Friday, September 28, 2012

"Most Profitable Month of Trading EVER!"

ART OF TRADING Members Feedback! 

Stewie and everyone in chat: Thank you for helping to make this my most profitable month of trading EVER!

Rudy (ART OF TRADING member for over 6 months)

 Hey stew,
I am stockhead in the chat.  I had never used 'stochastic' before the video you e-mailed us.  I've had the best two weeks of my career and have been trading for five years.   
Thanks for pointing out something new!
I hope I have found a new home in your chatroom.  Thanks for everything!
Take care.
StockHead (ART OF TRADING member for one month)

Hi, Stewie....

This is my first week in your chat room and have to tell you I have thoroughly enjoyed it.... your emails and alerts are great and there's a very positive atmosphere that is not found in all rooms... Thanks for everything and I look forward to a long membership. 

Hector (New member still on 14 day FREE TRIAL) 

Hey Stewie,

I use the stewiebot and have had a $2000 plus week! Thank you for running a great service!!
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Amar (Art Of TRADNG member for 3 months)

Thanks Stewie!  Got in TWM at $28.14  . Sold whole position @ $28.77.  TYP : Take Your Profit!!  
Great call my man!!

Kevin P. (ART OF TRADING member for only 3 weeks!)

Hey Boss,

SYMC - Followed your trade alerts to the penny [in at $19.14 and out at $19.42: sold for good gains]

LEN - The most profitable trade of the week, bought on your alert @ $34.24 and held the full position, stopped out on friday afternoon @ $36.48  : sold for a $2.24 profit!

I am continously learning and feel that your service is of great value for me, many thanks for your time, effort and willingness to share.

All the best,
Gord (ART OF TRADING member for about 5 months)



Friday, September 14, 2012

ART OF TRADING Members Success Stories!

Here's Some Recent ART OF TRADING Members Feedback! 

Makes me feel tremendously proud every time i hear this sort of feedback.  I really feel so blessed to be doing this job and it's this sort of feedback from members that drives me to make the ART OF TRADING one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL Trading Services on the internet today for NEW and EXPERIENCED traders!  


Since it was my first time playing your alerts with options I decided to keep the risk small and only bought 3 contracts (about $243 of total risk if they went to nothing) 

I bought in at .81 cents when you sent the Trade Alert and sold today for $3.15!   A cool 388% gain! It was a small size but still a $680 dollar profit after my commissions were paid.

Thanks to you and Hungtrand for the great idea and help with execution. 

Also, Sold my Full Size LEN Trade Alert position at 36.30 from 34.24 for a +2.06 gain! (or +5.6%)

Today is a great day!

thanks again! 

Rudy (ART OF TRADING member for over 6months)


It was really super day in chat room, made good profits and lot of fun chatting with you and other traders.

I traded 5 stocks today:

FSLR  in  19.53 out  19.89  (500 shares) : +$180
FSLR in  20.35  out  20.83 (500 shares)  : +$240

JPM  in  38.29   (sold 1/2 at  38.68)

I really appreciate that you mentioned FSLR and JPM in chat room.  Look like all the four longs will rip tomorrow at opening....  (Yes, I am trading while on vacation)

Nathan  (ART OF TRADING member for 1 month)

Thank You Stewie     I made some good $ from your calls Stewie, $TOL. Art Of Trading is a great site! Honestly speaking, I have been so proud joining your site    !!

Nes (ART OF TRADING member for over 6 months)

Stu! My man I just sold $TSO and $LNG as well and a few others 4 some nice $$gains. Its been the most profitable summer ever 4 me! I've been killing it with your trade ideas! I'm rarely in the chat room :( b/c I've taken a lot of time off w/ my fam... And also I'm part owner in a small biz that keeps me pretty busy (but take most of your trade alerts that come via email and SMS). 

Thank you so much!

Emil A. (ART OF TRADING Member for over 6 months)

Thanks for the LEN trade Stewie, 70% gain for me! i got out of SNDK for 40% gain too

Hung T. (ART OF TRADING member for 2 months)

I made a killing on some of the stock picks from you this month which made this month my most profitable since joining. :)
Moritz (ART OF TRADING Member for 3 months)

This week is insane, I think I'm up 30% for the month.

Nils  (ART OF TRADING Member for over 1 year)



Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New ART OF TRADING Member Shares Some Feedback

Hi Stewie,

I do want to say, as a new trial customer, is how impressed I am with your communication to your customers, your reaction to this market, and your candid self-analysis.  That is exactly what I'd expect from a true professional.  I'd also expect what I've seen from you over the past week or so: the discipline and self-control to know when to step back and not trade.   I've tried plenty of sub services over the past 10 years and I know how to 'separate the wheat from the chaff'.  From what I can see, you are the wheat my friend (that's the good one, I think, haha).  I can see why many people hold you in high regard. 

If I saw you throwing out 'flyers' or gamble trades in a market such as this, or any market for that matter... whether originating from boredom, or ego, or perceived pressure from subscribers to do SOMETHING, then I'd be worried.   

I'll be going off your free trial and onto the regular paid service next week and do NOT want an extension of the trial. I've decided to add you to my other sub service that I've had for years, 'Trading Addicts', run by a great guy, Jeff Kohler...not sure if you know him.  Anyway, I'm glad to be joining, hope to contribute to the room in the future, and I look forward to working with you!  Your communication, response to this market & events since I've joined the trial have convinced me this is the right thing to do.

Good trading!





Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Energy Sector Ready To Move?

Running thru my charts tonight, the energy/oil sector is starting to show signs of firming up. Watch this group closely next few days. Would love to see a couple of more days of consolidating first before they start moving higher. 



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