Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Stock Pick Of 2010!!

I couldn't help myself!! I had to share one more last chart with you guys to close out 2010. Check out this chart of CCME. It is a chart i posted a couple of times in the recent past but this time it looks ready! Looks prime to make a big move soon and i bet it's higher. One can long here and put a stop at today's lows. If you take this trade, please email me or tweet me and let me know!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and i hope the ART OF TRADING blog or premium service was a successful part of your trading journey in 2010!

Make sure to make the ART OF TRADING part of your NEW YEAR's Resolution!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Setup To Watch On Wednesday

There are not a whole lot of high quality setups in this low volume crapfest BUT i did find this one and it has potential. Broke out today in the strong silver sector. Volume looks good and now i have a target of $7.60.

Good luck!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New ART OF TRADING Reviews!!!

The Art of Trading Helps You to be A Better Trader

I have been a member for 1-2 months. Instead of writing several long paragraphs, I will describe the service or Stewie in several points below to "Just Keep It Simple" as this is what Stewie always teaches hehe...

1. Helpful - When I joined the service for the first time as free trial member, I experienced the helpful attitude that Stewie has, right from the beginning.

2. Always Replies Your Email or Queries - I have not had a single email not answered by Stewie. This shows that he cares, takes seriously whatever concerns or questions you have.

3. Can Ask about Whatever Stocks - Ask Stewie about any stocks you have in mind, he will tell you his thinking or analysis on the stocks.

4. Good Lively Chat Room - You will meet good traders there and different styles of trading, Stewie will be there too. We will not walk alone, We work as a team.

5. Great Profitable Setups - You will find A+ setups, not C setups there. That's why I say "Great Setups" not "Good Setups".

6. Serious Business - Stewie trades as if your capital or money is his, this ensures that you are first in his mind.

7. Friendships - Besides meeting good traders there, you can have good new friends and talk about things other than trading, especially when the market is choppy hehe...

Best Regards,


You WILL become a better trader

I follow Stewie from The Art of Trading religiously. I joined his service several months ago, and my trading has improved DRASTICALLY in that time. He constantly provides profitable setups and his market commentary is eerily accurate. Not only have I made money off of his trade calls and chart setups, I have made a ton off of his market calls alone!

Prior to joining Stewie's service, I was in the process of digging myself a huge trading hole, achieving zero consistency in the past year. After joining and seeing how a successful trader was viewing the market, I was able to take a step back and learn to be patient and disciplined with my trading.

I can't speak highly enough of this service. I recommend you join now if you are considering it at all. You will not be disappointed.


Fabulous training & fun to be with Stewie making money

Since joining Art of Trading 10 months ago my portfolio has increased substantially even though my job allows me to be in the chat room only two days a week. I am amazed with the extremely prompt response to my questions, either in chat room or e-mails. I find Stevie and friends in chat room every day I have entered. Traders are constantly posting their trades, stops and exits. I have learned to trust members like NYC, YANI, FUINHA, SWOON, STAN, LAZIERTRADER, as well as others, as professional traders helping me make money. There are many members like myself there to learn and having fun. I highly recommend anyone interested in learning to trade stocks to give Stevies ART OF TRADING a try. The cost is very reasonable.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Good luck trading and GOD BLESS.

Dan Lenhardt
user name Dan77

Excellent Service!

I signed up for the Art of Trading service only a few weeks ago. I emailed TraderStewie with a couple of questions about his methods and gave him a little background on myself. He got back to me nearly immediately and sent me several excellent links specifically addressing my questions.

This is the type of excellent service you can expect from this site. When you are looking for a service providing stock picks, of course you would like a profitable one. His methods work, but what's more, he EXPLAINS and EDUCATES you on WHY he is taking a particular action. He is also very open to answering any questions you may have and he responds quickly. As an example, I had asked him a question about trading bear markets, and he not only explained it, but he also provided many real examples of prior trades (several from the 2008 panic) and commentary.

The fact that he has been trading full time professionally now for years also shows through because he does not chase stocks or force trades. He is patient and waits for those more profitable setups and he tells his subscribers to be careful if conditions are not ideal - THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL in periods where the market is choppy as you will avoid many fakeouts!

