Monday, May 31, 2010

95.1% Return In 58 Weeks Of Live Real Time Trading Alerts!

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43 winning weeks with only 15 down weeks!!

Much more than simple trading alerts: I TEACH YOU!

"I am just beginning with TraderStewie, but here are a few things I am learning:

  • Charts are important, but how important depends upon ten type of market and market behaviour of any given day.

  • How to handle gaps in the charts; when to expect a bounce.

  • When it's safe or not safe to hold a stock overnight or longer.

  • Chat room has other experienced traders with different styles and they post entries, stops, losses, gains.

  • Avoiding pitfalls, i.e. when not to hold a stock after earnings.

  • Shorting comfortably and when appropriate.

  • Learning to trade choppy, volatile and bear markets.

There are many, many other egs., but you get the idea -- Stewie's trades, teaching and chat room help you to navigate the toughest markets.

I made $892.00 on an intraday reversal day when the DOW plummeted 300 points.

Guy W."


The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Anything Is Possible: Have An Open Mind

Hi guys,

Running numerous scans tonight. I am seeing more and more bullish setups. In my humblest of opinions and i know this is a bold call, a very bold call, I am just asking you guys as traders to have an open mind and do not count out a big bounce from here. I know it sounds ridiculous and i can hear many of you laughing right now. But come on guys, this is the stock market and we ALL know that ANYTHING is possible. You cannot rule out possibilities. The minute you rule out scenarios or possibilities, then you are cornering yourself into a category and set yourself up for emotional trading. Having an open mind is the KEY to survival in this game. How many times did you tell yourself, "this is not possible" only to come back a few hours/days later to realize that it was POSSIBLE. Have an open mind. In the the most bearish of market, rallies can and do often retest highs, slightly exceed or slightly fall short of retesting the ultimate highs.

All i ask is is this: HAVE AN OPEN MIND. that's all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Crossroads

I spend the last few hours plowing thru my charts and i am left scratching my head as i am sure many others as well!! My conclusion is this: If you are in cash, then you are 100% doing the right thing! This indexes could be at cross roads here. The individual chart patterns in many stocks are very bearish and showing poor form even for a decent bounce and makes me think that we need to short on strength however, some indexes MIGHT be hinting that we might be in a bottoming pattern right now(expect lots of big ups and big downs with severe fake outs). Could take a few days to actually play out and there will be lots of severe whipsaw around this current range. There is only one thing that will kill the bullish case: It's the 200day moving average. Most indexes are trading below their 200 day moving averages. The longer the indexes stay below these 200 MAs, the less compelling the bullish case will be and traders will end up selling into any strength. This needs to be watched and the indexes react as we approach these levels.

Having said, I HIGHLY recommend 100% CASH here as bulls and bears battle it out. This market is more geared for aggressive traders and even aggressive traders should use small positions to navigate thru this.

When i see buying pressure, it kind of soft and on lower volume and when selling kicks, it hits the tape fast and hard and on much stronger volume. If this kind of action continues then it will be very hard to see how the bulls can come out winning.

Conclusion: Right now, the key to be nimble, very nimble. Expect anything really. Have an open mind and be ready to switch your mind in order to adapt to current conditions. It's a jungle out there.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awesome Day At The ART OF TRADING!

Hi Stewie,
This was the first day I received your alerts and made some very nice money! I purchased CLF at 47.24 and sold at 50.37 for about 6.6 % profit. I also bought TNA at 42.30 and up so far to 43.97. It's really great to be on the winning side for a change!
Thanks for a very nice day!


Awesome trades today! Booked about $750 today. Thank you!


Up $796.52 for the day. Kudos traderstewie for TNA, FAS, CLF


Three winners on a critical day!!! Keep it up man!!!


Thanks Stewie. 2 of last days made money. You're calls are solid but to me, you're coaching is the highlight of the service. You are not only giving us the fish, you are teaching us to catch them. That is why I have stuck beyond the trial period.


We'll see how it goes tomorrow. I had to step away from screens, with stops set. Came back to see HUGE gains!


Bought fas at 21.26 on your alert sold in the after market for 23.44
kaching! 250 shares. As you know this is my first week, so far I like
your service.


Emails and feedback like these from my customers is why i do this job day in and day out!!!

Make sure to check full ART OF TRADING reviews at investimonials!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awesome Review From One Of Art Of Trading's First Members!!

