Sunday, February 28, 2010

Higher Low Scenario

Art Of Trading Member Cleared $862 Last Week!!!

Hey Stewie, I had another awesome week with your trading alerts, Here's how I played all of your alerts:

Bought 584 shares of CLS>Monday@ $10.70
Sold 584 shares of CLS>Thursday@ $10.12 = 5.42% LOSS>$356.75
Bought 534 share of APL>Monday@ $11.71
Sold 534 shares of APL > Monday@ $12.08 =3.15% GAIN>$178.87
Bought 345 shares of FUQI>Monday@ $18.11
Sold 345 shares of FUQI >Tuesday@ $17.39 =4.00% LOSS>$268.00
Bought 319 Shares of RAX>Tuesday@ $19.60
Sold 319 shares of RAX>Wednesday@ $20.09 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 173 share of CTRP>Wednesday@ $36.25
Sold 173 shares of CTRP> Friday@ $37.16 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 686 shares of TZA>Wednesday@ $9.11
Sold 686 shares of TZA> Thursday@ $9.57 =5.00% GAIN>$294.50
Bought 197 shares of ATLS>Wednesday@ $31.70
Sold 197 shares of ATLS> Friday@ $32.50 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 659 shares of TZA>Thursday@ $9.48
Sold 659 shares of TZA> Friday@ $9.11 =4.00% LOSS>$268.00
Bought 291 shares of CAGC>Thursday@ $21.50
Sold 291 shares of CAGC> Thursday@$23.12 =7.53% GAIN>$452.62
Bought 336 shares of TSTC>Thursday@ $18.60
Sold 336 shares of TSTC> Thursday@ $19.07 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 375 shares of FUQI>Thursday@ $16.70
Sold 375 shares of FUQI> Thursday@ $17.12 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 163 shares of NTES>Thursday@ $38.35
Sold 163 shares of NTES> Friday@ $39.31 =2.50% GAIN>$138.25
Bought 795 shares of LPX>Thursday@ $7.86 Trade Open
Bought 468 shares of APWR>Friday@ $13.35 Trade Open
Bought 313 shares of TSTC> Friday@ $19.95 Trade Open
Bought 305 shares of RINO> Friday@ $20.50 Trade Open
Short 465 shares of APL> Friday@ $13.43 Trade Open

As you can see I have made $862.74 Profit for the week which is a 3.50% Gain To my trading account, So I am very happy. I have a goal to add 1.50% weekly Gain to hit my goal of making 100% Return for the Year. Because of your great Alerts I am now ahead of my goal, which is great. I am learning so much from your great Service, Please keep the great picks coming.

Thanks a lot.

Shane A.

90.69% Return In 46 Weeks Of Live Real Time Trading!!!!

Portfolio Hit A NEW All Time High!!

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35 winning weeks with only 11 small down weeks!!

Much more than simple trading alerts: I TEACH YOU!!

"Jumped in TSTC about an hour after you.. Same price.. Will hold overnight.
Thx again man!
Best day of the year for me so far

Adam G.

The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!


Friday, February 26, 2010

$1,969 PROFIT On A $12,000 Account In 3 Weeks!!!

"Thanks for a great month stewie. Up $1969.28 from my free trial start on Feb 2nd - that's on my allocated 'trading' capital of $12,000! Love your service - you made numerous great calls this month. Keep up the good work!

Stan H."

Stan H. Has Been An Art Of Trading Member For Less Than 3 Weeks!!

Stan just got out of free trial last week!!!!!

JOIN US FOR A FREE TRIAL!!! You Could Be Next!!

CLNE Chart Setup Update

A few days ago i pointed out that CLNE looks like a high probability trade. Looks to be starting it's up leg. Any one jump in it?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Higher Low Scenario Slowly But Surely Playing Out

Updated chart scenarios from a few days ago. These patterns need a little more time to complete. I personally would like to see more downside testing but it might not happen. Stay nimble and have an open mind traders: ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

Trades Taken Today In The Art Of Trading

Had some killer picks today! Cam into today long positions which were profitable yesterday BUT got stopped out with reasonable losses today BUT thankfully, CAGC and TSTC setup for me on a silver platter and i had to jump on the opportunities! Nothing better than a nice short squeeze in a couple of highly shorted names to turn your day around.

