Monday, July 2, 2018

Art Of Trading Member's Inspirational Story!

Hey fellow traders and readers! 

A few days ago,  i received this email from an Art Of Trading member who's been on board for about 5 months! 

This story was so powerful, so incredibly moving, so inspirational, that I just had to share it!


"My dear Stewie,

I just want you to know that as of today, I am officially “green” in all three accounts YTD (one trading account & 2 IRAs)! All 3 suffered horrendous losses over the past few years, including a company that went bankrupt & I lost 100% of my $250,000 long-term IRA investment. But that’s truly nothing, compared to the annual losses I racked up in all 3 accounts for the last 5 years while ALL off my closest loved ones (3 family and my 3 closest friends) passed away. Seriously! From January 2014 thru last December, it’s been pretty unbelievable that everyone who I had roots with--who actually know who I am--are all gone. I should have gone on a long vacation, but instead, I tried to trade my way thru it every day, by myself, and absolutely every trade I made became a loser. In a few years I lost everything--my loved ones, my financial security, my ability to dig my way out of a deep hole, and my confidence as a person and as a trader. ALL GONE! I was pretty much at my darkest place after the holidays when I wrote to you to inquire about your special AoT holiday offer...just out of curiosity.

Without my ever telling you my situation, you reached out and showed me with your generous AoT gift that you cared and you believed in me. I don’t know why you did! But I am thoroughly convinced that you were inspired by an angel to help me when and how I needed it the most. At first, all of the AoT trades I took got stopped out & somehow I missed getting into those that ended up being really big gainers. It also took me a while to understand your process, your trading tempo & pace, and that I needed to buy more than 100 shares at a time if I wanted to make any money! It really wasn’t until the end of May when I realized that you and the amazing AoT camaraderie had become quite medicinal and healing for my grieving soul. In addition to learning far more than I ever expected, I started joking around again, laughing again, feeling a part of something again and yesssssss! making money again!!!!! I am trying to take the kindness & encouragement you’ve given to me and pass it on to others. To pay it forward. You are truly one of a kind, Mr. Stewie! You are an old soul with a generous spirit, yet you have a youthful energy and a zest for life that is truly motivating and inspiring! Plus, you are so much fun to trade with every day. I adore your Pop Quizzes!

I owe you so much for your encouragement, teachings, trading skills, experience, time, patience and the genuine caring you have given to me. I fear I will never be able to repay you. How do I put a price tag on helping me to let go of my regret? Helping me to get grounded & disciplined & more self confident? These are PRICELESS GIFTS you have given to me. No words are big enough for me to describe how grateful I am to you…How full of loving gratitude I am…Overflowing, really.

I pray that you and your young family are all blessed with love, peace, good health and long lives. And I thank you for being a blessing to me.

Shannon V.” 

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