A long overdue praise to one of the good guys

...Short and sweet; Stewie is a great trader, teacher and stock picker. One of the best. And a good guy to boot. Any serious trader, be it options or equities will gain from his expertise of the market, education navigating through it, and trading alerts to profit from it. This site is a true gem. Period
I have been trading, professionally for over ten years. I’ve had huge years, devastating draw-downs and that madness in between. All of which have led me to where I am now: A trader with many tools in my arsenal. Few sharper than The Art of Trading.
I have been with Stewie since this site's inception, and I would not trade without it. Is it the holy-grail of my trading? No, but there really isn't one, and that's kind of the point of this. It's about putting yourself in a position to succeed and this site does just that. No one is going to push that buy button for you, but what you hope is that other, thoughtful traders agree with your analysis, and that you in turn agree with theirs.
I know a good trader when I see one, and this guys the real deal. He has been available 24/7 for any questions I've ever had, has been totally open minded as to current macro/micro market direction and has offered complete transparency with his calls and current idea watch list. Stewie has a passion for what he does. It shows, and I am truly thankful for all the money he's made me.... Short and sweet
We all know trading is one of the most difficult endeavors one can try. There is no easy money in this game. No free lunch, no magic bullet. The "unfair advantage" everyone is looking for comes from simply working harder than the guy in the office next door. Following strict money management principles, letting your winners run, and having the balls to believe in your ideas. I can honestly say that The Art of Trading helps fosters all of these principles both from it's founder and from the community that is it. Do yourself a favor and give it a month.

Hope this shed some light on the service, please feel free to look me up in the chat room if you have any other questions. -Swoon

One caveat: Please no douche bags.

Check out more reviews at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Market Thoughts And Setups

Attached are some solid looking charts that look ready to break lower any day now. Today was the first day, i actually ran scans for short setups and my conclusions are simple: BEARS IN FULL CONTROL! At this point, any bounce we see in equities will only wet the bears appetite.

This market is going lower in my humble opinion and i am starting to get very confident of this. At this point any bounce we see even the slightest bounce should be used to re-load short positions. Pressure is slowly building and this market is setting up another leg lower in the days/weeks to come. At this point, i would happily welcome a bounce here! Only problem is will we get it?

Truly exiting times for the true traders!

Monday, May 17, 2010

VIX Analysis

The VIX today retested it's recent highs and then reversed aggressively lower signaling to me that a possible bounce in equities might be in order. Overall expect a very wide and loose range bound market with lots of intra day volatility which should be good for the active nimble traders. It remains to be seen if the bounce i am expecting turns into bear flag patterns or something more meaningful for the bulls. My gut instincts tell me that this bounce once played out will likely bring in more selling but ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE so be ready!

Trades Taken Today At The Art Af Trading

All these alerts were either emailed, text messaged to cell phones or called out live in the chat room and some traders set up auto trading software to take all the alerts automatically.

SHORT TCK at 33.20 stop at 34.25 Day Trade

Cover TCK at 31.92

3.85% gain

SHORT CREE at 73.50 stop at 75.65 Day Trade

COVER CREE at 73.50


LONG TNA at 53.90 stop at 52.00 Day Trade

SELL TNA at 55.00

2.0% gain

LONG WYNN at 80.55 stop at 78.50 Swing Trade

SOLD WYNN at 84.15

4.4% gain

"Good day. Luckily I was home today so I caught all your alerts except CREE. Up about $700 on your alerts.


"Great calls. Closed all positions. I am out for the day. Made $1280. Not bad. :) Thanks!


"Nice one!! I made $240 on that trade which is BIG for me. (I was able to get out at 84.75)


"$1782 on $50000 worth. I got in a little late at 81.186. But it was a whopping profit!! Tom"

Brand New ART OF TRADING Member Books $1,280!!!

Keith started today!!!

"Great calls. Closed all positions. I am out for the day. Made $1280. Not bad. :) Thanks!"

Friday, May 14, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Member I Deeply Respect!!

The place to go to learn the right way to trade

The Art of Trading is unlike any service or chat room I have subscribed to and I can say I have participated in them all over many many years. First off, Traderstewie is one of the most honest, straight shooter and caring person I have met in the trading universe. There is no ego, no hidden agenda not pumping of unsubstatiated gains. Everything is transparent and he is there to help you be successful.

