Friday, July 31, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 16

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss Holding Period

LONG orex 8.5 8.65 1.76 swing trade
LONG ntes 42.13 42.56 1.02 swing trade

lONG snda 52 51 -1.92 day trade
lONG fuqi 23.71 23.65 -0.25 swing trade

lONG micc 73.8 73.12 -0.92 swing trade

short pwrd 33.6 34.16 -1.67 day trade
LONG china 2.86 2.86 0 day trade

LONG pwrd 35.9 36.48 1.62 day trade
LONG whr 55.9 56.3 0.72 day trade
LONG stec 36.02 35 -2.83 day trade
short cyou 37.15 35.72 3.85 swing trade
short snda 48.35 48.75 -0.83 swing trade

LONG vita 6.25 6.61 5.76 day trade

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Index Chart Analysis

Let's quickly go over the index charts and see where exactly we are in this choppy mess from hell we have been going thru all this week. I have been trying my best to keep trades at a minimum and cut losing trades asap or use tight stops. Thus far, the consolidation to resolve overbought is working out exactly how the bulls would want it. I am expecting a move to happen soon, i am giving the edge to the bulls here and think we "might" see a rally attempt soon. We shall see.....

attached are 30 and 60 minute charts of various indexes i track.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protection Of Capital First, Making Money Second

That has been my motto as i learned this lesson the hard way. Making money is not nearly as enticing to me as getting my money back. When you have the discipline to cut the trades that FIGHT you early on, you will give yourself a much better shot at staying in the game and you will avoid the head games that come when you managing a trade that is not cooperating. I will always happily buy it back later, if it can prove to me that it will play ball with me. I try and not allow a stock to bully me around. Much better off to cut it loose early and step off until more "playbale" conditions come back.

QQQQ: Potential Topping Out Situation

Today's close and after carefully looking thru some index charts, i am starting to see the possibility of a topping out(short term at least) to this rally. A short term correction in terms of price and maybe time could be at hand here. See chart for more details. A more cautious approach with longs is a good idea here. And as a matter of fact, i welcome a nice deeper correction to help bring back some fear and reset many of these charts are too extended. Also, another warning sign for longs is the fact that i am not seeing too many decent long setups. Maybe MSFT and AMZN earnings did more damage to the action than we thought.....

again, i am not bearish here, i am just expecting price to retreat here to help alleviate some very overbot conditions.

see you guys tmrw!!

A Closer Look At The Indexes

The pullback thus far continues to look BULLISH in nature. In other words a pullback within an ongoing bullish trend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Two Setups To Watch

Weakening Rally

That last push higher this morning looked very weak and even tho prices retested recent highs. The MACD and RSI did not confirm the move and now setting up negative divergences which means that we COULD see prices start to weaken here. Better to sit tight and see how low they want to take before buyers re-emerge again. I am not interested in shorting right here as the trend is too strong and will likely resume sooner rather than later.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Member Did A Review Of My Trading Service

Check out what Anarco had to say about my Trading Service: Check it out!

Art Of Trading Review

Stocks To Watch Next Week

Most of my scans are generating long looking setups or stocks in breakout mode.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Aggressive Portfolio Is Up Over 64% In 15 Weeks!!!

Check out the trading performance here:

13 UP weeks with only 2 small down weeks!!

"I haven't been with your service long but I'm starting to quickly adapt from the trading funk I was in from last year. I wish I signed up earlier. I would definitely recommend this service to new and old traders. Keep up the great work Stewie!"

Much more than trading alerts: I want to teach you!


Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 15

Here's this week's trade performance. It was a pretty good week with 9 trades: 8 winners and 1 small loss.

I better call it a week while i have a bunch of winners and wanna close this awesome week on a strong positive note. It was a great week, not only for me personally but it sounds like many of you benefited from these alerts. Also, nice to see some traders turn around their losing streaks. All it takes is 1-2 decent trades and your confidence will return. Trading is all mental in the end.

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss Holding Period

LONG pwrd 33.7 34.3 1.78 day trade
LONG gmcr 64.77 66.6 2.83 day trade
LONG pwrd 34.7 34.72 0.06 day trade

short pot 90.46 93.02 2.83 day trade
LONG gmcr 65.02 66.74 2.65 swing trade

LONG sds 50.9 50.62 -0.55 day trade

lONG ogxi 26.6 28.11 5.68 swing trade
lONG mtl 10.05 10.1 0.5 swing trade

LONG cyou 40 41.35 3.38 day trade

Thursday, July 23, 2009

UUP Chart Updated

Check out what the UUP looks likes now. Looks ready to find new lows which is a positive for equities. Everything is going up today and sure feels like institutional buying at work.
Hard to argue with a heat map that looks like this:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sell Signals Surfacing

Long SDS at 50.9

SDS Update: Sold it at 50.62. Small loss as it sure looks like the bulls don't wanna let go. Would rather not fight them here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Great Testimonial From a New Subscriber!!