Novice traders will cut their learning curve immensely, and intermediate and professionals can use his service to get another excellent trader's perspective on the markets.

Of course the only way to really gauge his service is to subscribe for a month! Make some paper trades and listen to what he is saying in his emails and on his site. You will learn so much and be able to judge whether or not you would like to continue his service. Check out his site and you can then make a decision on whether or not you would like to try his service for a month.

And if you do agree with his methods but cannot afford to pay $50 and paper trade (if you are a novice) for a month, then you probably shouldn't be trading!


Excellent stock picks and great service

Stewie is a great trader, no question about it, but he's also a great guy who truly cares. His picks have been profitable, his market observations on the money and his responsiveness admirable. He is careful with his calls, does not overtrade, knows when to sit tight and wait, and when to go full steam ahead. He works hard, and is always available for questions of assistance.
The chat room has a core of very good traders with various styles, who bring up great trading ideas daily. Many of them have been with the service for a long time, but it's a welcoming community who support each other, and I've never encountered any negativity. Stewie takes an active role in the chat, gives heads up on noteworthy moves, responds to comments and answers questions, all in a pleasant and unassuming style. There's a lot to learn from Stewie and the other traders in the room.

Overall I highly recommend the service.


For all the reviews please visit INVESTIMONIALS.COM

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unhealthy Rally

Hope you all had a very happy and merry Christmas!

Now back to WORK! This weekend, i am going to ONLY show you one chart but this chart is a VERY important in my opinion as it is showing that this rally is starting to get long in the tooth and seeing hints that we might be getting close to starting a more serious correction soon. Something to watch and be very careful going forward playing on the long side in my humble opinion.

Friday, December 24, 2010

What Triggers A Buy: ART OF TRADING Setup

A Classic ART OF TRADING Trade Explained Here: A "HIGHER LOW Trade" Entry:

Enjoy and hope it helps!

Wanna Know What ART OF TRADING Is All About??

Check Out The Reviews!!

Check Out the ART OF TRADING Premium Service!!

14 Day Free Trial!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 Setups That Are Ready To Move!

I consider these high probability setups. Watch them closely. I am betting some of these will be big winners in a few days/weeks.

Good luck!

"Hi Stewie,

I traded PCX per your recommendation and used options. I had a 50% gain! Thanks for your service!

Jason R."


My man bought 3k at 10.30 liked the setup sold 1/2 at 10.73 holding other half.

Nice call!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviewing The ART OF TRADING Setups Performance

WNR: +46.7%
SM: +13%
SFI: +25%
OAS: +15%
MCP: +31.4%
IDCC: +20.4%
FWLT: +20.6%
DHX: +16.4%
DAR: +11.80%
ARBA: +20%
ACI: +20.6%
AREX: +23%

For the past few days/weeks i have been sharing my setups which i post here and on twitter for free! Let's review some of these setups and see how they did! I hope that many of you were able to enjoy some of these picks! I will continue to keep publishing these setups as i have been doing here on this blog since 2007!!

If you think the setups are great then you need to stop by the ART OF TRADING premium service!!

Start with a 14 day free trial!!


Took CX for 3.2% win

Held on to AUDC and took 4% win today

Good Calls. Thanks!


"Hi Stewie, I took both trades, both worked out great! On PCX I got in lower at $17.86, so I ended up with 4% gain.

Thanks again,


Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trade Taken At The Art Of Trading : EZPW

Got a question from a new fellow ART OF TRADING member asking what i saw in the EZPW trade to make me alert it as a long Friday afternoon: Here it is explained. Hope it makes sense!

One popular pattern i use here all the time is called A HIGHER LOW SETUP: That's when a stock that has been trending nicely with conviction. i.e.: Strong volume up days that take the stock higher cleanly and with conviction........ followed by a few days of low volume days that either move slight lower or SIDEWAYS.

Then i start to look for hints of a reversal BACK HIGHER on stronger volume indicating a strong chance that buyers are returning back into the stock, thus creating enough demand to create a HIGHER LOW and now this gives us:

A: A decent entry LOWER RISK ENTRY.

B: Gets us on board of a potential BIG winner.

