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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Inspirational Words From A NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

Though, I have been with your service just for 2 months. I have been learning so much from you specially how to read tape, recognize high-probability patterns and when to get in or out of market. I think I can tell you you have been becoming instrumental in making my trading go to next level. I get so much more from your service than just trade alerts. Though I can’t tell you exactly how much I made from your alerts because my own trading is mixed with your in my account, I know it is positive number. You are one of few who is honest and true to self in this business, love you for that. Thanks a ton for that, I can’t just do it alone in isolation.


Art Of Trading Ranked Number Two!!!!

Thank you for the incredible reviews about the ART OF TRADING service!!!

Art Of Trading is now ranked 2nd best blog out of 797 blog!!!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Index Analysis

The indexes took a serious beating today. From my count, this is the second distribution day for this current rally. The selloff we saw in the last hour really was very intense and i have not seen something this strong since the Jan/feb selloff and to be honest i was VERY surprised to see it. I was factoring in a correction to start soon as you are aware from my emails this morning and yesterday but i did not think we would see selling this strong so early. The portugal and greece downgrades coupled with the GS fiasco was just too much to handle i guess. From my experience, days like today usually brings in more selling down the road. Many leading stocks dropped down hard today and commodity stocks looks very poor to me especially the Agriculture stocks like POT<>
Overall, i will continute to urge caution. I took two long trades today which tus far are holding up okay even amid the brutal selloff. Looking back, it would have been a better idea to stick to my original call of CASH IS KING. But i am a short term trader and all my trades are taken to take advantage of short term bursts in price. I am not swing trader who holds stuff for weeks.
My only regret is pulling away from my FAZ positions for small gains so quickly yesterday. I am trader who relies on my instincts a whole lot and yesterday was the first time in weeks where i got a 'feeling' we were gonna rollover soon. At any rate, we are pretty oversold on short term time frames right now so i am expecting a small bounce or sideways digestion but most likely the selling will return probably sooner rather than later.
I will continue to urge caution and I would hate to see guys get "bored" and think that because you are in mostly you cash, that you are not being productive. CASH IS A POSITION! Just like going long/short is a position: CASH IS A POSITION. No one got hurt being in cash or carrying mostly cash. Protection of capital first, make money second....ALWAYS.

Monday, April 26, 2010

How I Scan For New Setups and What Triggers A Trade

For those who are new here and want more info on how i scan for new setups and once i find the setups what triggers a buy for me. Obviously there are countless ways to scan or enter trades, but here's a little taste of one of the ways how i do it.
Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!
What Triggers A Buy For Me:
How I Scan For New Stocks:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Awesome Gains For a NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

"i am too lazy to separate your picks from the chatroom picks but together I am up $3650 for the week - and that included pir and ek LOL - thanks a million - i am soooooo happy i found my new best friend stewie!!!!


Jeannie has been with for just over a month!!

One week's gain paid her Art Of Trading subscription for 6 years!!


Friday, April 23, 2010

Amazing Testimonial From A NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

Hi Stewie,
I wish for you to post the following below as my testimonial. I am going to write more and I hope you can share it!
- - - -
Signed up around 4/2010
Like others, I am very skeptical about products/services online. Like others, I have tried things here and there to give myself a chance. Afterall, who wouldn't want to improve themselves? But like others, I eventaully find out that what I signed up for was a bogus and a complete waste of time and money. But then, I came across Stewie's blog and thought about his services.
Why? What made me sign up?
Well, to begin, I saw and liked his openess to share, and teach. His charts were basic, easy to understand and his willingness to share is genuine. My approach to trading is more mundane. I buy and sell, and don't deal w/ a lot of the fancies. As a beginner I was able to relate to this. During one posting on his blog, he shared a PDF of chart patterns. As I downloaded it, I thought deeper about the approach this guy had. I thought to myself, maybe I should sign up and try 'again'. After contemplating and reading the testimonials deeply, I decided to go for it. For $50/month I felt like it could not be any worst than the other services I've tried. I didn't sign up because I wanted to replicate his trades (although it is great), rather, I signed up hoping to get some mentorship; something I feel is the most important in learning, especially w/ trading.
After a few weeks, I felt regretful for not signing up sooner, but at the same time I feel grateful for taking the plunge. Stewie's character is evident in his work and his passion to mentor and help is there. I like how he coaches everyone about discipline. He doesn't stop at it, and that's what we all need sometimes, someone to remind you to not overtrade, or stay in cash. He also shares articles, postings and thoughts which keep you in line. Trading is a special thing. The online community are like co-workers! Trading doesn't have to be complicated. A chart doesn't need to have crayon lines, or excessive indicators. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best and that's what I like about this. But most of all, I like the interaction Stewie creates. He gives a real community and feel to it, and he'll reply to your questions !
Thanks again Stewie. I hope to chat soon w/ you folks!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Over Traders Anonymous

I have been seeing a lot of this lately from some traders. OVER TRADING.

