Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awesome Week At The ART OF TRADING!

"Great calls stewie,
I followed your calls on SWM, EZCH, CRUS, ZAGG and MIPS and it was 4 winners and 1 loser.

Because you gave the signal to get in on MIPS before the breakout, although I was concerned that the first
attempt at 17.00 failed, I was able to sit through because I got good prices.

Thanks Stewie!"

Jen Y.

Hi Stewie, These chart patterns and set ups look fantastic! ...all look poised to go higher. Thanks for all the work you do for us and posting these charts. Thanks also for forwarding Fadi's analysis to all of us. All done in the spirit of a true mentor!. I just wanted you to know that I for one truly appreciate it.


Stew! Nice one! Exited most near highs when it started pulling back from .90s... last 100 shares out at .60s

Worked out well right at the open! Thanks again! :)


Good job, Stewie. Booked close to $500 from your alerts today.

.....Booked about $200 from NCT. Thanks for a great week!


In NCT from 7.12 mate. Very nice. You are on FIRE!!!!


Hey Stewie,
Been a busy week for me. With you on the following...

MIPS in at 16.98 out at 17.55 (especially loved moving the stops with this one)
Been in CRUS for a bit avg 16.30 and out this week at 17.33
ZAGG in at 8.20 and out at 8.48
In NCT at 7.11...over weekend

Matt L.

"Thanks for the book recommendations. Will look into it.

My main goal is to learn and you have been great with charts, alerts, explanations, and reminders re patience, discipline, and focus.

Have a great weekend."


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