Sunday, January 31, 2010

Charts Worth Watching

Watch these charts from a neutral perspective and ask yourself what is dominating these patterns: SUPPLY or DEMAND?

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Hey Stewie, My total loss this week with commission is $231.00 Not bad at all :) Looking forward to following your trading alerts. I really like all the reasoning behind everyone of your trades and I'm learning alot from your service.I know from 12 years of my own trading experience that it takes alot of work to do this successfully, So I'm very happy I found your service,It's nice for a change to not do all the work to get the good trades. I can definately tell you know what your doing and I plan on continuing to follow your trades exactly. Keep up the good work Looking forward to a long relationship.



Friday, January 29, 2010

US Dollar Index Broke Resistance!

Updated chart from a few days ago.

Stair Steps Up, Elevetors Down

These are the words that come to my mind right now.

The past 2 weeks, the up days have been on low volume(making them very difficult to play). The up days are sloppy and choppy in nature with lots of hesitation(random spiking intra day, no strong intra day trends).
The down days are ruthless, sharp, crisp and aggressive on bigger volume(movement with confidence). In my opinion, it's not safe to declare victory for the bulls yet. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE CANNOT RUN SOME MORE! THIS IS NOT A SELL SIGNAL EITHER. I am going to stay patient and sit patiently until i see more tradeable patterns.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Divergences Kicked In And Now We Have A Potential Bounce In Stocks

The bear flags were negated and we saw a failed attempt at a breakdown which created a short squeeze late in the session.

This is why you need to be very nimble and have an open mind in this market right now!!

Things change literally in minutes.

I didn't post these charts on my blog but i did post it on twitter today.

If you haven't done so yet: please make sure to follow me on TWITTER!!!

Look Out Below: We Got Bear Flags

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SPX Chart To Watch Going Forward

Have an open mind and be ready for anything. We are at a critical juncture and watch tests of 1080 very closely. Support is very strong at 1080.

The Need To Be Nimble As A Trader

The SPX has dropped about 5% in just a few days(clsoed at 1090 today). MArket attempted a rally today and failed miserably, HOWEVER, i am gonna be watching the SPX very closely between the 1090 and the 1080 level very closely. I think a strong bounce is brewing under the surface. the market is an incredible deceiver. It is the master at making everyone make all the wrong moves ahead of a major move. Bears got the close they wanted today but notice the day's lows were not violated!! THIS IS BULLISH as hard as it is to believe. Bulls got somewhat rattled today with this late day selloff and i am confident we got a nice mix of scared longs who sold into the close and eager shorts who pressed their bets into the close today. This combination is now making me lean into the bullish side again.
I could be dead wrong, in which case i will remain in cash and watch along.

But the bulls now have their opportunity! Let's see how they decide to play it!!

If you cannot think quickly and change your bias on a dime, then you need to start doing that if you wanna trade without bias.

The key is to be 100% neutral. You trade what you see and be open to all possibilities.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gut Feeling In Trading

Never under estimate your GUT FEELING in trading, especially in bearish trends. My gut feel now tells me that we are not gonna rally. It's to premature to enter long positions. Do not be surprised if AAPL earnings' (coming after the close today) disappoint investors. Expectations are SKY HIGH for AAPL stock.

In trading, YOU ARE ALWAYS BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. I would much rather see stocks i orignially entered as swing trades rally without me, then see them tank hard the following day with me in them!!

The psychology of it alone will hurt you.

Think DEFENSE: meaning be skeptical of all stock moves up or down, cut suspicious trades VERY quickly, GOOD trades "feel" right. Bad ones don't.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catching Falling Knives In Bearish Trends Is Very Dangerous!

One lesson i learned the hard way many years ago is that trading a 'falling knives' type of strategy in bear markets or strong bearish trends is very dangerous(especially for those of you who not use stops with discipline!!!).

This strategy is a good one in bull trends/markets as prices are quickly bought up by new buyers but what happens when the buyers are not there any more????

Well, an avalanche of lower stock prices hits the tape and the stock will collapse much further then you even imagined! If you are using stops, then you will say: "Thank god for stop losses" and you are very smart!!

However, If you failed to use a stop then you failed miserably!! Because now, you are now stuck in a whirlwind of lower prices and all the mental drama that comes with it. That's when all the mistakes you were told to never make will be made:
You will tell yourself things like:

1. "I will continue to average down to lower my cost basis."
2. "i will sell it for a small loss once it bounces a little."
3. "i will make it a longer term investment now."
4. "we are oversold and it is going to bounce soon."

This is exactly the wrong way to look at things when things are not going your way!! This is an amateurish way of trading. You will not survive for very long if you are running your trades this way. Think like a professional and what ever strategy you decide to use: USE STOPS WITH DISCIPLINE!

