Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Setups To Watch In The Energy Sector


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Monday, June 18, 2012

10 New Stock Setups To Watch

10 new stocks to watch this week. Running thru my scans i am seeing many cleaner/stronger charts starting to emerge which is a good sign for the bullish case(short term at least). The 52 week HIGHS scans continues to show new leading names making new one year highs which is a good sign of positive momentum (in my book at least). What i am suggesting to ART OF TRADING members is to 'ignore' the indexes and the European news/noise as much as possible right now and focus your energy for PLAYING OUR ACTUAL SETUPS (which are emailed every night).
Go back and look back at the setups i posted last week here on this blog and you will see that many names did very well despite all the negative headlines that keep coming out of Europe etc. Key to try to tune out the noise and focus on executing properly the ABSOLUTE BEST SETUPS.

Trade em well!

ART OF TRADING Recent Member Feedback!

....your service is just what i need right now. I like your style of trading, teaching, etc. 
I started active trading in February, when market was better - and had bad results. Then Sergey and I found your service - and by the end of the month with you we got some profit! - much thanks to you. 

Today i was with you - in LNG from 14.29 - (sold 1/2 14.58 - rest 14.94), CLNE  - from 13.23 (sold 1/2 13.74), WYNN from 102.50. THANKS greatly!

I believe i'll be with AOT for a long time. Thanks for your hard work and patience.
Good luck

Hi Stew,
Thank you for the calls on LNG and CLNE. I made $520 and $480 respectively.



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Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Stock Ideas To Watch

We are still in a HIT and RUN type environment so most of my recent trade end being DAY TRADES but i am starting to some decent charts out there last few days. here are a few ideas to watch next few days. I will eyeing these are BREAKOUT plays as well BUY ON DIPS into pockets of support. Temper expectations and price targets right now. Summer time volume(super low volume) and constant breaking news out of Europe is making for a challenging tape. Here's a few rare gems i am spotting in my scans that can work their way higher.

Don't forget: When in doubt, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE!

Trade em well! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cash Is A Position : It Can Save Your Butt!

Hi Guys,
Markets have made a strong run to start 2012 and now risking to give up the entire yearly gains. As i write this, the market is getting quite OVERSOLD short term but as we have learnt by watching this market last few weeks,  OVERSOLD can STAY OVERSOLD and even get more OVERSOLD. So trying to be a hero is NOT advisable right now. 

Some are thinking add longs. Some are thinking add shorts. I am thinking, just chill for right now and waiting for the absolute BEST setups. Keep trading time frame very small. Most of trades these days end up being DAY TRADES and my swings tend to last less then 48 hours). It's hard to look out and anticipate what will happen 1-2 weeks out. We managed to get thru the month May with gains but i am a little disappointed as my short setups lists worked very well all month but i did not capitalize on them as well as i would have liked.(hindsight is a beautiful thing in the trading world BUT no one is perfect in the end and you will NEVER catch every move no matter how hard you try!)

Now comes the tough part where the indexes get into OVERSOLD territory but so many setups have got destroyed as 'panic selling' is ruining many charts. All this damage will take a long while to get it fixed. 

I say take it easy and allow this market some time to prove itself and for the dust to settle before we start to attack positions again. Once the market starts to 'ignore' bad news and moves higher on "bad news" that'll be our first cue that a short term bottom is getting close. 
I will give you advice which i used to hear all the time when i was first starting out in this trading business and it's advice at the time, i took for granted but now i see it's wisdom: LESS IS MORE. it's simple. 
NEVER EVER forget: CASH IS A POSITION. Its a wise decision and it can save your BUTT!


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