Thursday, October 8, 2015

Trading INTRA DAY Falling Wedges

Hey traders!

I wanted to share a post on a "DAY TRADE" setup i look for daily; INTRA DAY Falling Wedges. Over the last few months, what i have noticed is often somewhere between 10:30AM and Noontime, stocks that fall hard and start to create intra day "WEDGE" patterns, tend to find bottoms or at least good reversals between 10:30AM and Noontime). I don't know why or how it happens, it could be Algo related. Not exactly sure why but i see often enough where i take these intra day trades when i see them setting up in the right stocks.

Here's an example of a trade we did today at the ART OF TRADING in TSLA.

For me personally, this trade was good for a quick $2,300 profit.

For good details on these trade setups: Check out my webinar with Keith Kern : HERE 

A new ART OF TRADING member who's still on his free trial tweeted me this: 

  Bought 50 @ 222.28, sold @ 224.61..there's my monthly subscription in 10 minutes. Awesome!!! "

The key is to find a solid company or ETF: Stocks i like to use for these trades include:  NFLX, AAPL, AMZN, SSO, TQQQ, FB, TSLA, GOOGL . You get the idea.

I like to enter in 2 or 3 pieces by slowly layering into the trade as the stock starts to wedge and show signs of sellers "drying up". Has to be a very sharp selloff from the open, a GAP UP that fades in an avalanche selloff that forms a WEDGE is the most ideal setup.

Hope this helps!

10/8/2015 12:06:02 PM ETTSLA Sold 1000 TSLA @ $224.763Executed
10/8/2015 11:53:07 AM ETTSLA Bought 500 TSLA @ $222.6599Executed
10/8/2015 11:49:18 AM ETTSLA Bought 170 TSLA @ $222.2464Executed
10/8/2015 11:49:18 AM ETTSLA Bought 70 TSLA @ $222.2464Executed
10/8/2015 11:49:18 AM ETTSLA Bought 90 TSLA @ $222.2464Executed
10/8/2015 11:49:18 AM ETTSLA Bought 80 TSLA @ $222.2464Executed
10/8/2015 11:49:18 AM ETTSLA Bought 90 TSLA @ $222.2464Executed

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