Check out what a member of the Art Of Trading service had to say after less than 3 weeks of membership!

"First of all, thank you Trader Stewie who’s subscription service is proving to be very valuable, both for an incredible number of successful trades he keeps churning out, and also for being a downright honest educator. Both instruments displayed below have been a result of his alerts. Following what he does is proving to be most enlightening."

You can see the entire post here:

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GMCR Setup

Pulled back on low volume. very orderly pullback and now setting up a 15 min. falling wedge.

UUP Bouncing Off Support

Short commodities here via POT Short.

Monday, July 20, 2009

UUP Bear Update

breakdown continues from that bear flag. Momentum indicates a break of lows is likely now.

CTRP Gaining Momentum For a Breakout

Feels and looks like are there tons of short squeeze plays out there lately.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Setups To Watch Next Week

Pictures Of My Lil Lady and Me

p.s. that other cute lil blonde is my lady's twin sister and fellas she is newly single!! ;-)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Testimonial

"Stewie, I really feel comfortable under your advice and the way you manage trades. As you have stated, 'take care of capital first then make money second'. I love that ... there's a sense of security from your web site and you don't come across as some 'gun-slinging' trader type, buying & selling based on a whim. Your a pro, Stewie, .... a first class act.
Thanks for all the work you do finding those trades."


I have updated the performance numbers: Included you will see a CONSERVATIVE and an AGGRESSIVE ALLOCATION. Check it out!!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 14

Here it is the official performance this week: This was another positive week. One trade contributed to most of the gains. Gave away good gains on some trades but still managed to come out with profits. 9 trades: 7 winners and 2 losers. Had many good calls(which many members played) this week but i didn't really make them official with alerts. Hoping to change that next week! Put my money where my mouth is!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss Holding Period

SHORT fcx 45.38 45.6 0.48 day trade
LONG erx 23.24 23.74 2.15 day trade
LONG stec 25.2 27.76 10.16 swing trade

LONG tza 23.97 23.54 -1.79 day trade

LONG star 25.2 25.4 0.79 swing trade
LONG vxx 66.33 66.6 0.41 swing trade
LONG tza 21.1 21.13 0.14 day trade

LONG fuqi 20.41 19.7 -3.48 swing trade
LONG ice 91.24 91.35 0.12 day trade

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Miss Switzerland!!

I grew up there and watching this video reminds me of my childhood. I miss this beautiful country with great people, football(soccer), food, wine, chocolate and of course CHEESE!

Two Setups To Watch

Bullish looking consolidations and volume patterns supporting a breakout scenario.

CrossHairsTrader Blog

Good article over at crosshair's trader blog. And not only because my blog made the list :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trading Is 99% Mental

Trading ruts are horrible. They mess with you mentally and make you 'feel' like you are a terrible trader and that there's no way out. How many of you felt like that? Show me someone who never felt that way and i'll show you a liar. no offense.
I have been trading fulltime for over 6 years now and i consider myself a 'professional trader' and i can tell you that I FEEL THAT WAY from time to time as well. Once you get these feelings of insecurity it is IMPERATIVE that you TAKE ACTION, positive action. Holding a position that isn't working longer and hoping it turns, removing the stop loss, drinking heavily is NOT positive action.
You need to seek 'help'. Seek help how? well, how about stop trading for 1-2 days and actually doing it? how about talking to someone else, another trader who knows and understands the ups and downs of trading? how about going for an intense gym workout?
Doing these things will NOT cure your problem but it is the beginning of the healing.

The more i trade the more i realize, that "over trading" is THE SINGLE BIGGEST downfall of traders. Over Trading clutters the mind after a loss. Traders do all sorts of IRRATIONAL stuff after a loss. The initial small loss snow balls and gains momentum against YOU. WHY? Simple, you allowed it to happen. Over trading ruins winning streaks and boy-o-boy does it dent holes in the account when you are managing a losing streak. Watch YOURSELF!