Using RSI To Trade Strong Trends In Stocks

I love using the RSI. I think it's a very under rated indicator. See this chart for how RSI can be used by swing traders to get on board a strong trend on orderly pullbacks to test the 20 day Moving Averages after RSI tags 70. Once RSI tags 70, this indicates extreme strength and hence high demand for a particular stock. So controlled or orderly pullbacks to the 20 day moving averages are likely to be reversal zones.

Happy trading!!

Longs Setups To Watch

I would be highly interested in buying any of these 3 stocks on any weakness now.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Subscriber!!!!!

"You are on fire, bro!
RAX was beautiful... oddly, I had bought a couple of days back and never sold it but added more after your alert. Sitting on a nice $500 profit from just that one trade.



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Market Analysis And Possible Scenario

One problem i have with this most recent rally is the noticeable weakness in the BIG GUNS: stocks like GOOG, AMZN, AAPL. I also notice that i am seeing a trend of higher than average selling volume days and weaker than average buying volume days. This to me is a concern BUT not a deal breaker for the bulls.

However, if this pattern continues over the next few days, then I will need to readjust the BUYING THE DIP mentality and adopt a more defensive approach. Cannot make any conclusions yet, it's way too early. My best guess is that the Feb 5th lows will hold and we are starting a possible retest of these feb 5th lows or create a higher low in a few days/weeks and that COULD setup a HUGE buying opportunity. Personally, i would love to see some more selling hit the tape and bring in some fear into the market.

Art Of Trading Member Books $3800 In Febuary!!!

"Sold TSTC at 22.06.
Also wanted to let you know that i made $3,800 profit from feb 1 until feb 23. Thanks!"

Reza P.

Reza's profit this month pays for his Art Of Trading membership for the next 7 years!!!

It's emails like that from my members that drives me to be better everyday!!!!

This is why i do this and work so hard!!

Join us for a 14 day free trial and check it out for yourself!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

89.54% Return in 45 Weeks Of Real Time Trading Alerts!!!

Portfolio Hit A NEW All Time High!!

Check out the full trading performance here:

34 winning weeks with only 11 small down weeks!!

Much more than simple trading alerts: I TEACH YOU!!

The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!

"It's nice also to follow your trades exactly as I do. I have learned a lot from you stewie and can see my trades are definitely getting better. You have taught me to keep my emotions out of trading. Thanks a lot.


"Stew, I admired your conviction in this week's trades even when the trades went against us at first you kept us in them and sold them later for good gains! It really builds confidence to work with a professional trader like yourself. Has made a big difference in my bottom line. Keep up the great work bro!

P. B."


Market Analysis and Setups For Next Week

Solid setups are not too abundant but i think that's a good thing. There is still lots of doubt out there! Stocks need time to setup after the beating they experienced these past few weeks. also i still see lots of doubt about this current rally which is also a good thing in my humble opinion. Seeing lots of people either looking for a pullback so they can get long or many traders very eager to get short but not many are willing to get on board right here and now. I think, the best way to play it right now it is to get long and stay long until that stops working. Controversial, i know, but that's what has been working. Technical analysis alone is NOT enough. Need to use A LOT MORE sentiment analysis in this current environment!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Art Of Trading Performance This Week

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

LONG CAVM 22.94 23.7 3.31
swing trade
LONG DNDN 31.41 31.8 1.24
swing trade
LONG SDS 36.25 36 -0.69
swing trade
LONG GLL 9.75 9.71 -0.41
swing trade
LONG CAAS 17.3 18 4.05
swing trade
SHORT ATPG 17.9 18 -0.56
swing trade
LONG ABX 38.8 39.38 1.49
swing trade
LONG VMW 48.15 48.5 0.73
swing trade

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've Seen This Before

The market action coupled with trader sentiment is reminding me of almost exact similar action i saw in early sept 2009, early oct 2009, early nov 2009 and late december in 2009. BUY DIPS is the best strategy in my opinion. The more you think, the less it will make sense.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

High Probability Setup

Here is a setup i deem to have a high chance of moving higher from here and could be good swing trade candidate. This pattern is extremely bullish in my eyes and i think could see new highs in the days to come. Keep track of this one.

