Thursday, December 31, 2009


Thank you for being a part of this blog and Art Of Trading believers!

I hope that 2010 brings all of you the best thing in life:


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

QQQQ Bull Flags Printing

60 minute charts pointing to higher prices.

Long Setups Update

Moving very nicely. Hope some of you grabbed some!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

NEP Chart Update

Now becoming the huge monster winner i suspected it could be! Patience was a virtue with this one for sure! Up 40% since the buy trigger!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Awesome Testimonial From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!

"Same to you bro! Your service has been very helpful in getting me to look at charts with a more discerning eye. As I mentioned when we first started, I'm more of a longer term, swing trader type of trader and have been picking and choosing your setups for positions for myself and clients. Really started getting positive results starting in July of this year, when I came to the realization that the market rally would continue to go up despite my opinions on the actions taken by the Fed/Treasury/Congress etc.

Have had long positions in RAX, HW, TTM, FMCN, TNA, QTM and HE. New holdings in PAET, QTM, AAI, XTXE, HEAT.

Thanks for your help in putting together a more positive 6 months for my psyche, my clients and my self-confidence.

Mahalo to you and Merry Christmas!




Make It Your New Year's Resolution!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Keep Your Eye On This Stock: It Might Explode

Don't Get Complacent!

The SPX might fail again here at the top of the range again.

SPX Range Finally Breaks

for me the close is the most important.

This breakout looks very weak to me and as of now, i will NOT trust it. The under the surface action does not support a reliable or sustainable move for the bulls.

Monday, December 21, 2009

87.5% Return In 36 Weeks Of Real Time Trading Alerts!! New High For The Portfolio!!

Check out the full trading performance here:

29 winning weeks with only 7 small down weeks!!

Much more than trading alerts: I TEACH YOU!!

The performance and testimonials speaks for itself!

"Your trades and the chatroom are great and I have learned a lot from this service. It was during the past few months that I finally 'turned the corner' in my trading, many thanks to your emails and great advice, and from learning from others in the chatroom.

So thanks for the great service."



Make It Your New Year's Resolution!


slowly but surely FUQI keeps deteriorating.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

11th Most Influential Conversationalists On Stocktwits!!!


I am so humbled and honored!! Thank you so much!! I came in number 11!! Awesome!

Check it out:

The Stocktwits 50

Stocktwits has one of the most vibrant communities in the Twitter ecosystem. To celebrate this, Klout has calculated a special Stocktwits Klout score to identify and reward the individuals most responsible for great conversations about stocks. The Stocktwits Klout score does not take into account the performance of stock trades people tweet about. The Stocktwits Klout score is based on the conversations people are having about the stock market. When you tweet about a stock or use the "$$" signifier for Stocktwits, Klout analyzes the tweet and any links shared with our semantic technology. We then track who replies or retweets you when talk about the stock market and how influential that person is. We normalize this data across all Stocktwits users and then our system generates a 1-100 score (higher being better) to represent your Stocktwits Klout. Each user will also have a standard Klout score which represent their influence across Twitter on all topics.

The Stocktwits Klout score is based on a rolling 30 day time period and will be calculated weekly. By registering for Klout with your Twitter account (using Oauth so we do not store your Twitter password) we are able to process your account more often and ensure that your score is accurate.

HowardLindzon is not included in the calculations of the most influential StockTwits community members.

Solid Trade Setups

Index Charts Setting Up For More Upside

The next 2 weeks have historically been very bullish time for the markets. I will focus mostly on bullish setups for now.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Art Of Trading Performance This Week

Here are this week's trades: Remember ALL swing trades ARE HALF THE SIZE OF DAY TRADES. DAY TRADES are full positions. That's how i do it, you do whatever you are comfortable with.

Strangely, we only made one day trade and the rest were all swing trades. Usually it's the opposite.

We only did 8 alerts!! 5 wins, 2 losses and 1 breakeven.

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss
Holding Period

LONG NEP 6.79 7.13 2.5
swing trade
LONG HEAT 15.45 15.76 1.01
swing trade
LONG TSTC 16.82 17.4 1.73
swing trade
LONG STLD 18.33 18.08 -0.68
swing trade
LONG DTG 21.85 21.85 0
swing trade
LONG TSL 52.7 51.9 -1.52
day trade
LONG RAX 21.92 22.38 1.05
swing trade
LONG HEAT 15.8 15.95 0.47
swing trade

Thursday, December 17, 2009

SPX Back In The Range!

This pattern has been haunting the SPX for weeks now. THis pattern which ever way it breaks will lead to a big move one way or the other. I am watching this pattern very closely every day.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Break Outs!

Many indexes and some sectors are starting breakout moves. Needs to be monitored very closely as we approach xmas and year end which is historically a very bullish time of the year. Also it seems like many traders are expecting january 2010 to be a bad month and kick start a bigger correction. All this action is making think that we might be setting the stage for even further rally. Whenever key sectors like the SOX index and the TRANSPORTATION indxes break out, it's best to pay attention and not ignore these kinds of developments.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Bullish Patterns Emerging

everywhere i look now, i am starting to see numerous bullish patterns starting to emerge! This is very interesting as the bears had many chances to bring this market down but all that they were able to do was a long sideways choppy correction. Now, as a matter of fact i am starting to see very bullish action which makes me think that 2010 could start off with a bang for the bulls and maybe not the selloff that many (including myself) were expecting.

Now This Is One AWESOME Testimonial From An ART OF TRADING Member Still On Free Trial!!!

"Greetings Stew,
I must say based on my 8 year experience trading futures and learning technical analysis and being in other rooms and gone thru a few "guru/room calls" this room/calling service you have is the real deal. I find you're approach very workable to my tolerance and my style. I know how to trade stocks on a technical stand point but would like to improv and learn my scanning abilities and how to narrow them out from the list. I feel very strongly after my observation that the charts you provide and emails will assist me next year. This being said, I wanted to let you know that i am leaving tomorrow for a Christmass break with my family (5yr old,8yr old and very supportive wife of 10 yrs) and will be gone for a month traveling to another country. Over the weekend i decided after seeing the value you added in the room and thru emails that i will not stop my subscription even though i wont be around for a month.
To a prosperous new year.




NEP chart Update

This stock is turning into a huge winner now.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

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