The primary focus of The Art of Trading is education while helping you make money. The site has quite a bit of information and educational resources to help you become a better trader. Stewie supports every trade offered with a chart and a reason why he took it. Then he teaches you (and holds your hand) how to manage the trade and your stops once you are in the trade.

Even outside of managing the trades, he continually provides ongoing discussion and emails covering topics from market direction to trading psychology. He has a chat room with a number of good traders that provide a stream of ideas all day long.

It doesn't get much better than this...Have fun, learn and make money!

I highly recommend The Art Of Trading for anyone looking to build their skills, make money and become a true professional trader.


Join Us Today For A 14 Day Free Trial!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Focus On The Good Trading, Not the $$$$

We all know why we are trading: We are trading to make money obviously but MONEY is not what good traders focus on. Think about what i am trying to say for a second.

Yes, experienced traders make money(some make LOTS of money) but what a good trader needs to do is focus on TRADING WELL first and foremost. If you focus on trading well and look to be truly improving on your skills, then the money will come sooner or later.

I see many traders focusing on what will i make if take this trade? Will i make $500? Will i make $10,000? Many automatically think how much money they will make without really asking themselves: How much will i lose if this trade busts?? How much am i willing to lose? What's the maximum loss i can handle and still be able to take my next trade without being overly emotional about the last trade?

Good traders do not care or think about how much they stand to make on each trade. They know once you are in a trade, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN and it's about managing what the market is willing to give for the amount of risk you were willing to take.

Never have plans for the trades: Never say things like if the trade bounces another $1, that will make up for my loss from my precious trade and i will be breakeven. Don't be that trader who is always trying to breakeven. You will breakeven and then some once you start trading well. In trading you will have losing trades and you will have winning trades, i don't care who you are, you will go thru losses and gains. So having a breakeven mentality will only hurt you. Focus on putting on GOOD TRADES first! The other stuff will take care of itself.

Trading well requires strong discipline, strong execution skills, strong conviction in a direction of a trade, strong skills to spot trading opportunities before they become obvious, strong confidence in yourself, your system and your ability to know when a trade is not working and taking proper action, strong skills in taking profits without allowing greed to ruin the trade. These are the mechanics of trading well: Focus on these rather the $$$. If you focus on trading well, the $$$$ will follow.

I know it's not always easy to separate the money from the trades but YOU MUST DO IT, period!

hope this helps.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Market Toughts

Hopefully you all rested and relaxed a bit after last week's dramatic action. For those that got hurt by last week's crash i highly recommend you take sometime off and size up this market. Needless to say that we are entering an extremely volatile time for the markets. LOTS and LOTS of uncertainty out there and markets HATE uncertainty. Anyone who thinks we are seeing a regular correction and we are going to see new highs again soon, then you need to comeback to reality. This rally since the march 2009 lows is likely over now. Some will debate that a return of the bear market is already starting. I DO NOT KNOW that but all i know is VOLATILITY is back in a big way. So expect HUGE and WILD swings UP and DOWN.
Now, if you are a DISCIPLINED TRADER you should welcome this! All you guys who traded without stop losses, without regard to proper position sizing etc etc, well it's time to recheck these types of strategies. Bull markets forgives many mistakes, BEAR MARKETS DO NOT!

I see tons of people posting charts this weekend with oversold indicators, moving averages and chart patterns etc etc: All this is useless right now in my humble opinion!! These things will NOT help. All this stuff goes out the window when you are dealing with a post 'crash' market environment. Stocks will slice thru support and resistance zones with great ease so watching specific numbers or levels is not of great importance.

On friday, i used the term it's a "jungle"out there. Think about what i meant by that for a few minutes.

Now, just because charts do not work and it's a 'jungle" out there, doesn't mean that we cannot have good trades and get in on profitable some action. In fact, some of you will have some of their best trading days in their entire trading careers maneuvering these markets! Charts right now will not be of much help but allow the dust to settle for a few days and the charts should start to be "play-able" again.

Right now, we are "oversold" but oversold in a bearish trend doesn't mean anything. We can rally hard with a 3-4% gain on monday or we can continue to bleed away and become and more and more 'oversold'. We are going have to gauge each market day by day and adjust our trades/thoughts accordingly.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Art Of Trading Making A Difference!

Emails/feedback like these is why i set out to start the ART OF TRADING one year ago!

The DOW dropped 1000 points today.

As always Stewie was the voice of reason. The chat room was calm with a few OMGs!

