Sunday, December 20, 2009

Index Charts Setting Up For More Upside

The next 2 weeks have historically been very bullish time for the markets. I will focus mostly on bullish setups for now.


positiontrader said...

Some nice charts there.....Thanks!

Check out MOT too. Also NEP should run once it crosses 7.

Good Luck tomorrow!

Stewie said...

Hi P.t.

MOT looks like it can run to 9.5. also NEP looks still bullish to me, just needs a few more days.

seeer said...

In my eyes BKX, XBD and XLF (and GS) has broken out of the triangle/wedge, but the volume was low yesterday and there are some problems.
IMO the wedge/triangle is the most unreliable pattern. And all of them are below the downtrending 50SMA and that's the real deal, the resistance.

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