Over trading is the single most damaging thing to an account. the commissions alone will eventually slowly eat away at capital and that's not even taking into consideration the mental and emotional drain you will go thru. Your soul goes into a dark place when you over trade and get poor results. Sometimes it made me even angry and i used to lash out at others.

It took me years to figure out that trading more ironically meant more losses, NOT more profits. The less you do, the better. I average about 2-3 trades per day normally. Any more than that and you are opening up the potential to getting emotional. It's a fact, the more you trade, the more emotional you will be get and the less rational you will be get. You will to likely scalp too much and you end up going short and long and short and long. Your head will be all over the place. Like a vegas gambler looking for one more fix.

here's an awesome tip to avoid emotional trading or over trading: Make sure every trade have a story behind it. Give each trade a personality and a reason why you are in it. Write down in a quick email to yourself on why you like this trade. By the time you are done writing the email to yourself and you are getting ready to send it out, you have might already realized that this trade was an emotional reaction and there was nothing there to begin with. So before each trade, write an a email to yourself describing what you like about this trade and i guarantee you will realize that many of your trades are just emotionally driven visuals. At the end of the day, you can look back at those emails and see what you were thinking and what you were doing right or wrong.

Or here's another great tip:

i highly recommend you do something i call: "SET IT AND FORGET IT". Yup, just like the infomercial!! :-)

Find a good setup(mine or your own) and put on the trade with smaller size than normal, set the stop and walk away completely, leave the room. come back towards the close and decide if you wanna sell it, or hold it longer. Do that for a few days and i have feeling you'll see major improvements. For starters, i am sure it will help you get your discipline back and make you RELAX. Need to learn to take a deep breadth and relax's only a trade. It's not life or death. Chill out a little and have fun. Don't be so intense and "touchy feely" with those trades.....RELAX...........

If you have any problems with this VERY important issue, please email me. OverTrading is extremely dangerous, so respect it as a dark force working against you.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Always Be Looking For A Theme

Hi guys,

Remember, the best trades and the only trades you should be focusing on are the trades that have a THEME. What do i mean?? As traders our job is always asking ourselves WHAT IS WORKING TODAY?? Take ZION for example: After the GS mess lots of traders assumed that many banks who also suffer the same fate and went heavily short in bank stocks. Once GS stabilized and started to become 'old news", i sensed a short squeeze in banking names coming(you could see in the charts!!) and i called it out in the chat room yesterday as well. I sensed that many traders got trapped in short positions and we needed to pounce on this opportunity by doing the exact opposite and went long ZION and if you looked around lots of other bank stocks were squeezing yesterday and today as well.

Look at ZION, HBAN, SUSQ, PCBC, KEY, BBX and many more. All skyrocketed yesterday and today. Trapped shorts needed to exit FAST!!!

Always, be looking for a theme and/or sector confirmation to ensure you are riding the better waves and landing on the right side of the big movers!

Great Trading Partner And Coach

"After following Stewie on his blog and on twitter, I decided to take the free trial. I knew from the first week that I would stay. Its been about a month and I am a happy camper. I've learned a lot and made plenty of money. Just today I'm up over 3K. Stewie sends realtime buy and sell alerts with stops, followed by emails with charts explaining the trades. Not every trade works of course, but the stops are tight enough to prevent large losses. I now can recognize a Stewie chart anywhere. The Art of Trading service also has a chatroom filled with smart and supportive traders. There are great picks in there as well. Stewie gives very personalized service. He is always just an email away for an questions or comments I have. I have subscribed to other newsletters and market services, but none comes close to what Stewie provides. I recommend the Art of Trading to anyone in the market, rookie or veteran.



Awesome Gains For Art Of Trading Members!!

"thanks so much Stewie - i made $1500 in zion and still have ceco with a $600 profit - you are my hero"

Jeannie M.

These two trades lasted less than 24 Hours!!!

Best Trades Work Right Away!!

