Monday, January 31, 2011

New Setups To Watch This Week

"Hi stewie,

I was gonna write you about it earlier, than thought should wait 1 more week. But I have traded last 2 weeks properly with your service.
I am up $1500 in 2 weeks. Was up 2k on thursday close. I am trading 15k on a single trade so plan to keep very tight losses going forward. I think majority winners come from trades that start to work soon after entry. Planning to see/use the option of trailing stop loss.

I must say your service is good and I like your safety first and trading only A setups strategy best. I think your defense is probably what sets you apart. I hate doing too many trades myself.

Hope to fine-tune my trading this week even better to maximize winnings and minimizing losses.

Keep up the good work man!"


For all the reviews:

CXZ Falling Wedge

This setup was emailed to ART OF TRADING members this morning. Check out the FALLING WEDGE pattern and see if you can spot this pattern in other stocks!

"Great setups Stewie! Keep up the great work!!"



These images speak volumes. Look at the look in their faces! They want change and they WILL GET IT!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brand New ART OF TRADING Member Success Story!!


I have been trading under your guidance for exactly 2 weeks and 4 days and this has been my best move in terms of help with regards to trading in the stock market. Today alone I am up BIG TIME thanks to you and your great chatroom that is filled with talented and experienced traders who are willing to help me with any question I ask.

My trades today are:
  • EXEL - bought 8.09 sold at 8.60 (thanks to a talented trader(nyctrader) in the chatroom :)
  • IO - bought 8.65 sold at 9.20 (swing trade)
  • TTMI - bought 16.31 still holding (swing trade)
  • UEC - bought 5.78 sold at 5.65 (bad personal trade on my part :(
  • AEN - 1.60 still holding
  • TUES - bought 4.86 still holding (swing trade)
The above marks my most successful day trading stocks and this was mostly before lunch time :) plus had huge winners. Learning alot from you and I am getting used to winning and its all thanks to you. Looking forward to even better days.

Thanks a million


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review By A Brand New ART OF TRADING Member!!

Excellent Trader to Follow

"I started following Stewie this year and it is probably the best move I have made in educating myself to become a better trader. Prior to joining, I used to just go for home runs, which made me great profits but also made me lose alot because I did not have good fundamentals. I was skeptical of joining his site because his percentage per winner were a lot less than I was used to. In the trial though, I noticed he was winning on almost every trade and generating substantial profit by only getting into the best trade setups. There might be some days where he might not even do a trade, but its a lot better than forcing something and losing money. He is also extremely helpful and replies back to you before you almost before you even hit the send button on your question and routinely puts out useful eductational summaries or videos."

Review by: KeanuSRN

Why Choose The ART OF TRADING Premium Service?!

"You WILL become a better trader

I follow Stewie from The Art of Trading religiously. I joined his service several months ago, and my trading has improved DRASTICALLY in that time. He constantly provides profitable setups and his market commentary is eerily accurate. Not only have I made money off of his trade calls and chart setups, I have made a ton off of his market calls alone!

Prior to joining Stewie's service, I was in the process of digging myself a huge trading hole, achieving zero consistency in the past year. After joining and seeing how a successful trader was viewing the market, I was able to take a step back and learn to be patient and disciplined with my trading.

I can't speak highly enough of this service. I recommend you join now if you are considering it at all. You will not be disappointed."

(member for several months)

Review from an ART OF TRADING member

My trades are hard to figure out as they get fractured into partial buys and sells, but these profit numbers would be close ..

stocktwits stewie trades
puda +$50
imax +$400
born +$400

1st day on sub stewie trades
axti - +$300
ipxl +$45
mgic +$65
lpsn +$50

Needless to say, I'm pleased with the results!

Jim (Member for one day!!)

Hey Stewie,

Here are my trades in Excel for my FIRST week using your picks. I am very pleased thus far. And I am in LPSN and AXTI going into next week. I will give it one more week with 1000 share trades, then if all is well will bump it up to 1500, then 2000 shares per trade.



(Member for 6 days)


Hi Stewie,

I also had a very good week, and I am still on free trial (having started on January 5th)!




Jan W
(Member for 2 weeks)

You killed it this week!!! Glad I was along for the ride!!!


