Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Short Setups To Watch In Case The Bears Mean Business!

Hi everyone!

Running thru my scans tonight, i am starting to see some warning signs that this recent rally might be starting to stall out. More and more short setups are starting to pile up on my lists now. I think the recent selling (we've seen last few days) and slow drift back up to close flat is doing a great job of making the bullish camp more complacent, thinking that every dip is gonna be bought. I am going to be on the lookout for more signs of selling on strength (exactly like we saw this morning where we gapped higher and faded lower). I am going to be watching a mix of long and short setups tomorrow and the next few days to see which side gains the better advantage.

Good luck!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012

ART OF TRADING Chat Room Etiquette

Art Of Trading is almost 3 years old now and it took LOTS of hard work, perseverance and dedication to build the thing that it is now. Hard work not only in terms of years of painful lessons learned along the trading journey by trying various methods and styles of trading but also hard work in terms of looking out for YOU, the trader, the person. My aim has been (and continues to be) to treat EACH one of you as people who worked VERY hard for their money.

The goal is to bring you the BEST ideas and TOP NOTCH teachings not only from me but from others traders in the room who are also hungry to learn, grow and share their journey, path, methods, tools & knowledge. I want to create a TEAMWORK spirit, a winning attitude and a united camaraderie. I can say with great confidence and pride that many walked thru the ART OF TRADING doors as 'newbies' and now 1-2 years later are more knowledgeable, confident, capable traders. It takes a lot of behind the scenes work to make this happen and create an environment which makes this process easier for everyone. I know we do have this here in the AOT chat room and i will never cease to make it a productive and efficient learning tool for everyone involved!

The chat room is a WONDERFUL place to meet traders just like yourself who are eager to share, learn and grow but as the chat room grows in size i want to MAKE SURE THAT THE CHAT ROOM STAYS CONSTRUCTIVE, HONEST, EFFICIENT, "EGO-FREE", ACTIONABLE.

We all want solid ideas and information. Remember: There are lots of other traders on there who want to learn so please make sure you CUT THE NOISE and focus on ONLY delivering "good" trading related ideas.

Avoid too much political talk.

Avoid Bickering. (Something that I must say is extremely rare in the AOT room and I thank you all for this!)

CUT down on the "noise". Share and use information that you think will help the room. In other words, please avoid "bragging", "I told you so", "chest beating". All that stuff is childish and has no room here. Leave that for the Yahoo message boards.

Give credit and Kudos where it's deserved. If some helped you make a good trade. Chances are he/she worked VERY hard to spot that good trading opportunity and researched the idea very hard so give them credit or kudos. It helps raise their confidence and makes them eager to bring you more ideas!

Keep in mind that someone less experienced might be eager to learn so share your knowledge responsibly and honestly. It's ok to take losses, we all take losses from time to time. It's human and it's natural part of the trading game. Nobody is 100% accurate.

On my mission statement on the front page of the Art Of Trading website it reads:

"I have also designed a chat room where traders from all around the world congregate daily to exchange their best ideas: Traders helping traders so we can ALL win together! I am trying to build a community of WINNING traders."

I stand firm by this statement and work very hard to make sure that my traders are strong, confident traders eager to learn, grow and see each other grow.

Share your ideas with the community with that mind.

Thanks for reading.
God bless.

Friday, January 27, 2012

ART OF TRADING Member Sends Feedback After Only 2 Weeks On Board

Hey Stewie,

I had a great day with ZNGA yesterday and a great morning with HGSI and DNDN today.

I wanted to let you know how helpful you and the community at AOT have been to me. Before I joined AOT I had been working very hard but was extremely frustrated with my unsatisfactory trading results. In the short time since being with AOT and studying Trader Stewie I have had a complete transformation as a trader. For months I have been getting scared when I see down ticks, chasing breakouts, very emotional, elevated heart rate etc.. I had no control of myself or my emotional reactions while I was trading which had never been the case in any other facets of my life.

When I found Trader Stewie, he seemed to be speaking to the exact points that were hindering me but that I was having so much trouble getting past. The mental aspect of trading, the patients and self control you must have, and the discipline to trade your rules no matter what.