Attached is a chart of YGE that illustrates this very example of how in bearish trends, "oversold" becomes more "oversold" and the big bounce never comes when you want it:

good luck.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Friday, January 22, 2010

QQQQ: Potential Topping Out Situation

updated chart from a few days ago. The bears are really making their point now!! They need to be respected. I would look for strong support around that $43 area on the QQQQ. I expect bounces along the way to $43 to be short lived. Stair steps up and evelators down kind of action.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

McClellan Oscillators Reaching Extreme Oversold

We are setting up for a bounce soon. Shorts do not get complacent.

UUP Attempting A Breakout

... and from a purely technical standpoint, this is a chart that is trying to put in a bottom.

QQQQ: Potential Topping Out Situation

Posted this chart over the weekend but this scenario in my mind that already started.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch The Financial Stocks

Stewie's Half Pound Bomb Burger!!!

Tonight i made some burgers for my hungry pregnant wife and myself.

Check out the pics i took!!! Those bad boys were half a pound each and packed with HIT YOU IN THE FACE FAVOR!!!


1 pound of ground beef(15%fat).
3 slices of bacon.
Gruyere cheese sliced
dijon mustard.
lemon pepper spice mix.
lawry's seasoning salt.
some butter.
last but not least: KAIZER ROLL: most people don't realize that the best part about a burger is the burger bun!! I love Kaizer rolls. GET SOME!

In a cast iron pan: heat it on low: and throw the bacon on there for 5-8 minutes and cook both sides till golden brown and crispy. (remember: GOLDEN BROWN meat always tastes good!)
remove the bacon from the pan and put aside.

Season the ground beef with the Lawrys salt and lemon/pepper spice mix generously. Mix well and form into two burger patties.

Remember the pan is still on the heat and now it has some bacon fat on it after you removed the bacon. That bacon fat is good stuff, use it! Put a touch of butter in the pan and throw the burgers on there and seer them on medium high heart. DO NOT TOUCH THE BURGER AND PLEASE DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE BURGERS(you will dry it out) leave them alone for 3-4 minutes.
The burgers will create a beautiful golden brown crust on one this side and now flip them and do the same of the other side. let them cook for 3-4 minutes.

Now, throw the pan with the burgers in it with a preheated 400 degree oven. Let the burgers roast for 8-10 minutes.

Take the kaizer buns, slice them in half and slightly butter each side. Throw those buns in the oven butter side down. They will become golden brown, warm and crispy!! Remember the bun is the best part of the burger! Make it with love.

At the last minute of cooking for the burger in the oven: throw the bacon on top of the burger and top that off with the Gruyere cheese, close the oven door and let the cheese melt for 1 minute.

Put some dijon mustard on the burger buns and put the burgers on there and ENJOY!!!! You will be a hit at your parties and you can credit for it!!

i like to serve them with simple jalapeno favored store bought potato chips.

let me know if you try this recipe and fill me in how it turns out please!!


The burger is done!! It will be the best burger you ever had! I guarantee it!!

US Dollar Index At Resistance Again

The Range Still Lives On BUT....

We are starting to see more and more strong selling hit the tape lately. This is in my eyes signs of distribution and needs to be respected. All big corrections start in similar fashion. distribution days and they start to accumulation the distribution patterns and hot different stocks and different sectors, the weight of the market is too heavy and will eventually start to avalanche lower.

Monday, January 18, 2010


video on what triggers a buy alert for me or why i am interested in getting long a stock.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Short term we are likely to bounce as support was successfully tested on friday BUT the weekly charts on the QQQQ are showing that things might be a bit overbought. This is NOT a sell signal or reason to short but it does warrant some caution and a pullback to $43 on the QQQQ could be very possible. I view this pullback which will happen eventually as a solid buying opportunity.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art of Trading Member Cleared $750 On His Second Week!!!!!!

"Hello Stewie

I'm very happy with your alerts. My weeks performance is $750.00, which is 3% return on account balance. Keep up the good work, gonna tell all my friends "

He just paid for 15 months of ART OF TRADING service in his first 2 weeks!!



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Art Of Trading Weekly Trade Alert Performance

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Holding Period

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LONG DRWI 13.9 13.7 -1.44
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Premarket Email To Art Of Trading Subscribers

Here's what I wrote to my subscribers this morning before the open:

good morning traders!

Futures pointing to a soft open. Today is OPEX!! So PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! Trading will be more difficult than usual. I am seeing a mixed bag in premarket. I have a gut feeling today will be a very tough session t trade. MY gut instincts and seeing how the market has been having trouble moving higher: My gut instincts are telling me to be extra careful with long positions going forward. These are first early warning signs that a correction is looming.


