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I will tell you straight up that many trading services don't offer a free trial and many expect you to pay a fee upfront before even joining! I just don't get why so many services do that? I mean i would personally want to get a feel for the service first before making a monetary commitment. My style might not fit the service provider's style, ambitions, or method. Why would i have to pay upfront to find out? It makes little sense to me.
At the ART OF TRADING, you'll get a 14 day free trial, no questions asked! You like it, you'll stay. You don't like it, you log in to YOUR paypal and cancel. Cannot be more straight forward or easier.


Do we have winning trades ALL the time? NO! Have we shown an ability to produce good returns over a longer stretch of time? YES! We have accurate and fully transparent results of EVERY SINGLE TRADE since the trading service started in March 2009. EVERY SINGLE TRADE has been accounted for. EVERY SINGLE ALERT is emailed to you, sent in text message to your cell phone and/or called out live in the chat room. We have periods where we under perform and periods where we hit strong trades many times over. ALL trades, performance and PnL can be seen here.


Once you sign up, I want you to ALWAYS remember this: YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE!
I urge ALL my members to email me directly, some even call me on my cell phone or contact me in the chat room directly to discuss any issues you may be having. If you are not doing well then i am not doing well and i take ALL my members' results to heart. I need to see ALL my members do well. I will stick by you thru thick or thin. I know that trading can be a very UP and DOWN business and we will ALL go thru these vicious WIN and LOSE cycles. My goal is to help you recognize and manage thru good and bad cycles in YOUR trading.


We have a chat room with numerous good traders eager and willing to help each other EVERY SINGLE DAY! We all share our trades in real time and are always looking to help each other out and we all work as a team. No egos, no useless banter, 100% SUPPORTIVE and EFFECTIVE! I am in the chat room EVERY SINGLE DAY and that's where i spend most of my day doing my absolute to best to support/help/educate my crew.


Many traders who joined and have stuck with the ART OF TRADING for a while have quickly realized that this is not just a "simple trading alerts"business. THIS IS A MENTORSHIP program! You are thrown directly into the journey of a full time trader now is coming on to 7 years. I use technical analysis as my major tool so expect LOTS OF CHARTS, CHARTS, CHARTS!! So expect YOUR technical analysis knowledge to improve dramatically while you are here! You will also see the ins and outs of trading for a living and work with a team mate to carry you thru this wild journey!

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Some Short Setups I Will Be Watching

Been working really hard to find good solid bullish setups and literally i can find almost none at this moment. In my humble opinion, this market is only buying time in this range before an eventual break of the 'FLASH CRASH" lows.

Bulls Running Out Of Time

It is becoming more and more clear to me that these indexes are buying time for now but i am starting to really get bearish again on stocks. In my humble opinion, it's only a matter of time before the "FLASH CRASH" range is broken to the downside. Under the surface the movers to the upside look timid and very sluggish. Majority of stocks i track continue to BLEED AWAY. They are not selling off hard but slowly and surely bleeding away. This is very bearish as the sellers are slowly but surely unloading WITHOUT any sign of "panic". NO panic means more selling to come and buyers will continue to be gun-shy. The enthusiasm to get long, buy dips or chase breakouts is NOT there right now. The clock is ticking away and in my opinion time if running out for the bulls. Once volume returns back into this market, i expect it to pick up to the downside.

Keep positions LIGHT!


CASH IS KING if you are not comfortable working with this tape(not many are).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Awesome Reviews From Art Of Trading Members!

Thanks For ALL These Awesome Reviews!


The testimonials speaks for itself!

Join Us For A 14 Day Trial!

Gold Stocks Setting Up

Good setups are very hard to find right now. Volume is too thin for moves to be trusted. Bears and bulls have no edge right now. I have been in cash the entire week as i patiently wait for high probability setups to start emerging once again. For now, i am seeing some interesting patterns setting up in some gold names.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing Can Replace Experience

Hi guys,

My good friend Joe Fahmy wrote this great little piece which i urge everyone to read!! "Experience" is something very few people talk about in trading. "Experience", in my humble opinion is single most important tool in a trader's arsenal! The bottom line is that trading is a "people" business and until you learn and gain knowledge thru 'experience', then trading as a whole will be a fuzzy mess to you. This is an excellent piece written by a man i have the utmost respect for.

Please enjoy.

Since I started my TV show on the StockTwits Network, I have received hundreds of emails asking me questions about trading, etc. The majority of these questions are very good and not only do I appreciate the overwhelming response to my show, but I also respect the people that are taking the time to learn about the stock market. One thing I would like to remind traders is that managing money and trading stocks is not something that one can learn in a few months, or even in a year. Only years of dedication, study, and experiences allow you to become successful.

When I worked in New York, people used to ask my old boss: "Can I stop by your office for an hour so you can teach me how to trade?" He used to respond: "That's like asking a brain surgeon, can I sit in on surgery for an hour so you can teach me how to do brain surgery!" At first, I used to think this was an absurd response. However, over the years this answer has made more and more sense to me, and I find myself responding to people the same way.

