Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 New Setups To Watch Next Week

Awesome Trader Who Really Wants To See His Members Succeed!

I've tried a handful of different websites and trading services and have found Stewie's to exceed all others. He is a very skilled trader that only picks the most quality set ups for his clients because he really wants to see his members succeed. He is quick to respond to any questions that you will have for him and I have personally seen him consistently respond to my emails within an hour. It is nice to know that the person you subscribe to takes an active interest in your trading and does not forget about you the moment you sign up for his service.

He's also gathered a collection of quality traders within his chat room who also provide an abundance of stock set ups and knowledge. After about a year of subscribing to Stewie's emails and learning from the other traders in his chatroom, I can definitely say that my trading has vastly improved and have the profits to back it up!

Andy (Hanbangoo)


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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Long Does It Take For A Market To Top Out?

Take the time to study this chart that goes back over 20 years. You will notice that tops take MONTHS to form folks. MONTHS! So anyone looking for an exact top will be setting himself up for extreme frustration. As a general rule of mine, i will always assume the trend is intact until it is clearly and firmly broken either upwards to downwards and that takes MONTHS to happen.

Just imagine, how many bulls and bears will get eaten up alive in the churn trying to time such events(rare events, let's face it, major tops and bottoms are rare events).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Setups To Watch

Enjoy and Happy Trades!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brand New ART OF TRADING Member Books Over $730 In One Day!!

"hi, thanks for being part of your group.

been lurking in chat room, i'm not used to textin + tradin, but hopefully i can learn + contribute something later.

included copy of todays trades. thks for DIOD + $179 and the fuinha's knife tricks LNG +$230 and CPLA +$321 (total of +$730)

your devoted student, larry"

Larry is a NEW Member still on free trial!!


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ART OF TRADING Member Booked $5,000 Last Week!!

Hey STW,

Just wanted to thank you again for continually helping me grow as a trader and always taking the time to respond to my questions.

I wanted to see how I would do trading on my own by scanning for set ups and entering positions for a 1 week period. I feel that I've found my style of trading to buy stocks breaking out to new highs or breaking trend lines and gaining momentum to make new highs and this has all developed through the priceless trading knowledge and experience that your service has provided me.

For the past week, I had positions in LULU, SINA, WYNN, BRKS, VECO, and GLUU and am looking at almost a 5k profit which gave me about +12.5% for that 1 week. I am gaining confidence as a trader and have definitely improved my sense of emotional detachment to any position, respecting stop losses, and letting winners ride as long as they act well.

I am very thankful that I found your service and for the high quality traders in your chat room such as NYCtrader that continually help me grow as a trader.



New ART OF TRADING Video: When/How To Place BUY STOP Orders?

Nate A NEW ART OF TRADING Member Wrote me this email today:

"Horrible, horrible day ... Humbled to respect the market gods!! I had stop orders set to execute on breakouts for FTK and BSQR. Both triggered on spike and fell like a frigging rock right after. I am not in a position to watch charts continuously, but can react rather quickly on your alerts. I will never again set stop orders on entry, but interested in your thoughts on how to play your watch list if you are not able to watch set-ups materialize during the day. Was thinking to set alerts on key price levels ... Appreciate your guidance.


My response:

All feedback welcome! Please let me know if these videos are helpful and i will do more of them.

Good trading!


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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patience Is Key In A Choppy Tape

These are emails sent to ART OF TRADING Members today and thought i'd share them here as well.

Be Careful Today

"Hey guys

Please be very careful with long positions today. Many stocks that opened well, are now losing their breakouts and FAST. When that happens, it's time to chill and relax. Be very careful chasing anything in a market that sees failed breakouts. Do not get complacent. If you have a gain on the day, congratulations. If you have a loss on the day, i highly recommend, you walk away and call it a day. Do not amplify a loss on an emotional roll coaster day."

Achieving Consistency In A Choppy Market

"Hey guys,

Tough tape today. Saw many good traders get chopped to pieces today. Like i said in my morning email. Please BE CAREFUL in today's tape. Many breakouts failing in a tricky/choppy tape. Very hard to achieve consistent results when there is no follow thru in the moves. For every trade that works, you'll see 1-2 two that stall out or reverse. There is no traction right now.