In trading you cannot control what the market will do and you cannot control whether a stock responds to your BUY SIGNAL or not. You cannot control unforeseen events or FED action and how the market is being manipulated(FYI: markets have always been and always will be manipulated by deeper pocketed traders). The only thing you can control is YOURSELF and how YOU will react to prices as they dance, tease, tempt, trend, reverse and chop in front of you. Your eyes and your mind will be the ultimate fate in the trade.

Here are some tips that might help which i have developed from years of trading battles:

1. Before each trade, write yourself an email and explain to yourself what you are seeing and if after 1-2 minutes of writing the email and you PRESS send, if the trade still makes sense to you, then take it. Make sure you know where the stop loss is and stick to it!

2. How about this cool tip: Try and watch the chart screen from across the room. Stand up, take 5-10 steps back and step very far away from the screen. Now, is that pattern you were looking at really a bull flag or choppy random noise? Was this stock really breaking out or was it a double top? step away from the screen and you'll "see it a little more clearly".

3. Do ONE trade per day. That's it, no more! ONLY ONE TRADE PER DAY!! That's it, ONLY ONE TRADE PER DAY!! Make this damn trade count and give this trade a personality and a character. Make it special. Does it have a good reasoning or a good story behind it. Is it a TRADE YOU WOULD BE PROUD OF???? Be 100% confident it'll work.

Remember In Trading: Less is ALWAYS More.

good luck.

Art Of Trading Service Testimonial

Check out what a member of the Art Of Trading Service had to say since joining 8 weeks ago:

"I can't believe how much I have learned from you in such a short amount of time.

Thank you!"


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FUQI Setup: Ready To Squeeze!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Awesome Pictures Of Oregon

US Dollar Index Bear Flag!

Setting up in a bearish looking flag pattern. Watch out ALL assets if this starts to breakdown!! We could see a huge rally in the markets, oil, gold as inflationary pressures are back on the table.

SPX Update

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Update

The Art Of Trading Service has been active for about 13 weeks now and has shown profits in 11 of the last 13 weeks with only 2 small losing weeks. This is a record that i am very proud of! In the 13 weeks of trading and using a VERY CONSERVATIVE allocation to each trade alert your portfolio would be up about 23% in 13 weeks!!! That's an excellent return especially given the portfolio is never fully invested and only holds positions for 1-2 days maximum.
But more than just the alerts, i strive to ensure that ALL my members achieve some sort of success from using the service. Some members are only paper trading and are 'practicing' to find their niche, some traders are working with small accounts while others are working with multi million dollar accounts, some are part time traders and some are fulltime traders. It doesn't matter about the background, most seem to be very pleased with the service i am providing and that makes me so happy and motivates me to deliver even better results!!
GO TO and check out the testimonials! Straight from my members themselves!

Starting this service is THE BEST TRADING CAREER move i have ever done and anyone who knows me for a while knows that I LOVE HELPING all traders.

If you feel like a service like this could benefit your trading bottom line or maybe give your trading a little extra boost then


Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 13

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss Holding Period

LONG tna 25.65 24.7 -3.7 day trade
LONG qld 35.85 35 -2.37 swing trade

LONG tza 25.75 26.79 4.04 day trade

LONG ice 85.72 89.21 4.07 day trade

SHORT joyg 31.11 31.6 1.58 swing trade
SHORT cat 30.31 30.63 1.06 swing trade

LONG tna 23.25 23.44 0.82 day trade

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I got a few emails today asking me how/why i chose the ICE long trade today. It was a $3.5 winner for us today.

Ok, here's the scenario: Stock was down 18 points or a whopping 28%!!! in only 2 days. So the stock was on my radar just for that reason alone and knew that a snap back would be in order. Once the indexes and ICE GAPPED HIGHER today, I kept close eye on internals and i knew that if internals were strong and i saw many BIG movers in the early going then any gap fill on the indexes and many stocks should be BOUGHT. See BIDU, OIH, ICE as perfect examples of GAP FILL trades that took place today. Internals was the KEY to this trade. If internals were poor, then this trade would have most likely failed or at least not worked as well. Internals measures the UNDER THE SURFACE temperature of the market. USE the INTERNALS well and you will add a serious edge to your trading!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OIH and ERX Updates

OIH and ERX reversed nicely on very heavy volume indicating capitulation or the start of it. MACDs are still on sell signal so it's not a solid bottom yet but definitely has BOUNCE potential from here. Keep an eye on them the rest of the week.

GS Rolloing Over

GS is my favorite stock market barometer.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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