My point of this story is to stress that years of hard work, experience, laughs, tears, and broken computer monitors is what it takes just to BEGIN to have a clue about the market. Again, nothing can replace experience when it comes to stock trading.

For example, in my TV show over the weekend, I mentioned a few stocks that looked poised to move higher. When we gapped up on Monday morning, my opinion changed and I sold most of my positions. Why? Because of 7 factors that I saw in the first two hours of trading that told me there was a high probability we would close negative. What are those 7 factors? I would be happy to explain them, but each one would take too long to describe in this blog post. I did, however, tweet 3 times in the morning that I was locking in profits and that we would most likely experience a pullback.

Again, I am simply hammering the point that EXPERIENCE and 15 years of trading is what helped me make my decisions on Monday morning. This experience helped my managed accounts to finish positive on the day, when in the past; I may have finished negative on a day like Monday.

In The Battle for Investment Survival, Gerald Loeb says: "Nothing is more difficult than consistently profiting in Wall Street...Knowledge born from actual experience is the answer to why one profits; lack of it is the reason one loses. Knowledge means information and the ability to interpret it marketwise. No amount of study or practice can make one successful in the handling of capital if one is really not cut out for it."

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to stock trading, keep in mind that it takes years of hard work, losses, and disappointments before you become successful. Trading is a full time job and not just a hobby or part-time endeavor. If you don't have the time, you should consider having your money professionally managed.

I continue to welcome your questions directly via email: I will try to respond to the best of my abilities, or discuss them on my show if I feel they are too difficult to answer in a simple email. Also, feel free to email me if you are interested in our managed account products (including IRA accounts). I strongly believe that my experience and hard work is why I have been able to significantly outperform the market so far this year.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Very Strong LONG Setups Emerging

Now, i haven't said this in a long time but i am starting to see very nice bullish formations emerging again guys. It's time to focus and really see if this for real. My hunch, tells me the bulls are gonna surprise here. This recent selloff has done an amazing job of turning everyone bearish and extremely cautious about stocks. Some are even expecting stocks to "CRASH" again and i am hearing DOW 3000 predictions again. Stocks climb a wall of worry and boy-o-boy do we have a wall of worry now.

I do NOT know how long this rally will last but as of now, i am not interested in fighting it. Buying dips is gonna be the key UNTIL it stops working.

This attached watchlist if filled with bottoming formations, bullish falling wedges and falling channel patterns which i consider high probability setups.

Please note: I am nor a perma bull nor a perma bear: I just scan thru hundreds of stocks daily and nightly and i try and get a feel for chart patterns, sentiment, supply versus demand characteristics and try to gain an edge based on these findings. Sometimes i am right and sometimes i am wrong but i always remain neutral and objective and approach ALL trading sessions respecting both the powers of bulls and bears.

Best of luck guys! Hope this helps you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Does A Real Bottom Look Like?

Hi guys,

Got a question from a fellow member on what makes for a "real" market bottom. While we might be forming a bottom down here(anything is possible). Market bottoms take a long time to form but the most important character of a major market bottom is VOLUME and FOLLOW THRU.

The market needs to show an ability to rally in front of tremendous pessimism, skepticism, doubt and an almost 'depression' type state among investors/traders.

Markets needs to show an ability to rally and close on HIGHS of the day several days in proximity on good strong volume indicating institutional BUYING. Not simple short covering: Short covering is not enough: You need to see serious buying pressure where internals(advancing stocks handily beating out declining stocks) are solidly green several days in proximity. You wanna see 10-1 ratios for example: 10 stocks advancing for every 1 stock that is down on STRONG VOLUME. My personal favorite sign that we have a 'real' bottom is even after numerous strong up days, most traders/investors are still gun-shy to buy stocks thinking that stocks are going to tumble and this rally cannot be sustained. Refusal to recognize that a "real" turn has materialized. Or even better, when i see the majority of traders inclined to keep shorting even after the indexes are showing an ability to rally amidst "BAD NEWS".

In the attached chart i included the March 2009 bottom to illustrate this point.

Hope this helps.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Baby Pics!!

At 9 weeks, baby Rawan is an awesome baby but what a TROUBLE MAKER!!

Better Quality Long Setups Starting To Emerge FINALLY

These are either possible breakouts play or stocks that are broke out and can be bought on weakness as they start to lead higher. Even tho, the indexes broke out on low volume, in my scans i am seeing many stocks starting to move higher on higher volume and some in very constructive manner. This is encouraging to see but the market will take some time to start moving again but for now we need to literally take things one day at a time.

hope these setups help you in your trading!

good luck.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

AG Stocks Setting Up For Shorts

Watch these Agriculture stocks as they have been seriously under performing the market lately and are one of the lagging groups. Some of these have been shorts and still look good as short plays.

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