there is an edge - 6 trades in the span of two weeks!! Keep up the good work.


"Made about $500 first VMW trade and hit limit. Went in for more and made further $700! thanks for the advice you were spot on!


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Things Look Ugly But....

Things Looks Ugly Right Now ready for a potentially very strong bounce soon. I was expecting a bounce phase to start this week and we indeed did get it however it lasted much less than i imagined. Today we tanked hard obviously but i am thinking the bulls will not give it up so easily QUITE YET. Watch friday's action and early next week market action as i am now starting to see hints that a decent rally is brewing.....

Whether it happens or not: Remember: this is stock trading: DO NOT fall in love with this: Take profits when you got em and ALWAYS protect yourself from mistakes.

Good luck and god bless.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beware Of Breakout Fuckery At Popular Numbers

Before chasing an 'obvious' breakout, ask yourself am i the hunter or the hunted?

Art Of Trading Review From A New Member!!

"Personal Attention To My Success

I first heard of Trader Stewie and his Art of Trading service through investimonials after reading the numerous good reviews from his other subscribers. So i decided to take his 14 day free trail. After only three weeks i felt compelled to write a review of my own and share my short yet superb experience.

His analysis of stocks/markets is uncanny and managed to not only put me in some good trades which allowed the service to pay for itself but has also kept me out of trouble on trades which i took on my own. He is always willing to help whether you email him directly or find him in the chat room. I feel like he genuinely wants his subscribers to succeed and this was very obvious to me after interacting with him for a few days.
What impresses me most about his method is how patient he is at allowing a trade setup to develop. He is not scared to sit it out until a good hand meets his criteria.

The Art of Trading chat room is one of better chat rooms i have frequented in my years of trading. There is a good vibe among the subscribers. Trader Stewie is in there daily helping out and calling out his trade alerts(also emails the trade alerts). He is "one of guys" in there and you sense that he doesn't have a big ego. The chat room also boasts several other talented traders and that's always a plus!

I firmly recommend this service! In fact I have already told my colleagues at work about it.

Do yourself a huge favor and sign up!"

For more reviews visit

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Charts Analysis

No setups tonight but i will do something i haven't done in a little while: Breakdown and look thru the weekly charts.

As we head into a historically bearish time of the year for stocks: I am starting to see more and more charts hinting that we are setting up for lower prices in the not too distant future. This is interesting because come september/october that's when the really big money "comes out to play". Will be very interesting to see what the 'big boys' wanna do with their money.

I hope these charts are misleading and wrong because if these charts do indeed play out things will get very shaky in the fall. But we need to be prepared for the worst and NOT be victims of any surprises cause when it comes to trading markets: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

I will as always play it with both sides open and i will ALWAYS trade where i see an edge: long or short.

good luck.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Weak Bounce Will Likely Setup Bear Flags Soon

I do not think the downside is quite down even tho many are looking for a bounce. I think we might see a bounce but it will be weakish in nature and to be honest might NOT be even worth playing. I would much rather focus on shorts.

Art of Trading Member Cleared $925 Today!!!

"I got in @ $31.84 and put an order in before the market opened and got filled @ $33.69 on 500 shares for $925 profit.....I normally don't touch high beta names like VECO but your bollinger band chart was very convincing. I find bollinger's ( especially on a 5 year chart) to be an excellent reference to buying bottoms.. anyhow this trade paid for your service this year and then some....



CONGRATS NICO!! :-) That makes me very happy!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Art of Trading Members Clearing Nice Gains Today!

"Hi Stewie,

I took the trade. In @ 39.46. Out @ 40.31. I also caught .40 on SPRD on Monday. Off to a successful start....many thanks"

James (member for 5 days)

"I got into this nice ANR trade and booked about $350. Thanks. Keep the
winning streak going!"

GHG (member for over 1 year)

"way to go!!!
Had 500 shares with a dollar profit!!"....+$500.

Mike K. (member for over 1 year)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stocks Approaching Bounce Zones

I like 3 stocks on pullbacks to their support zones. Bounces in these names looks imminent.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bring It On!!

A brand new ART OF TRADING member emails me and asks:

"Hi Stewie,
I have a very important favor to ask you.. My trading techniques are exactly like HCPG which Im sure you're very familiar with.. I'm very good at looking at charts but as you know, my problem is I still buy stocks with mediocre setups because impatience. I want to change that habit.
Is there a way where we can communicate real time during trading days? Don't worry, Im not gonna talk much, all I want to do is everytime I see and chart setting up, I will ask what you think.. This is very very important for me Stewie that I can chat with you in real time.
I understand that you have a chat room but I dont want to get involved in that too much because it will just confuse me as too many strategies are put on the table..
Please Stewie. I hope you say yes, I wont bother you too much, all I will ask are your thoughts if i have charts setting up intraday.. Im going to sign up today..



