Thursday, May 6, 2010

Profiting From The 2010 Crash!

Check out what ART OF TRADING members had to say after today's trades!!


I am new to your site (actually today was my first day). What a day to start with everything that happened in the market, but thanks to you I actually was able to make money! Based on your calls I made the following trades today (size was small due to my risk aversion, especially for the first day):

Short AGU @ 59.44, cover @ 58.06 for a gain (including commissions) of $274.02
Long SMN @ 37.99, out @ 38.89 for a a gain (including commissions) of $264.05


"after catching my breath!! my first day ever shorting the market, I made $925, with half positions. and thats after selling way too soon! thanks for everything Stewie!

i'm a stewie lifer


"Great trade!!!! I bought the puts! Just sold my contracts up 33%!!!


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"Great advice! Thx for mos short! In puts with you for another 25%. you are amazing !!! Great day for me up $700.00 but being very nimble."

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"Stewie, I heeded your warnings on the SP-500 chart you sent and did some more homework via Twitter. Not that I became more bearish but more leery of longs.

Your AGU and MOS calls were huge help. Normally, I would not use options until closer to expiration for swing trades but was confident with your bearish call. Up 11% on AGU and 6% on MOS both within 15 minutes of entering.

Kicking myself for not holding on to AGU a little longer though:)."


"Things were so hectic, I went out to get food come back the dow is down 900 or so points. Whoa!
AGU ~$200
MOS ~$500, I was gone and didn't see your alert, which was good for me.

Hey, TraderStewie--It's been a profitable day for me with your trades, at least, thank you very much!!!!

Kevin "

Kevin started today!!

"i still had a hanging order to get filled with scottrade due to a technical data delay from there side.
i am about +300 $ trading MOS and AGU . i trade small sizes :)"


"Hi Stewie: You’re doing great! ....($50K) into each of your probation trades – plus doing some of my own. But I watch closely and don’t take much loss before I bail out. The results for today: ONE: 1600 share long FAS held over night $+238. TWO: 900 share short AGU (Stewie trade $+1231). THREE: 1000 share short MOS (Stewie trade $+591). FOUR: 900 share short BGU 86 seconds trade $+3692. TOTAL IS $+5752 on 50K account. Of course the BGU is once in a lifetime nonsense.

It’s those good Stewie trades that are important. Thanks, Tom"

"Hey stewie,

Attached is my P&L for the day - see picture. Some are your trades, some are my own, but I'm up $876 today. I hope this gives you your mojo back for next week onwards. You provide a really great service that have cut down my learning time. I'm still a beginner, but wow - I've learned A LOT in this past 2-3 months. Let's slay this market together!!


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Anonymous said...

All these people making money and you personally haven't gone anywhere in what, 6 weeks now? Or is it up to 8? Bet you don't even post this.

Stewie said...

i post all comments my friend and why so bitter?

Stewie said...

Hey my anonymous friend. I know it was a rough day in the market but i do not appreciate you taking out your anger here at me or my group. If you have nothing good or useful to say then please go elsewhere: here are the official performance numbers for the past 10 weeks not that i owe you anything.

Total -763.75
Total 1088.75
Total -351.25
Total -401.38
Total 1005.00
Total 22.5
Total 171.25
Total 1502.5
Total 575.00
Total 573.75
Total 482.5

Total GAINS of $3900.00

It's probably not what you wanted to hear but it is the reality.

i like to keep a positive vibe around this blog, if you have nothing good or useful to contribute to my readers then please go elsewhere.

I sincerely wish you good luck with your trading.

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