So what to do? Simple, you play defense and relax until the playable moves come back. There is NO secret. Only patience.

Relax and wait.... The good trades WILL come. Don't force.

Will go all cash into tomorrow.

p.s. Nice plays today in the chat room. Many scored nicely in OPK today."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Top 5 Long Setups Next Week

My long setups this weekend was unusually huge. Not sure what this means exactly but i decided to publish only my top 5 plays i will be looking at monday and tuesday. As always make sure to check the earnings dates of any stock your get involved with!

Enjoy and happy trading!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Are The New ART OF TRADING Members Saying After One Week?!

Awesome feedback from brand new ART OF TRADING members still on The 14 Day FREE TRIAL!

"thanks stewie,

just started trial sub this week. took the following of your trades..SURG -112 ;LEN +160; OCZ- +210 ;CELL +225 = +$483.


Larry (Larry paid for 10 months of service in his first week!)

I am very satisfied. I lost a lot of money in last two years and you gave me hope that I can get some money back.
You are really good! I also appreciate that you explain your strategy so I can also learn from you.
Thank you!"

"Hi Stewie:

Really like the service.

Following you for a bit and have a high level of confidence in your knowledge and trades.

Will look to renew!"

Marco (Full time trader)

Hi Stewie,

"Thanks for your followup. I've been trying out your service along with a few similar sites for the past couple of weeks and Art of Trading has been the most productive. I've been monitoring the chatroom and reviewing the morning setups each day. I've done about a dozen trades from your setups or picks from other chatroom members and all but two have been profitable. In fact yesterday I traded PANL for a 5.4% profit.

Sometimes the trading signals are a little unclear but it's been a good experience so far and I'm sure it will get easier and easier to follow what's going. Seems like a great group in your chatroom and I'm sure I'll have something to contribute once I get a little more familiar.

Thanks again."

- Lee


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Of Trading VIDEO Watchlist

First time ever! A video watchlist! Hope you enjoy this one and find it helpful!

Happy trading!

"More than just trades

I've been thinking about how to put down what I have learned from your service. I wanted to list the trades I made and the money you helped me make but that's been done. I didn't start trading to get rich (though it is a goal) but rather to learn and try to build a skill that is enduring. That is where I have been so pleasantly surprised by your service. The alerts, the watchlists, the videos (my personal fave), and the encouragement and reminders are the most valuable and worth the subscription alone. Now, I've made enough with you to pay for a few years worth of subs but I will honestly say I would have stuck with you had that not been the case just for the money you saved me with the reminders to be patient (I make trades outside your service as well). I've read many books and even bought some videos but you have helped me put into practice the skills/discipline that were just words on a page. The explanantions of the charts and setups, the trailing stops (REE!!!), the discipline to get out and not second guess, and even the recent notice of not chasing a trade cannot be overlooked. The trades and action are exciting but the nuts and bolts are what we sometimes forget about from reading. I am building a routine and learning to stay unemotional and objective and you have helped in a major way. Thank you."



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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Of Trading VIDEO: Short Position in EXXI

"Only been with Stewie for a couple of months and as a newbie trader, I know this holds little water. However - I would encourage anyone new or pro to take this guy's free trial. He is a good solid trader who has created a great chat room of all different levels of traders. I am up huge and am learning alot. What else can you ask for? Plus he is a genuine good dude. Here is a guy who will return your emails (even on a Sat) and is constantly trying to improve his service. Well worth it!!"


Excellent Trader to Follow

"I started following Stewie this year and it is probably the best move I have made in educating myself to become a better trader. Prior to joining, I used to just go for home runs, which made me great profits but also made me lose alot because I did not have good fundamentals. I was skeptical of joining his site because his percentage per winner were alot less than I was used to. In the trial though, I noticed he was winning on almost every trade and generating substantial profit by only getting into the best trade setups. There might be somedays where he might not even do a trade, but its alot better than forcing something and losing money. He is also extremely helpful and replies back to you before you almost before you even hit the send button on your question and routinely puts out useful eductational summaries or videos."



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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Long Setups To Watch

5 setups to watch this week.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Trades Taken This Week At The ART OF TRADING

Here are this week's Trades: Congrats to those that participated!