In my years of trading, ONE CONSISTENT THEME i have seen over and over and over again is that THE BEST TRADES WORK RIGHT AWAY!

Literally, the trade goes on and the trade starts to work within minutes if not seconds. The longer a trade takes to work, the more likely it is to turn into a dud.

The best trades are that the ones that DO NOT question you. In your mind, this trade is a winner as demand for the issue rushes in and traders fighting each other to get in: It starts printing profits immediately!

Best trades work right away, pure and simple.

I attached the ZION and CECO charts for your learning pleasure.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Long Setups To Watch

ART OF TRADING Member Up 19.87% In Two Months!

Hi Stewie,

My performance on my trading portfolio (which is comprised of your alerts only) from Feb 10th to April 19th was 19.87%. I am currently holding LVS and SWC which are up for a decent gain.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awesome Review From A NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

This member has been with the ART OF TRADING for ONLY One Month!!!

Here's what she had to say:

Noise Free Zone

This is the perfect time to express my appreciation for The Art of Trading known on twitter as @Traderstewie.

The SEC knocked on the doors of GS Friday. Panic on Wall Street? Not in Stewie's chat room, in fact things were calm, which is the norm. Stewie along with other excellent and experienced traders expressed their opinions on what was happening and what they themselves were doing.

Stewie had already been recommending that we take profits and raise cash for a couple of days now. He didn't like how stocks were acting. For those that didn't heed his advice there were emails and the occasional Cash Is King and Cash is a Position comments.

I didn't think I'd be staying past the 2 week free trial. I'm not a day trader. I don't want to take profits after a small gain since I'd like to make more then just enough to pay for commisions! (yes there are double digit gains too)

I didn't think my style and Stewie's style would be a good fit. I've been with him a month now and so far so good. Stewie selects great stocks that are good enough to run. When Stewie calls out a stock he says long, swing, or day trade. He then emails the stock pick and where to put your stops with updates as needed. He also emails when to sell. If you're in the chat room you will know everything as it is happening. I feel it is my job to decide if I like the trade and if I think I can at the very least swing it.

Our definition of long differs but Stewie and the gang are always willing to help if it is needed. I only have to ask. Stewie is just an email away, and he doesn't just keep market hours. He answers questions, scans for the next good stock, and urges patience when it's called for.

Stewie is a teacher. Which is what I was really interested in. I save everything he's that good. I study the charts he sends. What did he like? Why the buy, sell and stop points? A nice surprise was again the chat room . In the month I've been there I've written down a page of helpful tips freely shared.

Stewie provides a noise free zone with a friendly atmosphere, but this is business since we aren't trading with Monopoly money. I think both Stewie and his chat room strike a perfect balance. It's been a raging bull market since March 2009. What happens when we correct or go sideways? That is when this service will become priceless.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trade With Discipline and Don't Get Sloppy!

Two things i will feel very strongly about:

1. never EVER add to a losing position. EVER! If it's not working, why add good money to bad? At this point, you are in damage control mode. It's another thing if you are trying to pyramid into a position. For example: You go into a trade with 1/3 size, add another 1/3 and add the final 1/3 in an attempt to build a full position in a stock you feel strongly about. I do not mind that. But adding money to a full position which is not working is a BIG NO in my book! You never want any ONE trade to ruin your entire week or month folks. DISCIPLINE!

2. NEVER ever compromise your stop loss. I know a nice ran away bull market makes everyone think that's okay to remove the stop loss or lower the stop loss to much lower levels because eventually the stock will bottom and rebound. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL guys! This is absolutely NOT what we are trying to do as traders. This is basically turning your trades into investments just because you cannot handle the pain of a small loss. It is much easier to dig yourself back form a 2-3% loss than a 10-15% loss. Hindsight is always 20-20 and most of you will say "gosh, i shoulda stuck to the original stop". Trust me, life will be much less stressful taking occasional small stop losses along the way then being stuck in "hold and hope" mode.


Friday, April 16, 2010

SSEC: Chart Request For Shawn

Hope it helps and good luck!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Observations From A Neutral Perspective

GOOG, one of the market leaders came out with earnings and is down slightly. One thing i will note is if you are a bear, then the earnings reactions so far are not going according your plans. The reactions have been positive thus far. I honestly feel like every pullback you see from here on the indexes needs to be bought. There is an appetite for stocks right now. There could millions of reasons why i think but i honestly feel like many money managers have missed this one completely! They missed the rally completely and need to play catch up. Many are even shorting or have been shorting the whole way up. Ask legendary hedge find manager Doug Kass if what i am saying above is true or not.