(member for 1.5 years!)

"Great stock picks and Excellent Personal Service

I am new to the Art Of Trading's premium site but I have been watching trader stewie through twitter and have taken some of his stock picks from there. I gave the art of trading a try because I had tried several other sites that just did not suit my style of trading and I had read great things about this service. In my first trade, I made enough to pay for several months of the subscription. Before I had even taken the trade, stewie was emailing me to see if I had taken it and once I did, he kept in touch just to see how I was doing with it. I realize that this is not something that he can do with every single trade or every single person but when I have a question, I email him and within minutes I have a response.

I highly recommend giving the art of trading an opportunity. I believe that this will be a great investment for you financially but also in terms of personal growth. You will learn why trades are made and how they find the stocks that he is trading. I don't recommend just taking each trade without knowing what you are doing as this will not help you. You need to take the time to learn why trades are made and this service will help you with that.

The personal attention is what I like most about this service. I highly recommend giving stewie the opportunity to prove what he can do for you. I think that you will be satisfied with the results. "

(Member for 2 months)

Review from an ART OF TRADING member

Hi Stew:
Again, was at work and very busy, but this time managed to take three trades - IMAX, STEC, and BORN. Even with delays on my part in getting to a computer and slippage etc, still managed to net close to +2% average on each of these trades!!

I follow your 10% equity rule, am not greedy, and I TRADE WITH CONFIDENCE!


(member for one month)

"Excellent Service!

I signed up for the Art of Trading service only a few weeks ago. I emailed TraderStewie with a couple of questions about his methods and gave him a little background on myself. He got back to me nearly immediately and sent me several excellent links specifically addressing my questions.

This is the type of excellent service you can expect from this site. When you are looking for a service providing stock picks, of course you would like a profitable one. His methods work, but what's more, he EXPLAINS and EDUCATES you on WHY he is taking a particular action. He is also very open to answering any questions you may have and he responds quickly. As an example, I had asked him a question about trading bear markets, and he not only explained it, but he also provided many real examples of prior trades (several from the 2008 panic) and commentary.

The fact that he has been trading full time professionally now for years also shows through because he does not chase stocks or force trades. He is patient and waits for those more profitable setups and he tells his subscribers to be careful if conditions are not ideal - THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL in periods where the market is choppy as you will avoid many fakeouts!

Novice traders will cut their learning curve immensely, and intermediate and professionals can use his service to get another excellent trader's perspective on the markets.

Of course the only way to really gauge his service is to subscribe for a month! Make some paper trades and listen to what he is saying in his emails and on his site. You will learn so much and be able to judge whether or not you would like to continue his service. Check out his site and you can then make a decision on whether or not you would like to try his service for a month.

And if you do agree with his methods but cannot afford to pay $50 and paper trade (if you are a novice) for a month, then you probably shouldn't be trading!"

(Member for several weeks)

Review from an ART OF TRADING member from

Does this sort of service appeal to you?!



Monday, January 24, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Video On A Trade Taken At The ART OF TRADING!

I have been paper trading every trade for the two weeks I've been here. Not a single loss yet. Very impressive!

John F. (Member still on free trial!)

As a newbie, took half, held half. Really impressed so far! Thanks

Nathan (NEW member still on free trial!)

Stewie. not sure how you do it, but keep it up! You da man!

Jeff (Member for one month)

That was my first SHORT trade with MOTR. Followed you out at $17.42 (in at $18.02) for a nice $.60/share gain. Up on all of the trades this week!...

The major reason that I joined your program is the detailed setups that you show and the "why" of the trade. I am obviously new to Trading and need some "hand holding" to learn the proper way to do this. I am very excited about learning how to Trade in a smart manner and like that fact that you do not just trade for the sake of trading. If the setups are not there, you do not "force it".

Peter (New member still on free trial!)

Nice trade stewie! Wouldn't have even have found that one without you. I'll take .50 in 20 minutes any day! Have a great weekend

Leonel (Member for several months)

Hi Stewie,

These are the trades I made today. Apple and FFIV were based on your comment in the Chat Room plus your 3 official trade alerts(IMAX, STEC & BORN). Thanks for a great day made lots of money and had lots of fun!!! It is all about having fun...








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