Thursday, October 5, 2017

New ART OF TRADING Member Made $8,500 in Profits!

Hi Stewie, 

I have been following you on twitter for a while so I knew that you came highly recommended from other traders!
I decided to take the leap and joined your AOT trading service about 6 weeks ago. 
I was very excited to start with AOT and felt ready to take my trading to the next level. Looking back, I knew I made the right decision after only reading the "Getting Started with AOT" email! So much good information in that alone!  
I watched all your trading videos and read all your educational emails(which are priceless by the way!). 
I took all your trades and almost all your "AOT Top Pick" trades. I followed the trading plans you laid out for us and I'm very happy to report back to you that after only 6 weeks, I made $8500 in profits!

Making $8500 profit in 6 weeks is wonderful of course but what's more important is I'm learning a lot from you as well as making good money!
All of the $8500 profit came from AOT trades alone!
I attached the spreadsheet I use to track all my AOT trades. 

Taking the leap to become an Art Of Trading member is without question, the best decision I made in my 3 year trading career. This trading service literally pays for itself many times over!  

Thank you Stewie for everything you do for us traders! 

Feel free to share this email and spreadsheets if you like. 

Lala Taylor @LalaTaylor17  

I have been feeling a lot more confident taking my own trades lately and sharing some of them on twitter! The second spreadsheet below I use to track my own trades from my own scans, from the stuff I learned from AOT. 

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