Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting Homework Assignment

Trading over the years i could not help but notice how once a stock gains enough momentum and starts to accelerate higher this momentum will tend to extend itself and keep a stock in motion(most of the time longer than many of us think!!)
Here's what i noticed: Often times once a stock hits $90 for the first time, then chances are high it will hit $100 shortly after. For you guys who can back test this theory please do a back test run and experiment with it and see if this theory works. I have a hunch you will be impressed with the results but only a back test will ensure accuracy in these findings.

Make that your homework assignment!

Please leave a comment and share your thoughts and/or findings!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Awesome Review From An Art Of Trading Member!

"Good chart setups and money-making trade alerts

This is one of the few stock pick services I have found that actually makes profits for subscribers. Good chat room and good chart analysis, too."


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Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Long Setups To Watch

Some very nice long setups emerging this week.

Enjoy and good luck!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Art Of Trading Member Shares His Awesome Day!!

Hi Stewie

Your watch list on the weekend was great and I liked WLL best. Bought it first thing when market opened at 92.61. Never looked at it until someone mentioned it in the chartroom.

Trade Date
Sep 17, 2010
Apple Sept 24 Call 280
Sep 20 2010
Sep 20 2010
Sep 20 2010
Sep 20 2010
VMW Call October 90
Sep 20 2010
Apple October Call 280




ART OF TRADING Member Had Her "Best Trading Day" Ever!!


I am trading for one year now and this is my best trading day! On friday I used my margin for the first time. I bought longs and added one more long today.
Here are gains I booked:
SPG +1.75%
TEX +2.45%
MMR +5%
AFG breakeven

Still open positions:
ATSG +5.5%
JASO +1%
FOE 1% (trying to breakout)
VMW +0,3%

Stewie, thanks for SPG and MMR. But very very big THANKS for showing how to read charts and how to control the loss.

best regards"

Art Of Trading Member Banks $1100 On One Trade!!

"Hey Stewie,

Still holding RES from your setups list earlier in the month. Trying not to get too emotional here but i am +$1100 on the trade. Do i sell here? I am not very chart savvy by any means but it sure looks good for more? Thoughts please.

Thanks for the trades, learning a ton from you and really enjoying the service!"

Arianna V.

This one trade alone pays for the ART OF TRADING membership for 22 months!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Is This Market REALLY Trying To Tell Us?

From where i am sitting right now, it's much better to assume that this market is in AN UPTREND that was confirmed with that HIGHER LOW that was printed in late August. The overall pattern that is taking shape on the SPX thru out 2010 has a look and feel of a consolidation within a bullish trend. Sentiment continues to be poor and this rally that started in March 2009 has by been the 'most hated' rally i have ever seen. All this bodes well for the bullish from a longer term perspective. As you guys know by now, i am a short term trader so long projections is not something i do very often but the more i step out the 'shoes' of a short term trader and look around at what is really going on and SHUTTING OUT THE NOISE you hear on CNBC, bearish blogs and twitter and truly and honestly look at things around you will notice that things are not all that bad out there. Sure, we will see some corrections and pullbacks but you gotta hand it to and give respect to a market that refuses to give in to all the "negativity". This in itself is a very bullish sign from a long term perspective.

Think about it this way: If you were short a stock, now the stock refuses to drop and instead teases like it's going drop only to reverse back up and continues to defy: what is that stock telling you? For me, it tells me, that is getting ready to move UP, not down.

Put it this way, 2 weeks ago "The Hindenburg Omen"(an very rare market event that precedes a market crash) was the talk of the town yet this market continues to ramp up. Prior to that Hindenburg Omen, people were looking at that "DEATH CROSS" pattern which once again, the market has managed to shrug off. The indexes are flat year to date: Think about it is that really bearish? Yes, they are down from their 2010 highs but is that really a bad thing? One really strong advance the indexes could notch up a decent 2010 performance come December 31st.

Ask yourself in all honesty: A market that behaves like this, that continues to defy all this negativity/ doom and gloom projections that is thrown at it: what is this market trying to tell us??

Monday, September 13, 2010

This Member Is Still On Free Trial!!

Your chatroom has a lot of experienced traders and they are pretty outspoken with new stocks setting up, strategies etc.
The reason I had a good day today is
1. recognized profits on TTM from this morning's rally at $23
2. You saved me from the Cree short (not sure if you recall, but i asked about cree short in the chatroom and you quickly responded with your opinion against it). The stock is up 2.71% today.
3. Scalped longs and recognized profits in NTAP and ALR (I think these two stocks were mentioned in the chatroom).
Most importantly, the chatroom and your emails have made me more risk averse. I learned how to look for setups that provide the best risk/reward.
I am really thankful for the personal attention you provide to your subscribers. I feel more confident going into a position now knowing that If i have doubts, I have someone to go to for expert advice.
This is a great service!!

Mansi (Pixelm)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is It Bullish Setups You Wanted?!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MCP Short Setup To Watch

This stock made a huge parabolic run higher and now looks like it could be topping out around these levels. Worth watching or adding to your list of short setups.

Art Of Trading Nails a Sweet Trade!

Posted this ROVI setup 2 days ago for ART OF TRADING subscribers:

"Hi Stewie

based on your charts on Tuesday I bought ROVI @ 43.75 just sold for $45.20. gain $1.45.I agree with your earlier email tough to be patience but takes time to develop the skills.



Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Place To Go To Learn The Right Way To Trade

The place to go to learn the right way to trade

The Art of Trading is unlike any service or chat room I have subscribed to and I can say I have participated in them all over many many years. First off, Traderstewie is one of the most honest, straight shooter and caring person I have met in the trading universe. There is no ego, no hidden agenda not pumping of unsubstatiated gains. Everything is transparent and he is there to help you be successful.

The primary focus of The Art of Trading is education while helping you make money. The site has quite a bit of information and educational resources to help you become a better trader. Stewie supports every trade offered with a chart and a reason why he took it. Then he teaches you (and holds your hand) how to manage the trade and your stops once you are in the trade.

Even outside of managing the trades, he continually provides ongoing discussion and emails covering topics from market direction to trading psychology. He has a chat room with a number of good traders that provide a stream of ideas all day long.

It doesn't get much better than this...Have fun, learn and make money!

I highly recommend The Art Of Trading for anyone looking to build their skills, make money and become a true professional trader.


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22 Rules Of Trading From Dennis Gartman

Here are Dennis Gartman's 22 rules of trading. I don't think one can be successful in the markets just by following all of the rules listed below. Nevertheless, most of the rules are sensible.

1. Never, under any circumstance add to a losing position.... ever! Nothing more need be said; to do otherwise will eventually and absolutely lead to ruin!

2. Trade like a mercenary guerrilla. We must fight on the winning side and be willing to change sides readily when one side has gained the upper hand.

3. Capital comes in two varieties: Mental and that which is in your pocket or account. Of the two types of capital, the mental is the more important and expensive of the two. Holding to losing positions costs measurable sums of actual capital, but it costs immeasurable sums of mental capital.

4. The objective is not to buy low and sell high, but to buy high and to sell higher. We can never know what price is "low." Nor can we know what price is "high." Always remember that sugar once fell from $1.25/lb to 2 cent/lb and seemed "cheap" many times along the way.

5. In bull markets we can only be long or neutral, and in bear markets we can only be short or neutral. That may seem self-evident; it is not, and it is a lesson learned too late by far too many.

6. "Markets can remain illogical longer than you or I can remain solvent," according to our good friend, Dr. A. Gary Shilling. Illogic often reigns and markets are enormously inefficient despite what the academics believe.

7. Sell markets that show the greatest weakness, and buy those that show the greatest strength. Metaphorically, when bearish, throw your rocks into the wettest paper sack, for they break most readily. In bull markets, we need to ride upon the strongest winds... they shall carry us higher than shall lesser ones.

8. Try to trade the first day of a gap, for gaps usually indicate violent new action. We have come to respect "gaps" in our nearly thirty years of watching markets; when they happen (especially in stocks) they are usually very important.

9. Trading runs in cycles: some good; most bad. Trade large and aggressively when trading well; trade small and modestly when trading poorly. In "good times," even errors are profitable; in "bad times" even the most well researched trades go awry. This is the nature of trading; accept it.

10. To trade successfully, think like a fundamentalist; trade like a technician. It is imperative that we understand the fundamentals driving a trade, but also that we understand the market's technicals. When we do, then, and only then, can we or should we, trade.

11. Respect "outside reversals" after extended bull or bear runs. Reversal days on the charts signal the final exhaustion of the bullish or bearish forces that drove the market previously. Respect them, and respect even more "weekly" and "monthly," reversals.

12. Keep your technical systems simple. Complicated systems breed confusion; simplicity breeds elegance.

13. Respect and embrace the very normal 50-62% retracements that take prices back to major trends. If a trade is missed, wait patiently for the market to retrace. Far more often than not, retracements happen... just as we are about to give up hope that they shall not.

14. An understanding of mass psychology is often more important than an understanding of economics. Markets are driven by human beings making human errors and also making super-human insights.

15. Establish initial positions on strength in bull markets and on weakness in bear markets. The first "addition" should also be added on strength as the market shows the trend to be working. Henceforth, subsequent additions are to be added on retracements.

16. Bear markets are more violent than are bull markets and so also are their retracements.

17. Be patient with winning trades; be enormously impatient with losing trades. Remember it is quite possible to make large sums trading/investing if we are "right" only 30% of the time, as long as our losses are small and our profits are large.

18. The market is the sum total of the wisdom ... and the ignorance...of all of those who deal in it; and we dare not argue with the market's wisdom. If we learn nothing more than this we've learned much indeed.

19. Do more of that which is working and less of that which is not: If a market is strong, buy more; if a market is weak, sell more. New highs are to be bought; new lows sold.

20. The hard trade is the right trade: If it is easy to sell, don't; and if it is easy to buy, don't. Do the trade that is hard to do and that which the crowd finds objectionable. Peter Steidelmeyer taught us this twenty five years ago and it holds truer now than then.

21. There is never one cockroach! This is the "winning" new rule submitted by our friend, Tom Powell.

22. All rules are meant to be broken: The trick is knowing when... and how infrequently this rule may be invoked!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Long Setups To Watch

Keep an eye on these stocks as they are likely setting up for some upside soon.

Art Of Trading Member Banks A 19% Gain From One Trade!!


Thank you for these setups...I took the ISLN trade few days back, small position and sat on it. Added to it yesterday morning. I cashed out at about a 19% return. You made my day today!

Now, the real question... I got out of ISLN at 21.75 but wondering if I might have gotten out too early. What do you think? does it still have room to run?"


Long Setups Updated

Here are the update long setups posted a few days ago here. Hope some of you played these.

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