Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ART OF TRADING Member Success Story!

Wanted to share a big success story from a fellow AOT member! "DC" from the chat room had his biggest day ever today scoring a profit of $27,345 today and here's how he did it. Love to hear these kinds of success stories and just had to share.

Here is my trades today

SymbolQtyLast PriceChg $|%Mkt ValueTotal Chg $
AEM 32.50 FEB 12 C254.61+2.0111,525.00+5,025.00
AEM 35.00 FEB 12 C252.73+1.586,825.00+3,950.00
AEM 37.50 FEB 12 C1101.33+0.8914,630.00+9,790.00
CHK 23.00 FEB 12 C1000.96+0.309,600.00+3,000.00
RIMM 13.00 FEB 12 C253.35+1.158,375.00+2,875.00
RIMM 16.00 FEB 12 C401.22+0.604,880.00+2,400.00

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