This is one word that comes to my mind right now:
Many stocks heavily in the red, stocks not advancing after first week's earnings: news is priced in i am thinking and i can tell by the huge number of emails i get that dip buyers have been very well trained to buy every dip and expect that they will make money on every single dip. Be careful what you wish for! Easy money always scares me! We have been seeing lots of easy money lately. I am not counting out a bigger correction than many people think. We have been trained to buy every dip but for some reason this particular dip we are seeing today looks heavier and stronger than previous ones we have seen recently. The market's inability to move MUCH higher after the second week of january is a huge warning to me. Not following thru on last week's rally. I could be wrong but for me, it's time to respect the fact that BEARS do exist and they can take the market lower in a jiffy! Not the time for complacency in my book. If anything, i want to see a correction. Bears and bulls need it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Support Trader Stewie's Hard Work!!

Vote for me guys!!


Did the exact same steps i showed you in the video yesterday and PDS popped up on my scan and is setting up really well.

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Subscriber Still On Free Trial!!!

This subscriber joined less than 2 weeks ago!!

Can tell from your track record of 85 % return since april that You have what it takes to make good returns. I've been trading for 12 years and have never averaged more than a 5% annual return. Really like your service and plan on sticking with you and follow your trades exactly. Have tried at least 10 trading services and yours is the best. Thanks for all your hard work.

Shane A.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Video On How I Scan For New Setups

Hope you like this video. All feedback welcome!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Art of Trading Member Cleared Over $1,200 In One Trade!!!

A long time loyal member of the ART OF TRADING member shares his trade results in HPJ.

Awesome stuff!!

"I bought a 1000 shares on Thursday afternoon @$8.43. sold today @ $9.64. That's 14.3% or $1210. I like utilities especially ones with a chinese name in front of it!!"


This one trade paid for his subscription for the next 2 years!

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Trade review of a trade we did in the ART OF TRADING service. Bot it friday at 8.07 and sold it this morning at 8.9 for a sweet 10% pop!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stock Setups To Watch Next Week

These 4 setups look ready for more upside this week. Will watch em very closely. If you end up taking any of these trade setups let me know!

good luck!

NEW Art Of Trading Member Booked $740 In Profits!!

"Hi Stew!

You killed it on the XRA trade! Your timing was perfect. I got in at $8.18 shortly after you called it out in the chat room. I didn't want to risk swing trading the position so I sold it at $8.71! Probably gonna regret selling it but I will take the $740 gain! THANK YOU! I am very excited about working with you in 2010. Keep up the great work stew!"


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Art of Trading is not just another newsletter than blasts out some great stock picks, its a complete guide to the "Art of Trading"
Stewie is an awesome mentor, confidence builder and teacher. He works with his members, helps them focus and teaches them everything he can to succeed.
Whenever I have a question, concern or just have to rant about a bad trade I made- Stewie has been there to listen and help.
Emails with great stock entries are nice, but to me the bigger value of this service is having Stewie as my coach. That is something no other service can offer.
Stew- keep up the the great work you're doing and thank you again. Here's to a very successful and profitable 2010."

Adam L.



Thursday, January 7, 2010

How I Trade Momentum: Volume Is Your Friend!!

Check out the full post over here at the Chartly Blog:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great Art Of Trading Testimonial!!!

"In Art of trading I am finding new life/hope. In the beginning I thought that professional
trading people (a) always use mental stops only, (b) have huge (eg 100% returns) trades
every day, and rake in the money easily. I now realize that even pros use real stops (they need to), the best way to trade is slow, small, steady consistent profits, and small tiny
(lessor) losses, and don't expect a home run every time, and it is not sinful / bad to have a losing trade, in fact it is worse to delay the loss - it will only get worse, and worse until
your account is bleeding dry.

Overall I am thrilled with Art of trading, as is my wife. It is helping me unlock the keys to success and showing me good habits of trading/traders. I look forward to continuing for a long time, and making some serious money along the way.I hope to be more active on the chat board (when I have time at work).

6 out of 7 trades here that I took were profitable:
NEP, HEAT (used a call instead of stock), TSTC, RAX, CRM, HPJ
some of those I got even better entry or exit price. I did what you said
on each of them."

momo stock trader


Setups To Watch!!


Looks ready to breakout of this pattern soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NEP Chart Update: Posted This Setup 3 Weeks Ago!

incredible run! Surpassed my all expectations! Hope some of you were ballsy enough to hold it that long! Buy trigger was at $6.5

APL Chart Update: Posted As A Setup Yesterday

HPJ Stock Setup

Could be a big winner. This pattern is very bullish.

HMIN 15 Minute Charts Setting Up

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