Friday, June 27, 2008

To The Anonymous Posters

Please leave your name at the end of your message so i can know who i am talking to. That would be very much appreciated. I would like to get to know the people i am talking to. thanks!

Successful trading!


upsidetrader said...

i'm thinking an oversold bounce in financials and then we continue lower,much lower. you?

Stewie said...

hi upside.
i am thinking a small bounce here could be in order. definitely to be shorted into. the intense selling isn't out of the way imo. If crude oil can retreat a tad over the weekend. that'd be good for the mrkt and help setup better shorts.

Rick said...

There's a nice rounded top on the S&P Weekly Chart. It could set up an inverted cup and handle before retesting 1270. If this pattern sets up, the target is 1125. Barring government intervention of course.

Anonymous said...

I have been trading off and on for 10 years did ok with TIE options a few years ago. some guys at work and me are going to buy puts and calls on GOOG $30 out of the money july 17.What say you.Steve Portland OR

Stewie said...

hi steve. I am not an topions guy at all. i am expecting some strenth in the mrkt here soon. maybe wait til we bounce a bit and then buy those puts.

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