C: We do not need to be too stressed out about the eventual breakout to new highs since we got in at lower prices and can potentially eliminate any trickery that often happens during breakouts caused by the breakout traders.

Hope this helps!


"Hearing your calls to avoid trading the chop is useful and has kept me from overdoing it. One of my problems is overtrading, so it helps to have a voice of reason telling me to go easy.

So, thanks for the service. I'm happy so far.



I think you're doing an excellent job. You trade your system and strengths, and wait for opportunity like a true professional trader, including sitting out when the markets are not conducive to trading. You've been very helpful and quick to respond to questions, so I think you should just keep doing things how you're doing them! And you have definitely helped me reinforce correct trading habits (like patience right now) and it is nice to get your perspective on the markets and see how it compares to my own. That has helped me learn a lot since joining your service last week!


"Hey man, I think you are doing a great job of navigating us through the ups and downs and teaching us how to react to both scenarios. Keep preaching patience and discipline because these skills are not mastered overnight.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quality Setups Starting To Emerge Again

After 4-5 days of nasty chop, some nice setups are starting to come back again. Let's see how these progress from here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Art Of Trading Success Story!!

Check out this amazing email i got this morning!!

This is awesome!

"I LOVE your service.You have helped me tremendously with my trading - you really have no idea. Following you for the last several months has turned my trading around. I am a lot more confident now and have started digging myself out of a hole. Thank you!!

I thought of something this weekend that I have been wanting to ask you... The bull flags and ascending triangle patterns are working great in this bull market, but what kinds of setups do you take when the market isn't so strong like this? (Ex: fall of 2008) Do you have other types of setups that you take, or do you just wait patiently until you see the market conditions start to strengthen again?

Thanks, again! I took MGIC and MIPS for nice profits today! I even took MCP on a smaller time frame bull flag breakout once the news broke earlier for a quick scalp because I had it on my radar from your setups. You rock! :)


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rack Of Lamb Dinner!!!

Tonight: My wife and i invited over to dinner her twin sister and her fiancee! Decided to hook em with a dinner that will leave them dreaming about for it for weeks!!

Spice rubbed rack of lamb with a roasted tomato and steamed potato butter/garlic sauce!!


1.5 lbs rack of lamb(frenched: i.e: all the fat removed and the bones are stripped of any fat).
Spice rub mix: sea salt, white pepper, black pepper, paprika, cumin, chipotle powder, honey powder, pinch of brown brown sugar, ancho chili powder, & garlic powder.

Rub the lamb with all the spices and extra virgin olive oil and let it marinate in the fridge for 3-4 hours.

Tomatoes: Cut them in half and slice some garlic gloves in small slices: Stuff the tomato with the garlic slices, sliced jalapenos and parsley. Sprinkle some sea salt and black pepper. drizzle with olive oil: Put them in a pan and throw them in a hot 400 degree oven for 45 minutes! This will rock your world! YUMMY!
Potato: Yukon gold potatoes: Steam them under low simmering water until fork tender: about one hour: peel them and put them in a bowl: Throw some good quality butter and thinly sliced garlic cloves: The hot potatoes will melt the butter to perfection!!: Throw in some parsley, diced jalapeno, white pepper and sea salt. THIS IS A LADY KILLER!!! Trust me! ;-)

Lamb: Pull the lamb out of the fridge and let it sit at room temp. for 30 minutes.

Heat up a grilling pan at MEDIUM HIGH for 5 minutes: allow the pan to get very hot. Throw the rack of lamb on there and DO NOT TOUCH IT for 5-6 minutes! Let that sucker sear really well. It will create an incredible crunchy salty, spicy crust! Good tasting meats always has a crunchy, salty crust! TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!
Flip the rack over once and throw the rack in a hot 400 degree oven and allow it to roast for 15 minutes!! Towards the end of the cooking process: Throw in a table spoon of butter in the hot pan: Baste the melted butter over and over again on top of the lamb with a spoon. This will give an incredibly delicious flavor and glowing shine only seen at top restaurants!!


Plate in a creative manner that pleases the eyes and ENJOY!!!!!!

If you are a single gentleman: try this recipe on your next HOT date! You can thank me later once she wants to marry you!!!!!!

New Setups To Watch Next Week

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