ENTG +4.34%
SGY +1.68%
HTZ +1.77%
RRR +6.07%
CY -0.22%
REE +7.41%

Here's an email i received yesterday(from a member who has been here for a little while) which i found to be very touching:


Thank you for getting me better positioned to make my living trading. I have my pensions and I can live comfortably, but as long as I stick to a set of rules I’ve gleaned from you and the traders I can live well---very well. I haven’t used any margin and work with a modest $55,000.00 account. I’ve set myself a goal to try and average $500.00 per day. I am cautious; and my comfort level trading improves with each month that passes. As grandiose as I sound, I’m lucky if I know about 2% of what you, Oscar, Stan, and NYC trader know. I was a university professor, psychiatric nurse and a civil servant for the Department of Social Services … before Parkinson’s disease and two rounds of brain surgery. You have got the “art of teaching” down pat. Teach a 16 year old to drive and he dives right in fearlessly. Teach a person who is 30 and he dwells on everything that can go wrong 10 blocks down the road. At 48 the neuro-surgeons gave me back my physical life. Even though I’m pretty quiet in the chat room most of the time, I’m taking everything in. This environment that you created is also giving me back my confidence. Thanks.

Guy White a.k.a. white1h"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trading A Short Squeeze: Video Discussing The REE Trade


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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Member Banks $2,890 in His First 3 Weeks!!

"Hey stew, i had a $1021.65 gain today on CY, HTZ, REE, and RRR! $1657.69 on the week!

$2893.21 since I started on 1/10/11. As always, ill send you my excel file at the end of the week.

Wish I kept REE, damn! Keep those picks coming! $1000+ today when the market was flat!!! Awesome!"


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awesome Week At The ART OF TRADING!!

"Hi Mate
You've been kicking arse recently.

My Account is now in profit for the first time in years. £2000 in 1 month = 12% of bank. Very nice mate. 144% annual return!!!
Hopefully the markets will continue in the same way- you are smashing them up at the moment.
All the Best"

"You have been on a complete tear on your calls over the past few weeks! What's amazing is that most of your calls continue to move and you've really picked some quality set ups. Congrats!!"

Andy K

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your communication and calls so far!...
Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to a great future with The Art of Trading!


Bought DNN at 3.45 sold half at 3.84 and second half at 3.98. (13% gain)



Got them! Booked $400 from your ENTG and SGY alerts today. Thanks!


Hi Stewie,
I love your site and chat room. I am a rookie trader. I made over $1K today mainly on DNN and ENTG.
Thanks again,

"Hello Stewie,
I'm on free trial membership since yesterday, regret I didn't enter DNN and CXZ, huge winners!!
Today I entered SGY, HTZ, RRR, WRES and ENTG. All gainers, but sold all of them. I only regret selling ENTG way too soon! (8,20, but still a win).
I'm already up 3 monthly subscriptions for your service, so keep em coming Stewie! ;-)

"Hey Stewie,

I've been playing the market since the summer now, but with a very
small amount of capital, trying to get a feel for things and learn the
ways. About a couple weeks ago I decided to put some real money to
work and see how this goes, I've followed free blogs for several
traders but the set ups you have posted have always stood out to me.
I decided with real money at play it would be fairly equitable to help
take things to another level through a subscription service. After
seeing the amazing profits you've put up during the January chopfest I
finally decided to go with this service (the 14 day free trial was
definitely another big factor, because really there's nothing to lose)
I also figured for $50/month it doesn't take a lot to make this

I saw your alert to sell about 5 mins late, but it worked out to my
benefit with SGY ripping to 24.28 ... I decided to cash out there ...
with profits of over $150 (I guess thats 3 more months of 'free'

Looking back, maybe I could have played around with a trailing stop to
help milk a bit more out of it, but I'll start fine tuning strategies
as I get a better feel.

During this time I saw a better entry point into ENTG @ 8.11 and
picked up 500 riding it all the way to 8.40 (again maybe i could have
held, but like i said i decided to go by your alerts until i have a
better feel for these setups).

All in all, $300+ profit on my first day...I can guarantee you I'll be
renewing for AT LEAST the next 6 months ;) Also really like your
attentiveness in the chat room as well you've assembled quite the crew
of knowledgeable people.

I look forward to continuing to learn the art of trading as well as
banking profit along the way

Thanks Stewie!!"

- Rahil

Does this sort of service appeal to you?!


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