My Road Map For The SPY

QQQQ Gapping Up Into Resistance

But here are two possible scenarios. I think that this market is starting to put in a bottom of some sort. So there will be lots of hesitation at resistance. BAck and forth churning below the 1100 on the SPX and that $44 area on the QQQQ. Don't forget, bottom take a while to form. The market will fail numerous times and a retest of recent lows needs to be expected but my mentality now is to buy on dips.

Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Better To be Lucky Than Good!!!

A new ART OF TRADING member who is just out of free trail nails a sweet trade in TRA!! TRA was a trade alert we did last week to buy it at $33.44, I closed the trade for a small gain but some ART OF TRADING members held on to it and decided to give it a bit more time! TRA gets bought today for $41 a share!!

TRA is now $8 a share higher!! Not too bad for a new member just out of free trial!!

"Still holding it! Wow, $41.1/share .. I'm a happy clam!! :)

Definitely decided to subscribe, it pays itself off. As I said last week, you offer a great service here. Thx for your work buddy."

Stan H.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Subscriber!!!!

Thanks Stewie for another Great Pick & teaching me to take gains Quickly! Wanted to see what you thought about CSIQ which I sold yesterday towards the Close for a nice +2.45%
Should I buy it again or just leave it alone, I'm So happy I didn't let yesterday's gain turn into today's loss so far, I would have never been able to do that in the past, I would have held it overnight hoping for more gains the next day only to see that gain disappear. I am Learning the skills I need to success Thanks stewie for your great service. I have been trading forever, just never been very successful, But with your Help I can see my trades going a lot better than they ever would have without your help & great alerts.



Thursday, February 11, 2010

If The Market Can Stabilze: I Will Be Watching These Setups

The market needs to prove to me that it can handle bad news. If dips keep getting bought up as bad news keeps hitting the tape, that will be a cue to me that the balance of power is shifting back into the bulls camp. In this current market environment, you need to be nimble and you need to be able and have the skill to change your bias very quickly in order to protect your account. No time for hope and wishes. You need trade without bias or emotions or do not trade at all, sit out and watch from the sidelines, nothing wrong with that!

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Member!!

10 trades today,only closed 3 positions, holding 7 positions overnight, risky I know, but I have tight stops on all of them.
sold@15.35 +1.85%
cover@19.44 +4.42%
cover@16.86 +5.00%
You like I can send you an update tomorrow on what happens with the rest of the positions. I really appreciate your Service, I've always had trouble in the past with setting stop losses, But now it's not a problem. I finally realize taking a loss is as important as taking a profits.Looking forward to a long relationship as you have helped me to realize what it takes to be successful in trading stocks as I have been doing better after becoming a member. Thanks alot stewie.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Shorts Setting Up

There is really no other way to put it: We look set to breakdown again. Everywhere i look, i see weak bounces and stocks getting ready to roll over. I think we are headed even lower than i had originally thought. After today's action , i am sure you see why i was so skeptical of that friday reversal. Also make sure to keep track of the other short setups i emailed you earlier. Do not be scared of this market guys. Bearish trends offer some very nice trades! Have an open mind.

Trading In A Choppy Tape

Hi guys,

The market is very choppy obviously but we made a decent day trade non the less and here's how we played it.

First of of all: What does CHOPPY action look like: It's usually low volume up and down price action, usually in tight range action, no follow thru on breakouts, no follow thru on breakdowns. Prices float up and down like ocean waves and essentially go no where.

Here's how we played the chop using UYM. Rather than buying UYM on a breakout which is something i usually do, today we opted to enter on weakness and sold it where we usually would have Bought it. In choppy waters, you almost need to do the exact opposite of what you think you should do.

We bought UYM at 27.35 and sold once it broke to HIGH OF DAY at 27.85.

Almost a 2% gain in 45 minutes.

Not bad for a monday morning trade.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Awesome Testimonial From An Art Of Trading Member Who Started Two Weeks Ago!!

Thanks stewie.. it definitely helps. You seriously offer a great service at a great value here. While I may not be able to keep up w/ most of your day trades, I'll definitely keep an eye on the swings.

