Monday, December 28, 2009

NEP Chart Update

Now becoming the huge monster winner i suspected it could be! Patience was a virtue with this one for sure! Up 40% since the buy trigger!!


positiontrader said...

Do you think its at the end of the move now and will perhaps do down and fill the gap at 8?? Thanks!

Stewie said...

hi PT,
i would avoid the temptation to short this stock right here. momentum is strong and it might pause for 1-2 days but can run some more. If you insist on shorting it, i'd much rather see you wait for a exhaustion candle similar to the one in june 15th.

positiontrader said...

Oh I am long. Have sold most of my position on the way up and am thinking of closing the position now and getting back in around 8....if it goes there. Never gonna short this one with all the green volume bars in

Thanks for your inputs!

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