There is a NEED to own stocks. Jobs are on the line, reputations are on the line. Whether the economy is improving or not is not my place to say, but all i can tell is what i see in stock price ACTION and that is this is a bull market and in bull markets stocks go up and pullbacks are bought. I have ZERO interest in shorting right now. bears markets last an average of less than 18 months and bull markets last at least 4-5 years. This rally started exactly one year ago and i still more haters and skeptics of the rally then i was seeing last year!

Rallies climb a wall of worry. I stay we need to stay long and continue buying dips.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome Review From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!

Perfect Mentor

I have been trading on and off for the past five years without success. I made lots of money then lost it. Two years ago I started joining various subscription based blogs without any luck. The equity and option trading services I joined would tell you what to buy but not the rationale behind the purchase. I was in search of knowledge on how I can spot the perfect trade or anticipate the right trade setup. The service would never tell you when would be a good time to sell. When you asked questions you never received replies or never explained in details.

Last summer I came across The Impatient Trader blog. I was amazed with the information provided on the blog and decided to try it out for the two free week period thinking I would cancel before the free period would expire. Staying with The Art of Trading has been the best investment I have made.

Great Mentor

Trader Stewie sends the trade alert via email and SMS phone alerts. These alerts provide the purchase price, stop price, as well the reasoning of the trade. The next alert will be the charts with details as to type of TA pattern and the target price. All this information has helped me to improve my skills. Based on this knowledge, I made a purchased last week; NFLX on a bull flag pattern. As of today I am up $ 6.50/share. Trader Stewie is a great teacher and a friend; always available to answer any questions day or night.

Trader Stewie always tells you what he is thinking. You may want to short but be prepared to receive an email telling you “not to short a dull market”. Risk Management is very important to Trader Stewie and he emphasizes this with all his members in the chat room and email.

I could go on and on about the amazing service of The Art of Trading but my advice is for you to try it and you will be amazed with the information, the trading alerts, the knowledge and most importantly the Lamb Chop recipe.

Trade Alert Taken Today At The ART OF TRADING: Holy Grail Pattern

Hi guys,

Today we made a trade in CECO. LaserTrader in the chat room brought the stock to my attention. I quickly pulled up the symbol and took me one second to realize that CECO was a stock i had to get into and you guys into as well!

First of all, as some of you know that i love to get into trades that are heavily shorted. I love to piggy back long trades while shorts cover their shorts in a mad panic. That's how you get these big fast, dramatic rallies in some stocks. CECO has about a 12% short interest meaning 12% of shares outstanding are held traders expecting the stock to DROP! When/if it rallies, CECO shorts will have to cover or suffer big losses FAST! Opportunity knocks folks! Think LONG.

Any way, i attached charts explaining the step by step process. First chart is the setup that caught my attention on the daily charts initially, the second chart is of the 5 minute chart and that's where i pinpointed my entry using a HOLY GRAIL setup. The third chart shows how CECO looked like at the close and after the breakout. Buying before breakouts has been really working for us lately. Focus on that for now!

REIT Stocks Breaking Out!

Over the weekend i highlighted to watch these REIT closely and to watch these 3 stocks in particular. Here are the updated charts. Hope some of you grabbed some?!!

Know WHEN To Trade!

Today i was having a discussion with Art Of Trading members and i wrote this email:

Fast and spiking breakouts, followed by quick and fast reversals on failed breakouts, ALL ON LOW VOLUME to boot. Last time i tried to play this action, i lost money. TRADING SHOULD BE EASY. NOT HARD. I am not trying to be a hero. I want to put on trades that are easy to understand and easy to see. The best trades are the easy ones. The ones that shoot up 5-15% from entry and in many cases continue to run hard are the ones that work right away and the ones that easy to put on. Your gut/instincts will not fight you or make you hesitant. Your technicals say GO! your market analysis says GO! and your gut says GO! All this creating a high probability trade.

Right now, is NOT the time to be aggressive. I know we all wanna make some money in the stock market BUT you need to think like a true professional. A Pro knows that not every day will be a day to trade. The guys who will suffer are the guys who are the action junkies: If i am not a trade then i am not doing something right. I need to try a different system, i need to try a different pattern, i need to trade: FALSE, FALSE, FALSE. Professional traders know when there is an edge and when there is NO EDGE.