Have a great weekend!

Stan. H.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Art Of Trading Member Shares Her PnL!!!

Hey Stewie

I attached pic with trades of this week. There are trades with your alerts in the first table and my own trades in the second table.

As you can see I have open shorts in CYD and ZION. Currently CYD is +4.2% and ZION +2%.
My portfolio is bigger by 1.85% (including commisions and trading taxes) compared to last Friday's.


She cleared some awesome gains in a very volatile week for stocks thanks to the Art Of Trading ideas!!


Weak, Lmip Reversals Everywhere

Friday's late reversal was impressive but i do not think we are out of the woods yet. I am seeing tons of limp looking reversals. A small bounce to relieve oversold is possible but i still think the bears have the edge here and might try to grind out some more. As 'ugly' as the selloff feels, we still have seen not the raw panic based type of selling that stuns and silences everyone.

88.39% Return In 43 Weeks Of Real Time Trading Alerts!!

Portfolio Near All Time High!! Avoided the market selloff by moving to cash 3 weeks ago and taking on some short positions!!

Check out the full trading performance here:

32 winning weeks with only 11 small down weeks!!

Much more than trading simple alerts: I WANT TO TEACH YOU!!

The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!

Hey I liked the video, and the chat room is awesome.

Things are good right now. I am back to ONLY trading your alerts. I am in the process of updating my trading rules now....

Before I would be losing like 2k in a 5k account before coming to grips with myself. Anyway, I like all your advice, such as honor stops, don’t look back, etc. and I am confident I am beginning to get this.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for always sending me an email back.



Friday, February 5, 2010

Art Of Trading Performance This Week

This week was extremely challenging and very volatile!! So i am very happy that with a little discipline to quickly sell what was not working and book gains on profitable positions without giving back any gains. The alerts managed an up week in a week where the indexes got killed again. I am a little disappointed in that if i followed my gut with confidence, this not only could have been an up week but an amazing week to be honest.
Regardless, I want to build on this and i am going to stick to what has been working.

In the end, any time you make money in a down week in the market is a GOOD WEEK!


LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

LONG DRV 14.9 14.45 -1.5
swing trade
LONG BUCY 53.3 54 1.31
day trade
LONG MAC 32.35 32.4 0.15
day trade
LONG MMR 16.86 16.81 -0.3
day trade
LONG MNTA 15.1 14.97 -0.86
day trade
LONG TZA 10.88 11.04 0.75
swing trade
LONG SMN 9.58 9.77 0.99
swing trade
SHORT CLNE 16.36 16 2.2
day trade

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cockroach Theory

The market is starting to tip it's hand now in my humble opinion and i think now is when things will get very interesting.
The selling pressure you are seeing today and the location of the selloff and well as the general psychology of traders(an feeling of disbelief) is making me think of the "cockroach theory."
Where is one, there are many lurking in the background and ready to spill out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Possible SPX Scenario

This is a short term pattern projection and i think that a test of 1120 on the SPX is not out of the question. Thus far the rally off the lows has been weak and not very interesting for my taste. The bulls need to start showing more enthusiasm on up days. I wanna see more volume and more broad based movement higher.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is why i raise stops in profitable stocks ALL THE TIME! Look at MAC(A trade we entered today), we entered on a breakout, and rode the stock higher, RAISED STOP TO slightly above breakeven and obeyed the stop! You stop out and the closed is closed, NO IFs ANDs or BUTs! Trade closed, story closed, NO EMOTIONS. This is a choppy rally and we are lucky to have entered a decent trade to begin with. I would not push your luck today with too many trades. Wait, till tomorrow and you will get better trading plays.

IMPORTANT LESSON : Never ever let a winning trade turn into a loser. EVER! If you followed me exactly with MAC, then congrats, you did great! You could exited early and made some money but if you obeyed the exact rules, then you traded with discipline and in the long run, this will bring you good results!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Charts To Watch This Week

Good long setups are lacking but one or good days and i am sure many more will start popping up. The market is very oversold so a corrective period of higher prices needs to be expected here. But if the market continues to drift higher without finding too much enthusiam then these rally attmpts will turn into bear flag patterns and likely roll over some more in a few days.

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