I'd competed in wrestling for many years and eventually at a very high level, for my first 3 years I was not very good. During the off season off my 3rd year I put in a huge amount of hard work and I felt like I was getting alot more comfortable on the mat. A few weeks later before the start of the new season I was at a wrestling gym training and there was a wrestler there from another school who had beat me multiple times the year before, eventually going on to win the state title for that weight class. I had watched him for years rip through the local and state competition, winning tournament after tournament and eventually winning the state title. When it was our turn to partner up and go at it, I destroyed him. Every movement he made I could feel coming from a mile away, and even though I was very surprised with what was happening I instantly knew that there was no way he could win. In that moment it had "clicked" and I knew I had become good wrestler. I walked out of that gym with a supreme confidence about my physical abilities that has never left me.
I tell you that story because I feel that over the last two weeks my trading has also "clicked" in the same way it did with wrestling all those years ago. It happened while I was having my first real killer day, I had absolute discipline and for the first time ever I was truly calm in the trade and had confidence in my decisions. I have been killing it ever since and I will never stop. In a very short time I have become confident in my decisions, very selective, very patient, and the results have been incredible. As long as I trade my rules and never let myself take a big loss I can not loose. I have achieved the same confidence about my trading as I once did of my wrestling ability and I know now it will never leave me.
It feels great to wake up in the morning with a plan in place from the night before, and to know I will follow that plan and will have a great chance to make money today. This is an incredible time in my life. Looking upon it I find it remarkable how hard work and a person who you have never even seen face to face, with a will to help out his fellow man can make a change in someones life. To me there is no price you could put on the knowledge and help that has been given to me. I feel like I can't thank you enough for what you have done and just hope that one day I can help someone in the same way you and the AOT community have helped me.

Thank you,

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ART OF TRADING Member Success Story!

Wanted to share a big success story from a fellow AOT member! "DC" from the chat room had his biggest day ever today scoring a profit of $27,345 today and here's how he did it. Love to hear these kinds of success stories and just had to share.

Here is my trades today

SymbolQtyLast PriceChg $|%Mkt ValueTotal Chg $
AEM 32.50 FEB 12 C254.61+2.0111,525.00+5,025.00
AEM 35.00 FEB 12 C252.73+1.586,825.00+3,950.00
AEM 37.50 FEB 12 C1101.33+0.8914,630.00+9,790.00
CHK 23.00 FEB 12 C1000.96+0.309,600.00+3,000.00
RIMM 13.00 FEB 12 C253.35+1.158,375.00+2,875.00
RIMM 16.00 FEB 12 C401.22+0.604,880.00+2,400.00

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Review On A Breakout and Backtest Trade Setup

Trade taken this week at the ART OF TRADING.

Video explains how to spot and trade BREAKOUT AND RETEST patterns.

hope it helps!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ART OF TRADING Member Feedback!


Excellent work today. It was my first time in the chat room in over a
year. The trades in there today were unreal.

Due to a crazy work schedule and a lack of belief in the markets, I
hadn't traded much since the crash in August. Today was my first day
of trading and it was wildly successful, thanks to you and your
buddies in the chat room. So- thank you much, I appreciate it.

-Kevin H. (ART OF TRADING member for over 1 year)



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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Setups To Watch



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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 New Setups To Watch

Never Chase Big Gap Opens

I normally avoid chasing any breakout plays from my watchlists or gaps when the market gaps up big on news. I normally hate chasing gap ups in a "good market" so chasing gap ups in a "suspect market" is something i try and not do. So if there are any setups that 'triggered', i will unfortunately just have to pass on them for the time being, allow them to RE-SET UP and observe the action for a couple of hours from the sidelines. I like to look for two things:

1. Is this gap holding?


2. is this gap fading?

Most importantly, are the internals favoring the Gap's direction and are stocks on watchlists holding their gains?? This is extremely important for short term direction and in determining whether to get active or not. These are also very important in determining a market's true intentions: strength or weakness.

I always urge patience when we see big gap up and big gap downs. Allow the proper intra day setup to come to you.

Good trading!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 New Setups To Watch



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