Here's what some have responded:

"Hi Stew

I think the best lessons I have learnt from you, and one of your best
attributes is your ability to manage timing.

Every day is different, and you have to play what you see. If there is
nothing to play, sit on your hands.

That is something i always found hard to do until I began to learn from

Thanks a lot

All the Best.


"Great mail, thanks! There are 100s of people in forums, chats and on Stocktwits that tell you what to trade but very few know when NOT to trade!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review From An Art Of Trading Member!!

"I have traded stocks for several years although I still work full time. Tried other services and they were ok for longer term investing. with trader stewie he brings many years of experience and to me he is like another pair of eyes that sees things i don't see. my trading is much more profitable with him on my side. every morning i am excited what trades are on and most importantly he teaches me lots ........ today less is more, choppy action, HONOR ALL STOPS. i look forward to many profitable yrs. trading with art of trading!! THANKS AND GOD BLESS


Many more testimonials here!!

Make sure to follow me on twitter!

95.2% Return In 51 Weeks Of Live Real Time Trading Alerts!!!!

Check out the full trading performance here:

39 winning weeks with only 12 small down weeks!!

Much more than simple trading alerts: I TEACH YOU!!

"Hi Stewie, it has been only a half market day :) since i joined ... and i like your work !! .. i am having a full time job ( time is limited) and was really interested to start building knowledge on trading, and it does look i did the right decision by joining
Art Of Trading."



The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!


Keep An Eye On Those REIT Stocks

Those CRE Stocks are some of the most hated stocks on wall street yet they keep climbing. I am starting to see hints that anotehr round of short squeezing might be setting up this week. Ones to watch for sure.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!

Trade with a real and passionate trader!

I have known Stewie for a few years now through his blog ( even before his started the Art of Trading service. He is a real trader who is really passionate about what he is doing and more importantly who is willing to share his knowledge. I have subscribed to his Art of Trading service since day one, and I am still learning on a daily basis from him. Here is what I like about the service:

Stewie works tirelessly for his subscribers. He starts off the trading day with premarket review before market opens. Besides issuing trade alerts, he shares chart set ups and his read of the market throughout the day. After the market closes (evenings and even weekends), he scans and shares for chart patterns to get ready for the coming trading day. His dedication pays off hugely for his subscribers.

Stewie issues real time trade alerts via email or sms. These alerts are issued based on market conditions AT THE MOMENT. The alerts provide exact entry price and appropriate stop price. All stops are honored always. Stewie also provides a chart showing the chart set up that triggers each alert.

In trading, we have good trades and bad trades. Trading alongside Stewie provides a rare glimpse into how a professional trader handles the unavoidable up and down of emotions with trading. I learned how to handle my emotions not from books that I read, but from seeing how Stewie does it in real time.

I feel fortunate to have someone like Stewie next to me during the trading hours. My subscription to the service is the best investment that I made last year!

For More Testimonials: Click Here

This is more than just simple trade alerts!



Friday, April 9, 2010

Trading Blow Off Tops: Trade Alert Taken Today

Hi guys,

Some people asked me why i thought AGM was a short and why i took the trade. Here it goes:

AGM setup is best described as a BLOW OFF TOP trade.

A blow off top: See exact definition here:

See attached chart for details.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Market Musings

I personally think that the bulls are still in charge here. I think shorting is still too premature. The rally these past few weeks has been orchestrated brilliantly by the bulls. Why do i say that? because sector rotation and leadership is being shifted in and out continously. Every few days a different sector or sectors takes the leadership role while other sectors retrace and as a result the market keeps climbing the wall of worry.
On every slight dip, market place participants freeze expecting a major selloff to start only to reverse back up. Sucking bears in and shaking out weak bulls and shifting higher leaving everyone frustrated who is thinking too much. Forget fundamentals right now, let the charts lead the way and you might actually enjoy this rally!

Good trading.

Make sure to follow me on twitter!!

WYNN: Huge Winner!

Posted this chart setup a few days ago and now looks like a huge winner. Hope some of you took this one!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Example Of Trades Taken This Week At The ART OF TRADING

Hi guys,

Unlike 'normal' rallies that we have seen in the past, this particular rally has been a little more difficult to play for many traders especially the traditional breakout players. WHY? Because i see many stocks breakout, fail, breakout fail, breakout fail, then once most traders get frustrated and give up, then the real breakout happens and runs without them.