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Trading Strategy From A Successful ART OF TRADING Chat Room Member

I asked some of the successful traders in the ART OF TRADING Chat Room to share with us "HOW THEY DO IT"? Here's what "NYC Trader" Had To Share: Enjoy!

Twitter: @

"Pardon my writing errors as I am not a good writer. This my longest writing since college.

I will make a watch list of 20/30 stocks every weekend for the following week. I’ll enter the alert prices for those stocks on my trading platform. My strategy is to find setups with minimum risk and maximum rewards. I don’t like to risk more that .20/.30c, whether its $2 or $80 stock. That way if your setup is right, you will always make more. If it doesn’t work, loss will be minor. I don’t mind paying extra to get back on again if it starts to work again. I’ll review my watch list ever night to see how they are setting up. I also spent at least 2 hours every night going through charts.

Best setups are tight narrow bars/candles on top/below major “Moving Avarages”(MA). MA’ s should be flat or rising. The stock has tried a particular price point few times before in last few months. For example, ABC is trading at 14 .65 now and sitting on top of 50 MA for few days now. It has a resistance at 15 which it tried twice in last few months. If the ABC crosses 15 tomorrow, chances are good that it will break out to the upside. I don’t like to buy stocks that are too far away from 20/10 MA’s.

If you want play with small cap momentum, timing is everything. You can’t be too be early or too late. Stay ahead of the crowd. Volume and crowd will follow. Small cap, Once they start moving, it has to keep on moving. If it pauses, momentum might be gone. Get out and stay aside. Don’t try to buy the dip. Buy when momentum comes back again.

I don’t like to buy the 1st spike at open. Most of the time 1st spike will fail. However, some 1st spike will keep on going depending of the setups. For example, narrow range, stock gaps up and go. See NXTM chart. I have talked about that name in the chat room in the past. Stock gapped up Friday and kept on going all day.

Best break out happens when it bases below your alert price and then runs higher. Or it will go through your alert slightly, comes back to test it than shoot higher. If you catch this 2nd move, your stop will be right below your alert. I don’t like to give it much more room.

I don’t like it chase stocks. Only time I might chase a stock, if the stock breaks out today with huge volume and a big range (big Candle). Next day above today’s high. That means the stock has enough momentum to propel it higher. For example, I will watch RVBD on Monday.

I am not a big fan of ETF’s given how volatile/choppy the market has been. The best ETF’s traders I know only trade those particular ETF’s, nothing else. Small cap tends to perform better on a sideway market whereas “popular” stocks will do better on a trending market.

Last tip, pay attention to “Failed break out “ setup’s where the stock will break out today and tomorrow it will fail . Place an alert above today’s high. Pay attention if it triggers in next few days, chances are it will go higher this time.

I will recommend following Jef Copper’s books to all short term traders. It has some really neat techniques for catching short term moves.

I am also attaching few charts. CIE and NR , we traded in the chat room last week with good profits."

90.8% Return In 66 Weeks Of Real Time Trading Alerts

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45 winning weeks with only 21 small down weeks!!

Much more than trading alerts: You Will Learn!

"Very timely call on $AONE this morning Stewie! Jumped on board a little after your email alert but still good for $780. Not too bad given the trade lasted less than 30 minutes. Good week for me and thank you for all your efforts."




Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Long Setups To Watch

Here are two names i will be watching for long entries. I consider these high probability trade setups if they trigger so keep em on your watchlist!

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Trade em well!

This Is Why The Market Has Been Choppy And Going Nowhere Fast!

Just be aware of the big picture and you will quickly understand why this market has been in a choppy sideways range. Playing the range is what we ALL need to be experts at if we are to survive. BUY DIPS, SELL RIPS is the only way to play this in my humble opinion. Don't get too excited when we rally and don't get too earish if we tank hard. The RANGE will be the ultimate winner in the end.

Bottom line: Uncertainity EQUALS Choppiness!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Art of Trading Member Cleared Over $1,000 Today!!!

Hi Stewie,

I bought 1,000 TSLA at $20.73 on your recommendation on Thursday with a stop at $19.50. Been looking for a break over $22; which is looking less likely to happen anytime soon, so I sold at$ 21.78.

So, I've booked another $1,085 from your alert. Thanks again!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buy The Dip Setups Because Breakouts Suck

Gonna do something different with this week's setups: Instead of buying stressful breakouts that are bound to fail in this nasty chopfest of a market. This week i will completely switch my attention to buying strong patterns as they fail into support zones. One thing i noticed about this market is that breakouts FAIL and fail often as the choppyness of this market rips nice patterns apart and makes them fail into support zones marked by moving averages or trendline support zones: this kind of action in this crappy environment shakes most traders out of their shares as the stock paints an illusion that is is failing, stops everyone out, overshoots to the downside and THEN reverses HARD to attack the original breakout zones(and in some cases new new highs).

Check out what i am referring to by analyzing ROVI stock: See attached ROVI chart.

The other charts are stock setups i will be watching next week.

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