Stewie has had us raise cash for a couple of weeks now. Since I trust him and I know he knows all markets I took his advice. I'm in mostly cash with a little DGP. Thank you Stewie you are so appreciated.

A few times I've thought of "looking around" for a service that has a style on the long side.

Couldn't do it, Stewie is great and so is his stock selections. (he doesn't even realize how good he is) He's as careful with my money as his own.

Do you have someone that is in an amazing chat room all day with you? Or constantly emailing you updates? I do.

I would like to share a line from an email from Stewie. "If you didn't have a good day and want someone to talk to please feel free to email me and discuss." Priceless.

I have found a home at The Art of Trading. I'm not going anywhere. To borrow a phrase from someone in the chat room today "I'm a lifer". I'm at peace.


Hi Stewie

Thanks a MIllion.
I have been member for 2 months.I really appreciate your honesty and the way you teach us.I have learned so many things in short time from you , can't thank u enough. i have been following your advice and trade. and I like when you say 'CASH IS KING'. its 100 % true this kind of market.

what a day today ,I have been shorting today lot of stocks i don't even know how many ticker i shorted today bcz it was that day to short, like MTG, RDN,AGM,SFI,RAS,FIG, and your alert too. i took profit little early before mkt tank. you always say take profit when you have it , thats true. and also made a killing money on your alert.

once again thanks a lot. and keep teaching.


This is what it's all about for me! This is my driving force.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but in end trading is a never ending educational journey in which we not only seek to become profitable over the long run but at the same time learn mostly about ourselves and how we deal with challenges and ways to overcome adversities.

Never forget there are much more important things in life than just money.

God bless all.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Profiting From The 2010 Crash!

Check out what ART OF TRADING members had to say after today's trades!!


I am new to your site (actually today was my first day). What a day to start with everything that happened in the market, but thanks to you I actually was able to make money! Based on your calls I made the following trades today (size was small due to my risk aversion, especially for the first day):

Short AGU @ 59.44, cover @ 58.06 for a gain (including commissions) of $274.02
Long SMN @ 37.99, out @ 38.89 for a a gain (including commissions) of $264.05


"after catching my breath!! my first day ever shorting the market, I made $925, with half positions. and thats after selling way too soon! thanks for everything Stewie!

i'm a stewie lifer


"Great trade!!!! I bought the puts! Just sold my contracts up 33%!!!


Sent from my iPhone

"Great advice! Thx for mos short! In puts with you for another 25%. you are amazing !!! Great day for me up $700.00 but being very nimble."

Sent from my iPhone

"Stewie, I heeded your warnings on the SP-500 chart you sent and did some more homework via Twitter. Not that I became more bearish but more leery of longs.

Your AGU and MOS calls were huge help. Normally, I would not use options until closer to expiration for swing trades but was confident with your bearish call. Up 11% on AGU and 6% on MOS both within 15 minutes of entering.

Kicking myself for not holding on to AGU a little longer though:)."


"Things were so hectic, I went out to get food come back the dow is down 900 or so points. Whoa!
AGU ~$200
MOS ~$500, I was gone and didn't see your alert, which was good for me.

Hey, TraderStewie--It's been a profitable day for me with your trades, at least, thank you very much!!!!

Kevin "

Kevin started today!!

"i still had a hanging order to get filled with scottrade due to a technical data delay from there side.
i am about +300 $ trading MOS and AGU . i trade small sizes :)"


"Hi Stewie: You’re doing great! ....($50K) into each of your probation trades – plus doing some of my own. But I watch closely and don’t take much loss before I bail out. The results for today: ONE: 1600 share long FAS held over night $+238. TWO: 900 share short AGU (Stewie trade $+1231). THREE: 1000 share short MOS (Stewie trade $+591). FOUR: 900 share short BGU 86 seconds trade $+3692. TOTAL IS $+5752 on 50K account. Of course the BGU is once in a lifetime nonsense.

It’s those good Stewie trades that are important. Thanks, Tom"

"Hey stewie,

Attached is my P&L for the day - see picture. Some are your trades, some are my own, but I'm up $876 today. I hope this gives you your mojo back for next week onwards. You provide a really great service that have cut down my learning time. I'm still a beginner, but wow - I've learned A LOT in this past 2-3 months. Let's slay this market together!!


Make sure to check out the ART OF TRADING investimonials!


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