But the way i have opted to adapt my trading to this type of environment is to spot breakout candidates but rather than buy the breakouts: I SIT SIMPLY BUY AHEAD OF BREAKOUTS and SELL INTO STRENGTH and unload shares to the breakout players.

This is what has been working for me lately. I miss the really big moves but i get a nice steady stream of winning trades without all the head games and drama of dealing with potential failed breakouts.

The key is being able to spot which ones are going to breakout ahead of the crowd!

Stocks I'll Be Watching

Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Of Trading Member Up 9.5% in 2 Weeks!!

Hi Stewie,
Great day today! It was amazing how everyone of your alerts started working almost immediately. If you weren't in the trade within 2mins of your alert, you had missed the boat. That is the hallmark of a great pick.

So far, I am up 9.5% over last 2 weeks from the alerts, not counting the open trades from today...Very excited to see what the rest of the week brings us and how the open trades pan out.


Awesome Testimonial From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!


Ever since I started to follow you in twitter, I was fascinated about your style of trading. I took one of your alerts in FUQI, and I made the equivalent for 2 years of subscription to your service. I took the best trade decision by subscribing to your service about 6 or 7 months ago. I finally found someone who is precise, and responsible. You are not pushy in your trades, and always let us know in advance what you are thinking. And one more thing. The chat room is the best place to be. So many ideas in one place.

Thank you so much for helping me be a better trader.


VECO and WYNN Update: Breaking Out Nicely Today!

Posted this stock to you guys over the weekend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awesome Review From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!

I started following Stewie's blog, ( around February of 2009, a few months before Stewie launched this service. As a proprietary trader at an investment bank, I was always fully saturated with ideas in the market, following numerous blogs where traders posted their trades and other users would also contribute ideas. By the time Stewie launched his alerts service, I had seen more than enough successful trades, backed up with detailed charts and explanations, to know that Stewie was not only going to be able to produce winning stock picks, but that I could learn a lot from. In my past I was more of an investor or medium term trader, but as the markets fell and volatility rose, I found that there was much money to be made in these markets if you are following the right discipline and strategies. In the past year I have grown so much as a trader, had discipline reinforced through his critical eye and rules that never get bent. Stewie does not trade on whims with loosely place rules, stops etc... Position sizing is constant, stops losses are methodical, entries are well thought out, and his support is in real time since he, along with dozens of other seasoned traders, are always available throughout the trading day in chat room, or email if you prefer.
To reinforce the point, I would think of Art of Trading as a MENTORSHIP service, as much as it is a TRADING ALERTS service. And for the price you are paying, you would be foolish not to enlist his services. I am sure that there are more than a handful of subscribers who agree with me that Stewie could be charging literally TEN or more times the subscription fee and it would be worth the serious traders money, but what sets him apart from a simple stock picker is how he goes OUT OF HIS WAY to explain explain and explain again reasoning and disciplines necessary to be a successful trader on your own. After 15 or 16 months I consider Stewie a friend, a mentor, and of course, A DAMN GOOD TRADER!!!
Plus, every once in a while, you will get a kickass recipe for a tasty burger, lamb chops, or whatever Stewie decides to grill up after a soccer game. I can tell from thousands of miles away, that he is a well grounded and well rounded person and encourages his followers to be the same way. A healthy lifestyle will help you to trade un-emotionally.
In summary, if you are looking for killer trades with a SERIOUS no-BS record, mentorship, real time chat with other traders of varying styles and experience...Look no further!

For More Testimonials: Click Here

This is more than just simple trade alerts!


Building confidence in YOUR trading is what ART OF TRADING is all about!!


Use The Micro Time Frames To Uncover Hidden Patterns: Gives You An Edge!

Here is the updated 60 minute chart of the SPX and THIS IS THE CHART THAT GOT ME VERY BULLISH a few weeks back and why we started attacking with aggressive long positions these past few weeks. So if you made some money the past few weeks trading along side me; SAY THANKS TO THIS CHART! :-) This is a chart that i posted on this blog and on twitter numerous times. ART OF TRADING subscribers know this chart very well as it was our guide thru out this entire 2 month rally.

When it comes to analyzing the indexes: I ALWAYS use the micro time frames: I always use 15, 30 and 60 minutes to help uncover hidden patterns or support/resistance are not easily visible by the daily or weekly time frames. Add another weapon to your arsenal: Start plotting that micro time frames!

Take a look at the chart: it still looks bullish to me. I think 1200 on the SPX is what is being targeted.

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